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The Basics of Having an Attractive Body Language.

Body language is all about how effective you are able to communicate with your man or the man you want to be with. It is at the heart of all human relationships.

When most people talk about communication, they think of words. Whether the words are spoken or in writing, we tend to simplify communication. We give words all the credit.

The truth is that verbal communication is responsible for only a fraction of what we communicate to the other people in our lives.

Before you can master the art of silent seduction, you have to understand where the rest of your communication is happening, and why.

The first thing you need to know is how much of human communication is verbal, and how much is non-verbal.

You also need to know what things make up non-verbal communication, because it’s not a simple thing.

The most famous study about communication is one that is frequently quoted, yet it’s also more than a little misleading. What it says is that communication breaks down as follows:​

  • 10% verbal (the words we speak)
  • 40% vocal (the way we speak)
  • 50% visual (how we look and move)

If correct, those numbers would mean that 93% of communication is non-verbal.

While it is certainly true that non-verbal communication is important, that study might overstate things a bit.

For example, one thing that formed the basis of the study was the idea that, when it came to determining people’s emotions, 60% of the determination came from facial cues, while the other 40% came from verbal ones.

However, this fails to take other things into consideration, including the three Cs of communication:​

Context – the relationship of the people communicating to one another and the circumstances surrounding their communication.

Clusters – do all of the gestures being interpreted tell a coherent story, or might one gesture have multiple meanings?

Congruence – are the communicator’s body language and words consistent with one another, or are they at odds?​

To get an idea of what I mean, let’s look at a hypothetical situation involving a physical cue that most people think they understand – a person standing with their arms folded across their chest is often seen as angry or defensive

If you saw a man and woman standing together and she was in that position, you might assume she was angry. However, the three Cs might tell a different story, as follows.

The context of the conversation is that it is the middle of January, and the two people involved are standing on the stoop of the woman’s apartment building after a spectacular first date.

The clusters we see tell us that in addition to having her arms folded, the woman is also smiling, leaning close to the man, and speaking in a low, intimate tone.

The congruence tells us that the single gesture (the folded arms) is at odds with everything else she is doing.​

What that leads us to understand is that the woman is neither angry nor defensive.

Rather, she is cold.Do you see what I mean?

The context of a conversation means a lot.

If all we did was read the woman’s gesture, we’d make a hugely erroneous assumption about her mood and her attitude toward the man.So what are the things that make up nonverbal communication? They include:

1. Facial expressions

2. Posture

3. Gestures

4. Tone of voice

5. Other vocal cues, including the speed at which we talk.

If you want to convey a certain message using body language, you must take all of these things into consideration. And of course, the same is true when you are interpreting someone else’s body language.

The other thing you need to know about nonverbal communication is that much of it is involuntary.

In other words, we tend to give ourselves away whether we mean to or not.

Let’s look at another hypothetical situation. Imagine that you suspect that someone in your family has betrayed a confidence. You decide to confront them about it. Let’s break down the communication.

1. The person you confront assures you that they did not divulge your private information to anybody. Their words are adamant and their story never changes, even when you push them.

2. The person sits in a chair with both their arms and their legs crossed in front of them. Their posture is far from relaxed – in fact, it might be described as tense and defensive.

3. They speak very quickly, the words tumbling over each other. The repeat themselves and seem very reluctant to let you get a word in edgewise.

4. As they speak, their words increase in volume and go up in pitch until they’re practically yelling at you.​

Now tell me, in this situation, would you believe that the person was telling you the truth? I suspect that you wouldn’t, and the truth is that you shouldn’t. What you can see from this example is that the three Cs of communication are all giving you the same story.

The context is that you are confronting someone about something they have done that hurt you – a high-pressure situation.

The clusters tell you that they are displaying multiple behaviors that indicate stress and guilt.

All of their behavior is congruent, with no gestures or words that might put the overall picture of guilt into a different light.

Keep all of this in mind, because it will help you as you read the rest of the book. If you want to communicate effectively without words, you must remember the three Cs.

Why Men Are More Susceptible to Visual Cues than Verbal Ones.

Now let’s talk about men and how their brains respond to communication. Men’s brains are wired very differently from women’s brains.

They tend to be vertical thinkers, and they also tend to think in pictures, not words. There’s a reason that young girls tend to develop verbal skills far more quickly than boys do.​

If you’re like most women, it’s probably difficult for you to imagine thinking in pictures.

Sure, you might look at a guy and think that he’s attractive, but it’s probably much hotter to you to read something erotic than it is to see someone naked.

Men aren’t like that. It’s not that words can’t get to them, because they absolutely can.

However, words are far more likely to be effective at turning him on if they’re coupled with other things.

If you combine a few well-chosen words with some seductive facial expressions and gestures, his brain will be yours.

He won’t have room to think about anything else.​

What does this tell you about men in general?

1. Men think in pictures, so what you do and say should always be geared toward putting a specific – and seductive – picture in his mind.

2. A man’s imagination will always take things to the next logical step. In other words, if you arch your back, it will be very easy for him to imagine you doing the same thing while naked… and on top of him.

3. Everything you do, including your words, movements, expressions, and tone, can work together to seduce a man.

In other words, the things you say are only part of the picture. You don’t have to assign an exact percentage to understand that communication is made up of many things.

I know this might sound complicated, but really, it is good news for you – or it should be.

What it means is that any time you interact with a man, you have multiple opportunities to seduce him.

Instead of having to rely on just one thing, you can use everything you are – and everything you do – to get under his skin and get him thinking about you.

Now, armed with the three Cs of communication and an understanding of the different ways you can communicate with a man, it’s time to get specific.

Now, let's discuss a bit about looks. Why your looks matters a lot to him because GOOD LOOKS is also a part of Body Language.

# Men want you to look better

Looks count. And whoever tells you that beauty is on the inside isn’t really helping you. Men are visual and comparing creatures.

Again, nothing new here, but I want you to view the importance of looks from another perspective.

How you look is what attracts and your behavior is what keeps a guy around. It’s a front. Sure, you can be the most beautiful girl on Earth, but if you can’t suck cock if your life depended on it and you are a “dead cow” that can’t trigger the right emotions, then, quite soon – he’ll get used to your looks.

The longer you are together, the less your looks matter. Unfortunately, he can’t have sex with your personality. So it IS essential that you continually work on being physically more attractive.

Things are not black or white, the truth is in between. A hot body tells us you are fit and healthy to have kids, and it communicates a message: you are important to me and I want to look awesome for you.

Another ego trip for him. There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. There is no excuse for eating junk food and being “too busy” to workout.

My good friend is a billionaire with over 100 000 employees – he works out 4 days per week. Don’t tell me you can’t find the time for it. Make the time. If he can, so can you. When there’s a will there’s a way.

Every man appreciates a woman that works out regularly. She isn’t just tight physically and fucking her feels way better visually, but she’s also psychologically more stable, less stressed, and easier to satisfy in bed.

Men are comparing creatures. You don’t have to be a beauty queen to make him feel like he’s in heaven, but you do need to be better than his past girlfriends. That’s what he compares you to.

Good looks are not enough, but they help, a lot. It’s not so much about how your looks make him feel sexually but how looking good and feeling good in your own body makes you feel.

When you look great naked and feel fit and confident in your body, this directly influences how you make him feel. When you feel insecure about your body he can feel this, and it’s not attractive.

Don’t work out because of him, but because of yourself. If you can feel amazing and sexy in your body without being physically active and eating healthy food – good for you, then you can skip this “secret” because you are among the 1% of women that can radiate sexual energy without being physically fit.

Throughout this course I teach you how to develop sexual confidence and tap into your sexual energy so you can radiate this addictive sexuality that makes men horny wanting to bang you silly all the time. Good looks count to the extent of how they make you feel.

The key is to tap into his mind, but a prerequisite is that you feel good about yourself and working out regularly and looking your best is what helps you get there.

I for one know that, all things being equal, I’d always rather bang the life out of a chick that takes care of herself than a woman that doesn’t.

Since I can choose, I’d always rather choose a woman with a bubbly, tight ass and a sexy, healthy body, than a chick that thinks just having a vagina is enough to make me happy.

So I believe now its clear that Amazing Body Language and Good Looks matters a lot when it comes to enticing a guy.

In the next email, we’ll start by talking about the power of eye contact, and how you can use it to draw him in and drive him wild.

I hope you enjoyed reading this first lesson, now I want you to slowly apply what you've learned here in your relationship with your man​.

See you tomorrow again in my next mail.

Till than have a Great Day.​

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