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15 Incredible Tips to Make Your Distance Love Stronger And Healthier


If you're serious about having a great long distance relationship than you must read this article. The 15 amazing tips mentioned in this article will certainly make your distance love stronger, healthier and better.

In search of the true love, have in mind that the destiny can sneak up on you anytime. Who said that your significant other must live right next door? How much would a choice be restricted in this case?

The world is large and love has no boundaries, that’s why it even happens that your meant one is waiting on you 1000 miles away.

For another thing, it could have started ages ago and now the one you’ve given your heart to if forced to leave.

We don’t choose who to love but when there’s someone you belong to, don’t give up on it.

Relationships are never easy, especially when there is an ocean between you. Not everyone can stand up to this test.

In any case, distance is not a reason to refuse from the one who is close to your heart. Happens that a person is within the arm reach but still so far from you or on the contrary, your twin soul can be hiding a world away.

None denies, long distance relationships are not a piece of cake, however, there are some tips to make your love stronger.

#1. Always stay in touch

So what if your love is not as close as you wish he was, there still is a way to make him be a part of your day.

Thank God we no longer have to write letters and wait for a month or two on a homing pigeon to bring back the reply. There are so many ways to share your daily life events with those who are far away.

Take pictures wherever you go, write texts, make calls and you will feel like he is living those moments with you. Even if you don’t have a chance to be near, try to make each other feel as close as possible.

#2. Don’t give up on dates

Yes, online dates can hardly be compared to the real ones but better than nothing for no doubt. Video calls are just a heaven-sent opportunity for distance love. Apart from common conversations, there is a way to differ your communication.

Same as regular couples go on life dates you can go on a date online. A home dinner together, for example, the rules are the same, but everyone comes with his own food and a laptop.

You can arrange to cook the same dish, wear something festival, light candles, and the romantic atmosphere will be uniting your souls despite the distance.

#3. Experience some texting games

Every relationship needs flirting to make the feelings stay fresh and bright. Distance relationship can’t even exist without it. Think of the ways to give your significant rather a try of what is waiting on him when you are together.

Inspire the each other to organize a meeting as fast as possible in expectation of the continuation.

If you start to flirt with a guy over text when you are away he will miss you even more, thinking to the days together which are waiting on both in the nearest future.

#4. Trust each other

Distance relationship is a trial in many meanings. One of the hardest tasks is to learn to trust your chosen one when you two are not around. You can never be calm in the grip of doubts and suspicions.

What’s more, the dis-confidence is very likely to become the main reason of arguments, which can put a question mark over the whole love story.

Not a secret, the trust always demands efforts, however, you should remember that without it the love won’t go far. It seems harder to trust someone who spends all his time away but taking a closer look, you will see that there is not such a big difference.

Remember, the one who has in mind to cheat on you will manage to do it even living in the same flat, the one who treasures the relationships will stay faithful even being 1000 miles away.

#5. Send gifts

If you are forced to spend all the red-letter days separately it’s still not a reason so say “no” to the gifts.

Moreover, you don’t really need a special occasion to surprise each other. Giving presents has always had a sacral meaning, they show how well you know the person and how precious he is for you.

When your relationships are going through distance, gifts become even more meaningful. It’s not hard to explain why.

Being away is complicated, it makes you miss the person all the time, you start seeing him wherever you go and everything reminds of him.

All these are the attempts to make him be near, that's why receiving something from your significant other would be so precious.

A gift from the one you love is like a message from his words and now, when you’ve got it, you are already a part of this world, while he is a part of yours and for a while the two separated worlds become united.

#6. Sex is important

Of course, there is a question, what can we do about sex when being so far away? That’s the matter.

All relationships have mental and physical aspects, where the physical one is the demonstration of mental feelings and desires.

When there is no opportunity to have them both there is no harmony. We often are restricted by circumstances but luckily, alternatives exist.

Once again, the best friend of a distance love is a video call. Sounds freaky, I agree but there is a thing to understand.

The needs, they always stay and have to be satisfied, whether you will be the one to help or with somebody else, it depends on you.

#7. Discuss future and build plans

It’s very hard to live the moment when you are not able to share it. However don’t get upset, one your time will come, to make the waiting easier talk about it.

You have to know that your relationships are going somewhere, that there is a future. Shared plans, projects or just the conversations about your future life together will put new heart into coping with the distance.

It’s very important to be united and to know that your partner wants the same of you, that your desired live together is waiting on you right round the corner.

#8. Don’t make a big deal out of it

Needless to say, living far away is extremely complicated. You want to touch him but you can’t, you want to kiss him but you can’t, all you need is just a walk together but it’s not possible.

The simplest things become unachievable and what you desire the most is just having a normal life. Everyone has his own reasons to face the distance but if they appeared, they must have been sufficient enough.

It seems unfair to be torn apart but remember, finding the one you love is already much more that the majority has.

Be sure, you are not the first and not the last who is going through this so possess the soul in patience and appreciate given.

#9. Build your common ground

Even when you are apart, there are the things, which keep you together. Common ground is even more important for building strong relationships on distance, for there has to be something to unite two people through all the long miles.

Listening to the same music, watching the same movies, discussing news or daily events will help to support the intimacy.

Share what you’ve got on your mind, tell about everything that happens to you, both, things which bother and those which bring happiness. Together with those shared words, you will start sharing the life for two.

#10. Don’t hide your feelings

Love needs a demonstration. When you are in two it mustn’t cause any problems, sweet words, nice actions, little surprises, there are lots of ways to show the feelings.

Distance relationship couples are much more restricted in such manifestations. There’s one thing, however, which you can do every day with no efforts. Talk about your love.

It’s true, real feelings go shown through actions but in this case even saying how much you love your significant other is an action.

With this little but essential love demonstration you support each other, giving the reason to trust in your alliance, the reason to wait for more, for a happy future together.

Be tender and keep on falling in love with each other every single day.

#11. Let people know you aren’t single

Distance relationship may turn into phantasm when the lovers are constantly away. People are different, some can’s stop telling about every event in their life, while others prefer hiding.

Talking about relationship doesn’t mean sharing all the juicy details of your private life but at least mentioning you’ve got it. Confiding your story to your contacts circle, you instinctively make it be a part of your routine.

It’s nice when friends ask you how it’s going or what is new or what are your future plans together – all these things make the love real, make you think of it, live it and fulfill your life with it.

#12. Learn the language

Lucky you if your lover is from the same county or you just speak the same language, in this case, everything is fine but there are less blessed ones.

English is the international language, spoken by the millions of people, very handy, nothing to say, it doesn’t mean, however, that there is no need to learn any other one.

Dating a foreigner is one of the best motivations. Furthermore, there are the things, which just can’t be translated. Something local, something cultural, some special words these things need the native language.

Imagine how pleasant would it be to share everything as it is, fair when both have this chance.

#13. Be patient

Waiting for a meeting is just the hardest thing ever. It’s even harder when you don’t know when it is about to happen.

However, impatience is the enemy! Constantly living into the future projects and expectations, it’s easy to start giving no notice to the present.

When you had started the story, you certainly knew what was waiting on you. Don’t destroy the love with constant claims and complaints, just sit tight and let the right moment come if there is nothing else left to do.

#14. Meetings play the major part

No matter how hard you try to support distance love being on distance, in any case, you need life meetings to be able to preserve it.

Try to see each other as often as possible, look for any convenient occasion and run towards your chosen one.

Regular trips may be hard to handle for financial reasons, for the lack of time or for any other reason, however, you should organize priorities and share your love as much as you can. Nothing goes on without a certain dedication.

#15. Remember, distance is a stopgap

Every relationship goes through different staged during the path of constant development.

Don’t forget that the distance is not the final stage of yours, it’s just one of the steps, kind of a stepping stone.

If you keep in mind that the current situation is only temporary, it will be easier to surmount the obstacles and be simply happy together.

When there is a huge space between a couple, people learn to understand how precious the usual things are.

Just holding a hand, a usual hug, falling asleep together mean nothing less than the world to both. That is a trial and a gift at the same time, as no kiss can be sweeter than the one given in a departure lounge etc.

Having distance relationships may seem extremely hard and even self-defeating in some scenarios, however, there is nothing to destroy the true love. If this is about you, do everything to keep it from falling apart, because real feelings don’t happen to everyone. In case you’ve got them, prove that you deserve them.

About The Author: Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other mommies around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site:

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