5 Powerful [Celebrity Workouts]: Diet and Exercise Tips From the Stars


Have you ever thought about looking like your favorite celebrity star? If not today is the day, no matter what your body size, weight or structures are: Here are 5 powerful celebrity workouts: Diet and Exercise Tips Straight from The Stars.

​Believe me nothing is more inspirational when it comes to getting fit than seeing your favorite celebrity always looking great - even after giving birth!

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have round the clock access to a personal trainer. But even with that it can be challenging stay in such excellent shape all year round.

Some of the most popular celebrities in the industry follow a strict diet and exercise plan to maintain their sleek physiques. Others have simply adopted a healthier lifestyle that has helped them improve their fitness from the inside out.

In the past, we admired celebrities because they were always so thin. Thinner was better, with stars going to extremes to get the slender bodies that helped them maintain their popularity.

Today, however, we tend to envy those celebrities who exemplify overall fitness rather than those who merely have a slender body. We have more knowledge today about what foods to eat and which ones to avoid in order to be healthy.

We also have a better understanding as to what types of exercise will get specific results. Fitness includes having muscle tone and not a lot of body fat. There simply never used to be any actresses that resembled Jillian Michaels.

Today, however, she is setting a standard for what it means to be healthy and fit not only for celebrities, but for everyone.

Following are five celebrity workouts tips straight from stars who are often admired for their great looks and fit bodies.

While they all vary in terms of the techniques they use, the end result is one that most of us would be thrilled to achieve.

So, if you're ready to learn these 5 amazing celebrity workouts than leave everything and join me in this mind blowing article.​

#1. Get Ripped with Kelly Ripa​

There is no single feature of Kelly Ripa’s body that stands out from the rest. That’s becauseshe is ripped from head to toe! Even after giving birth to three children, her stomach is the envy of many younger females who long for a perfect set of abs.

Kelly is more than fit. She is what today’s experts deem as “super fit”. What is unique about her accomplishment is that she managed to get the spectacular body at the ageof 37 that most people never achieve in their 20’s - and she did this even after smokingfor many years.

Following Kelly’s techniques and fitness advice can give women a second chance to get the body they have always dreamed of.

Kelly follows a specific workout which has been credited for helping her get in the amazing shape that she’s in today. Her routine includes a full body workout as well as an arm and ab booster workout from a popular fitness club.

When she began her quest for a better body, Kelly began exercising five days a week. She is quick to admit that it wasn’t easy,especially at first.

She almost quit, but admits that a single compliment was all she needed to encourage her. Now she is enjoying the rewards of her persistence!​

Kelly’s Workout:

These are some moves that Kelly uses to maintain her shape:

​• Squat with a rotational row

• Push-up with rotation

• Rotational lunge

• Inchworm and push-up

• Hip lift using one leg

• Twenty minutes of cardio

• Core training

• Alternating between jump rope with jumping jacks

• Medicine ball exercises

Kelly’s Diet and Exercise:

Although always eating breakfast is a cardinal rule for dieter’s, it’s one that she breaks regularly. Kelly doesn’t eat until mid-day, starting her day at home with a cup of coffee.

She uses a low carbohydrate diet and portion control to keep her body slim. Of course,having her own home chef to give her guidance doesn’t hurt!​

#2. Get Susan Lucci’s Light, Lean Look of a Ballet Dancer


Most popular for her long reign on the daytime drama “All My Children”, Susan Lucciis admired and loved by many fans. She began her fitness journey about fifteen years ago with her personal trainer, Christine Fee.

Her goal was to achieve the look of a ballet dancer. Susan didn’t want big, bulky muscles. She just a more toned, feminine look. To give her this look, Christine taught Susan to use free weights with a lot of repetitions.

She also uses exercise bands, medicine balls, and various types of resistance training. When her fans saw Susan last year on Dancing with the Stars, her increased fitness was evident.

She had upped her workout to improve her muscle tone. She also enhanced her endurance by incorporating dance moves and cardio into her regular routine.

Susan’s Diet And Exercise:

To stay slim and energized, Susan eats plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to low-fat protein and some whole grains.

During her training for Dancing with the Stars, she added more protein to her diet, as well as brown rice to give her energy without too many carbs.​

#3. Box Your Way to Fitness with Mario Lopez: One of the Best Celebrity Workouts

Mario Lopez has been charming us with his great smile and gorgeous dimples since he was just a boy on “Saved by the Bell”. Now he’s amazing his fans with a super-chiseled physique and stunning six-pack abs!

His own diet and abs workout routine uses a boxing style program with resistance bands, push-ups, jumping rope, and pull-ups.It turns out that boxing isn’t just another approach to fitness for Mario; it is something he truly enjoys.

Not only has he boxed against some of the top pros and semi-pro fighters, but he has also written a book about using boxing to stay in shape called “Knockout Fitness.

”Mario’s Diet and Abs Routine focuses on switching workouts which leads to increased muscle size.

For any guy who wants to get the wide shoulders, slender waist, and washboard abs that Mario has, the workout requires dedication and hard work.

Mario’s Diet and Exercise Plan​:

As is the case with any approach to fitness, the exercise is only one-half of the formula no matter how intense the workouts may be.

Mario’s cookbook reflects his own lean diet that consists of eating low-calorie, low-fat meals including lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

One of the big advantages to following Mario’s plan is that you can do it at home without the need for an expensive gym membership or your own boxing trainer!


#4. Lose Weight and Get Fit with Gwyneth Paltrow

While Gwyneth Paltrow may have been recognized as a great actress well before she wonan Academy Award and became a mother of two, she never had the star quality body tha tmost thought was necessary to find success.

Thanks to the help of trainer, Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth has reshaped her body and the attitude she has towards herself!

Gwyneth’s proportions were off with what she herself called “bony on top and kind of dumpy on the bottom.” Like many other women, her biggest problem area was her butt. These are the exercises that helped her make the transition and turn her into the blond beauty that she is today:

​• 45 minutes of cardio a day for five days a week

• 45 minutes of strength training each day that is target towards toning, realigning and lengthening the muscles. (Gwen increases this to two hours each day for six days a week for two weeks when she is preparing for a big event or if she has been slacking on her diet)

Gwyneth’s Perspective on Nutritious Eating And Eating Right

When asked about her dieting techniques, Gwyneth is quick to admit she simply doesn’t have the ability to diet.

Instead, she would rather increase the amount of time she spends exercising to burn off any extra calories she feels compelled to consume.

Like other celebrities, when it came time to train for a specific role, this one being the Pepper Potts character in “Iron Man 2”, Gwyneth had to step up the game for the role. Her diet included:

• Vitamix

• Green Tea

• Think Thin Bars

• Raw almonds mixed with raisins

• Juice with kale, agave nectar, and lemons

• Coconut water​

Gwyneth goes back to her more intense Iron Man workout whenever she feels she needs a boost so that she can keep her body looking young. It’s a great way to improve your shape and define muscle from head to toe!

#5. Get Ripped like Mathew McConaughey

This is again one of the best celebrity workouts that you can add in your routine. Mathew McConaughey is one of those actors who can quickly transform himself for an up coming role and get as buff as he needs to be to pay the part.

Instead of staying in top physical shape year round, they have a plan that is tailored specifically towards the role that they will play and then place all of their focus on reaching their goals.

When Mathew landed the part of action hero Dirk Pitt in the movie “Sahara”, his exercise routine was created to give him the flexibility, strength and agility of an action hero while also improving his endurance.

The Sahara workout was designed by Gunnar Peterson to be performed in supe rsets on specific days which means the exercises are performed in an individual set that is then repeated a specific number of times.

To follow Matthew’s workout and get the same buff body he got in only ten months, use weights that limit you to no more than 12 repetitions.

Follow this diet and exercise schedule exactly to get the best results.​

Monday: 1st Set to be repeated two to four times​

• Weighted Swiss ball crunch

• Incline chest press

• Dumbbell fly

2nd Set to be performed once

• Angled pull-up- Pull yourself up in the direction of one hand and then towardsthe other

• Elliptical machine (1 minute in each direction)

3rd Set to be repeated two to four times

• Reaching medicine ball lunge-Lunge while moving a medicine ball from yourupper left to the lower right and then switch to the other side​

4th Set to be repeated two to four times

• Wall climb

• Medicine ball slam-Slam medicine ball on floor

• Ladder drill- Lift your knees high while running through a ladder

5th Set to be performed once

• Stair climbing for one minute

• Stationary bicycling for one minute while sitting and one minute while​ standing

Tuesday: This is cardio day with your choice of machines to give you a total of thirty to forty five minutes of workout time doing a variety of exercises to prevent you from getting bored.​

Wednesday: 1st Set to be repeated two to five times​

1st Set to be repeated two to five times

• Jump Squat – Squat at a 90 degree angle, jump as high as possible and landinto another squat

• Wide Grip lateral pull-down

• Swiss ball crunch/medicine ball toss combo – Lie on floor or mat with ball overhead, crunch, throw the ball to a partner who then throws it back for you to repeat the next sequence 2nd Set to be repeated once

• Jump rope up to two hundred times

• Stair climber for one minute on both legs, one minute for the right leg, one minute for the left leg and finally one minute for both legs again

3rd Set to be performed once

• Hook, repeating forty to sixty throws into the punching bag

• Angled pull-up with a single arm and single leg bent-over row. Perform by standing on one leg and performing the row with the opposite arm, switch sides

4th Set to be repeated twice​

Rest for one to three minutes between each

• Stair suicides-Start by running up and down ten stairs, increasing to thirty in ​ten stair increments and then reversing until you are back to ten

5th Set to be repeated two to four times

• Calf raises

• Uneven barbell curl-Perform by starting with hands in a shoulder-wide grip, move one hand towards the middle and curl. Complete repetitions on each side before switching to the other one

• Single-arm dumbbell shrug – With a dumbbell in one hand and the otherhand resting against the small of your back, shrug your shoulders upward.

6th Set to be performed once

• Barbell wrist curl

• Dumbbell dead lift to curl

• Cable crunch, using a cable machine​

Thursday: Repeat Tuesday’s workout with different activities

Friday: Repeat Monday’s workout

Getting Fit Takes Dedication and Determination​.

No matter which celebrity you choose to emulate for their fitness and great looks, one thing they all share is the dedication it takes to reach their fitness goals.

Whether they have adopted a new lifestyle to stay fit or can quickly use the newest workout to tailor make their body to their next character, it takes work to get results no matter who you are!​

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on celebrity workouts along with diet and exercise plans.

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