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5 Signs That He Is a Low Value Man (Must Read For Woman Of All Ages)


There are 5 very obvious and very important signs that your man is a low value man. If you don't understand or become aware of these 5 signs, then your relationship will eventually turn into a world of pain.

And that is no exaggeration.

For most women who are “in love (or at least think they are in love), they tend to miss seeing these burnings signs as they are filled with admiration.

...Not to mention, they are mostly focused on becoming attractive in the eyes of that particular man.

Sometimes it may feel like you have all these overflowing emotions that can somehow justify any negative attributes that this man may display

(Perhaps thinking that the man will change in the future… or at least hoping.)

Perhaps women were all influenced too much by fairy tales... Perhaps you are sometimes too hopeful to find that prince charming and then living happily ever after.

However, in reality, there is no perfect guy who will always be your hero.

Everyone has flaws and most of those negative characteristics show up when one is challenged or when one is under pressure.

At the beginning of the dating stage or even in a relationship, both parties (man and woman) is trying to please each other.

It’s easy to get along as both are thinking on how to make the other happy and impressed.

But what’s challenging is on how to continue to show up to be at your best long term.

Perhaps even more challenging is to continue to love someone when their flaws show up; when the man or woman starts to unmask and show their raw personality.

Since most men will try to be at their best at the dating stage, then the woman should be keen to observe on how to detect the signs that will indicate the kind of man she is dating.

So here are five signs that indicate the man is low value:

1. He likes to put down other men in order to make himself look a lot better than them.

A man who is not confident in his abilities or does not know his strengths will put down other men so he will appear that he’s greater than them.

Is he really better than the others by doing this? Definitely not. If he is not honest in himself and know his own strengths and weaknesses, then it’s hard for him to develop his full potential. He will justify that he is good enough. Would you like that?

2. He has no definite goals for the future or does not strive to be the best in what he is doing.

When the man is not sure about what career to take or does not have goals for the future, then he will most likely let the time and opportunities go by.

How could he improve and become better at his job or better in his relationships both in the work and in the home when is just living the present and does not make the effort to build the future?

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3. He pretends that he can afford to buy anything to impress you, yet in reality he is financially struggling.

Men who are good at pretending are good at making lies and alibis.

They seem to be expert in fooling someone to believe their false identity and they are afraid to show their true status as they don’t know how to improve their status.

Would you rather know someone who is honest with his financial status and confident that he can strive to make things better in the future? Or would you like to be showered with things that will only be for a short period?

Ever wonder why men pull away? Sometimes it's because they don't want to be revealed!

4. He doesn’t have relationship goals and brags that he can get any woman he likes.

It’s easy to be impressed by a man who is full of confidence.

However, when he treats you like you are just like other women and he can easily replace you, then that means that he is not a relationship material. It won’t be long that he will find someone else and leave you.

5. He does not respect his mom.

When a man does not appreciate the effort that his mom did for him and who is not mindful of how his mother would feel and react with his actions, then chances are he doesn’t know how to take care of women.

He won’t be a husband who will appreciate a wife taking care of kids and doing everything to organize and manage the home.

These are just some signs that show the man is low value.

It’s easier to avoid heartaches when we know to identify the important factors that matter in a long term relationship and not just rely on how we feel towards the man.

Sometimes we can become blinded by overwhelming feelings, especially when we had great expectations to start with.

But you and I should know that feelings can easily fade when the man we knew is so much different from how he showed up at the beginning.

Relationships don’t last long when they’re founded on false impressions, and they are certainly not pleasant with a man of low value.

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