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The Amazing Power of Touch

Why is touch so important? It turns out that there are plenty of reasons, and that’s why a simple touch – even a non-sexual one – can get a man so turned on that he can’t see straight.

One reason that touch may loom so large in human experience is that it’s the first sense to develop. Before we can see or hear, we have a sense of touch.

Being touched has a profound impact on our emotional well-being. Many studies have looked at the power of touch.

One study found that the absence of touch led to depression and other mental health problems in elderly people in a nursing home. Another study showed that couples who touch frequently, both in sexual and non-sexual ways, fight less often – and make up more quickly – than couples who do not.

The surface of human skin is covered with nerve endings, and that means that every inch of your body is tied to your central nervous system. That’s why a touch – even on an area of the body that has little to do with sex – can be so erotic.

How a Simple Touch Can Leave Him Drooling.

​What effect does a touch have on a man? You already know that when you’re flirting with someone new, he’s thinking about having sex with you. He’s wondering how soft your skin is and how it would feel against his.

He wants to know what you like.When you touch him, you’re signaling that you want him to know those things – and you want to know them about him, too. You’re telling him that you’re interested in more than just talking and flirting.

And when you touch him first, you’re sending him a silent invitation to touch you back. You’re erasing an important barrier.

Remember those nerve endings? The other thing you’re doing when you touch him is waking up his nerves. Because they’re all connected, the chances are good that even a light touch on his hand or arm is going to send a bolt of electricity right to his private parts.

Once his nerves are awake, every subsequent touch is going to feel that much better than the last. A lot of times women tend to think that men don’t need foreplay, but the truth is that we all like stimulation.

It’s the reason that touching tends to get more intense the longer it goes on, because the nerves can handle more stimulation when they’re already aroused.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your touch has a huge amount of power when it comes to hacking his mind.

Words can be erotic, but once you touch him he is going to be completely unable to think of anything else but you.

​When and How to Touch Him to Let Him Know You Want Him.

​You know that touch is important, but maybe you’re not sure where to start.

When you touch a man, you are sending an unequivocal message. After all, no woman flirts with a guy and then reaches out to touch him if she’s not interested in him. In a different context, a light touch might mean something else.

In this one, it means that you want him.Of course, what you do when you touch him is going to depend on how well you know him and where you are.

If you’re just getting to know him, you’ll probably want to start slowly. If you two have been dating for a while, you can absolutely be a bit bolder about what you do.

#When You’ve Just Met​

First, let’s look at some ways to break the touch barrier when you’ve just met a man. Here are some suggestions:

Hold on to his arm as you lean in to whisper in his ear.

Put a hand on his arm or chest to steady yourself as you adjust your shoe.

Brush some imaginary lint from his shirt or his tie.

Feel his bicep.

If you’re coming back to the table after going to the rest room, brush the back of his neck with your fingertips as you return.

Squeeze his hand.

Rest your hand on his thigh when you laugh at one of his jokes.​

These are just a few ideas, but there are many other things you can try. In the beginning, you should confine yourself to quick touches. What you want to do is signal your interest and turn him on a bit, not jump him in the middle of a bar.

Of course, the longer your flirtation continues, the bolder you can get with your touches. Once the barrier is down, the chances are good that he’ll return the favor and he may touch you, too.

The key is to have fun and not put too much pressure on yourself.

How far you go really depends on your comfort level.

It is important to note that it can be easy for touch to get out of hand. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the more aroused you both are, the more difficult it is to think clearly.

If you go into a flirtation knowing that you don’t want to sleep with someone you just met, it’s important to be aware of the fact that touch can short-circuit your brain as well as his, making it a lot harder to stop and stick to your guns than it might be if you didn’t touch him.​

#Beyond the First Meeting​

What kind of touching can you do when you get to know each other a bit? The first date and subsequent dates are additional opportunities for you to use the power of touch.

And of course, this isn’t meant to be taken as a judgment if you want to use some of these techniques when you first meet.

You’re the only one who can decide what’s right for you.

Teasing him a little bit in public can be incredibly powerful, especially if you know that you’re planning to have sex with him later. In private, you can do things that you wouldn’t do in public, including touches that are overtly sexual in nature. Let’s look at both.


#What to Do in Public​

When you’re out in public together, there are lots of ways you can tease and arouse him without being obviously sexual. For example you can:

Hold his hand and lightly stroke your fingers over his palm or the base of his thumb. Hands have a lot of nerve endings that allow us to feel textures and shapes, so take advantage of that.

Touch his arm with one or both hands.

You might start with a hand on his bicep and then trail your fingers down his arm to his hands.

An alternative is to hold onto his arm with both hands and lightly press your body against his side.​

​Run your fingers lightly over the back of his neck. That’s a very sensitive area for many people, and a touch there can make every nerve in his body sing.

Cup your hand and place it on his cheek. You can use this move as the precursor to a kiss or just by itself.

Trace his lips with your finger. This is another technique that can lead to a kiss, or you can do it as a teasing thing if you haven’t kissed yet or just want to titillate him.

Give him some teasing kisses. You don’t have to make out, but even dropping a quick kiss on his shoulder, hand, cheek, or neck can get his imagination fired up and ready to go.

If you’re sitting together, slip your shoe off and play footsie. It might seem silly, but it’s very erotic, and he’ll love it.

As you can see, all of these touches are things that you can easily do in public without being inappropriate.

They are sure to turn him on, and they may very well lead to him wanting to whisk you away to someplace private so you can get even more intimate.

Keep in mind that all of the suggestions here are just a place to start. There are literally thousands of variations on these, and you can and should feel free to experiment. He’s not going to object – I promise you that.​

Just follow your instincts and pay attention to how he reacts to your touches. His reactions can tell you a lot about what he likes, and that’s information you can use later on.

#What to Do in Private​

The touching that you do in public is going to be limited by your level of comfort and by propriety.

While some people certainly get a thrill out of exhibitionism, most people prefer to leave something to the imagination when they’re out with other people.

When you’re alone, it’s a different story. If you get him alone, whether you’re in an elevator, a car, or even your apartment, you can get very bold with your touches.


Here are some things you can try.​

Press your body against his. You can do this from any angle really – face to face, front to back, or from the side. Whatever you choose, the full body contact is going to get him turned on and thinking about being skin-to-skin with you.

Put your arms around him, and then run your hands down to cup his butt. This move will definitely make him think about sex, because he’ll imagine what it would be like to be inside you and have you grab his butt to pull him in deeper.

Run the tip of your tongue around the inside of his ear. Ears can be very sensitive and they’re also close to his neck, which has a ton of sensitive nerve endings.

Move in close and pepper his neck and jawline with tiny kisses. This kind of teasing kissing can easily lead to an intense kiss.

Rub your hands over his pecs and abs. You can do this move lightly with just the tips of your fingers, or more aggressively with your palms.​

Run your hands up and down his thighs. A man’s thighs are very sensitive to touch and their proximity to his groin means that a touch there will get him riled up very quickly.

Massage his neck and shoulders. A massage gives you an excuse – not that you need one – to touch him in a way that’s sensual and can be very erotic. Plus, it doesn’t need to be a quick touch. If you’re massaging him, you can take your time and really get to know his body.

You can do a thorough massage, too. Get him to lie down and then straddle him while you massage his back. This is a great pre-sex move and can help get both of you relaxed and in the mood.

Stick your hand in his front pocket and give him a quick grope. You can do this move over his pants too, but there’s something very intimate and alluring about putting your hand in his pocket.​

Again, you can be as bold or demure as you want to when the two of you are alone.

Some of the more aggressive moves here are very likely to lead to sex, while others may just be enough to ensure that he’ll be thinking about you when he gets home.

The next move in your relationship is likely to be going to bed together. While many of these moves can be a precursor to sex, you can also do some more aggressive things if you want to seduce him.

He might not need much help, but very few men are going to resist if a woman wants to lead.

That’s what we’ll talk about in the next lesson... I hope you're excited and thrilled.

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