Beginners Guide To Body Sculpting – [Does It Really Work?]


Do you believe in good health and fitness? If yes you'll certainly enjoy reading my beginners guide to body sculpting.

​What is Body Sculpting? When I hear this phrase "Sculpted" I like how that sounds. It kind of rolls off the tongue and brings wonderful, artistic connotations with it.

The careful, meticulous work of an artisan creating the perfect form – you’re not just “building”, you’re “sculpting.

Your body is capable of incredible things, but it takes the right approach to unlock all that potential and tap into the things you can and should be able to do. So, what does your body need from you to reach peak performance?

Quite a bit, as it turns out. You can’t just lift weights or run a bit extra every day. You need to sit down and create a plan that will target the key components of your body, provide the right fuel, strengthen your core and start sculpting a new you from the ground up.

Sounds like a lot of work, I know, but trust me – it’s fairly simple when you get down to it.After all, you’re not doing anything that the human body isn’t designed to do.

You’re not trying to become a muscle bound body builder or turn yourself into an Olympic gymnast. You just want to look and feel fantastic. And for that, I have some strategies that will blow your mind.​

So, if you truly want to understand what is body sculpting​ then read join me to read this beginners guide to body sculpting.

#1. Identifying the Target Area

Before anything else I want you to throw away a few preconceptions. When most people hear of “body sculpting” or “building” they think of gigantic muscles, unhealthy workout routines and “questionable” substances making their way into protein shakes.

That’s not what this is about. Your body is an amazing piece of machinery and I don’t want you to give it anything but the highest octane fuel on the planet. There are no shortcuts.There are no “easy workouts”.

This might seem pretty freaking hard, but that’s a good thing because only the things you have to truly work for are worthwhile in the end.

Okay, I’ve done my due diligence and given you the disclaimer that should go before every new workout routine. Now, it’s time to get down to business.

Exactly how do you want to improve the look and feel of your body? The majority of body sculpting focuses on the core muscles of your body – the abdomen, hips, back and glutes that support every flex, lift, or motion you make.

It’s shocking just how awful some people treat their core when they have massive upper and lower body strength. These are the muscles you need to work on, not just to support everything else we’ll work on but to look and feel fantastic.

It all starts in the core. From there, though, what do you want to target? One thing to keep in mind is that body sculpting does NOT focus on removing fat.

If you want to burn away layers of unwanted cellulose while toning those muscles, you need to integrate an extensive cardio plan as well.

Make sure you find a gym or trainer, or just pick up a good pair of running shoes or a new bicycle and start burning calories, because six pack abs won’t do you any good if they’reburied under a layer of stubborn cellulose.​

#2. Creating a Plan that Works

The simplest way to sculpt your body is with a weight lifting program that focuses on pushing each and every muscle in your body to its limit repeatedly.

But, before we hop into the core exercises you should use to build those muscles, I want to discuss the two most important aspects of your workout routine – diet and rest.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people hit the gym after an all-night bender. They eat and drink 3,000 calories worth of nachos and beer, get three hours of sleep, and get annoyed when their workout results are below par.Listen up.

The body is not a high school research paper. You can’t forget about it until the last minute and get a “B” by surfing Wikipedia in the middle of the night.Your body needs a well-balanced, prolonged approach to a healthy lifestyle.

It needs the nutrients present in leafy greens, protein rich beans and vegetables, and fruit.

It needs eight hours of sleep each night and rest days between particularly demanding workouts. It needs respect and care, so be nice to your body and it will be nice to you!


#3. What Should You Eat?

For the moment, I’ll assume your goal is to get fit and start building a tighter, sharper looking body, not to enter a Mr. Universe competition.

So, you don’t need to develop a protein packed, 5,000 calorie super diet to supplement all that muscle building.

Rather, you simply need to make sure you get the nutrients needed to support your workout routines. Here’s what that generally means:

• Calories – On average, you need roughly 1,500-2,200 calories a day when following an active lifestyle. Toss in a heavy body sculpting routine and you might increase that by 300-400 calories per day at the most. Don’t overdo it – you’re not an Olympic swimmer.

• Protein – To actively build muscle mass, you need enough protein in your diet. If you eat a raw foods diet or limit your meat intake, this will require a very carefully balanced menu.

Protein heavy shakes, lots of seeds and beans, and rich mixtures of brown rice, soy and legumes like black beans and garbanzo beans are good places to start.

• Other Nutrients – Your body needs key nutrients like Vitamin D, Iron, B-Complex,and Calcium to support a muscle building workout routine. That said, if you supplement your protein rich intake with a lot of leafy greens and sprouts, you’ll get nearly all of the nutrients you need to support muscle growth across your body.​

There are a lot of menu options to support body sculpting routines. Make sure to do additional research or even talk to a nutritionist before starting your workout so you don’t overdo it.​

#4. Day One Exercise - Beginners Guide To Body Sculpting

On day one, when you feel at your weakest, what should you be doing? It depends a bit on what your goals are for your body, but here is a quick and easy exercise plan for even the most out of shape body sculptors among you.

Before we go any further, remember that not every workout plan works for every person. This is where having a trainer comes in handy.

He or she can walk you through finding the right exercises and tweaking your body effectively according to how you respond to certain workouts.

Regardless of what you decide is best for your body, there are a few exercises that are going to be a HUGE part of everything you do. Here they are:

1. Crunches​ 

2. Shoulder Presses

3. Pushups

4. Bench Presses

5. Lunges

6. Calf Raises

7. Squats

That’s seven super basic exercises, of which only two require weights. You can do most of these right now in your living room and start toning muscle immediately – easy as that.

The idea is to provide your body with as much resistance as possible in multiple reps.When getting started, the weight of your body offers plenty of that resistance.

Push ups, crunches, squats and calf raises all rely on your body weight to press on your muscles as they constrict. Don’t believe me?

Try doing 10 reps of each of these on the first day. You’ll be lying in a pool of your own sweat because this stuff is hard even more so when your body thirsts for exercise.


#5. Going Beyond the Basics

At a certain point, the basics just won’t cut it anymore. Trimming and burning some fat and getting stronger is one thing, but you want to sculpt a new you with tight, well-structured muscle mass.

This is true body sculpting because it forces each muscle you target to work as hard as it can without straining.

An all too common mistake trainers make is pumping up the reps and letting you skimp on the actual resistance.

This is great if you just want to strengthen those muscles and get in better shape, but if your goal is to build muscle mass and push your body to new limits,you need something more than that.

You need to find and push the limits of what you can do with less reps and greater resistance. This is especially tough with those stubborn core muscles.

• Cutting Your WaistlineThere are a lot of ways to reduce your waistline with aerobic exercise, but to really sculpt those abs and oblique muscles, you need something more. You need to stay aerobically active to burn that fat away, and then support the improvement with muscle building through exercises like​ sledgehammers and body twists (a la Tae Bo).

• Leg MusclesLegs are one of the easiest muscle groups to grow. We use them the most of anything on our body (they keep us upright after all), so a little added weight can really drive growth here.

Squats are fantastic, but don’t forget to focus on your calves with calf raises and of course, if you really want to push things, you need to add resistance with weights.

• Arms and Chest There are endless ways to build bicep muscles and increase your chest muscles. The easiest way is lifting weights. Bench presses, shoulder presses and curls are all good for your arm muscles. You can enhance them with push ups as well.

• Building Abs Beyond cutting your waistline and sharpening your oblique muscles,there is the often elusive goal of six pack abs. the traditional route is with crunches and curls, but crunches work a very small muscle group, so you won’t burn nearly enough fat away for that new six pack to pop out.

Instead, you should focus on the largest muscle groups – your back and your thighs,with supplement ab exercises that tone muscle mass. A great way to do this is to hold yourself up by one arm in a plank.

Planks can be done with one or both arms and can involve push ups between reps if you want to target the upper body as well. If you try to move during a plank using a balance ball, you’ll really feel the burn in your abdominal muscles.

#6. Stretches Really Drive Home These Exercises

Stretches are by far the most important part of the body sculpting process. It’s not just about avoiding injury (though stretching is extremely important for this); it’s about loosening muscles, keeping them flexible and making room for growth.

Stretching also helps prepare your body for aerobic exercise, burning fat, and making it a heck of a lot easier to tone the region.

In fact, some of the best ways to build upper bodymuscles is with simple stretches. Dynamic chest stretches for men use a single stick orbarbell to build flexibility and avoiding future damage to those muscles.

And if you’re looking for some really killer stretches, investigate Yoga. If you’ve ever seen a veteran of yoga lounging on the beach, you know that those seemingly simple, slow stretches can cut a lean figure out of nearly anyone’s body.

Remember, stretches are not just for your legs and abs. You should stretch your chest, arms, neck, back, abs, obliques, hips, and leg muscles before every workout, regardless of which muscles you plan on using that day.​


#7. Getting to the Other Side

Millions of people embark on new workout plans every year and it always seems so simple before you start. But, a workout plan is grueling. It’s unforgiving and can at times be painful.

If it’s not, you’re doing something wrong. You won’t succeed in sculpting your body into a toned, muscle-rich tapestry showing off all your hard work.

That’s why you need to push yourself to new limits day after day. When you create a plan built on the natural healing and growth cycles of the body and provide the fuel you need to thrive in every workout, you will build muscle fast.

Whether you use the basics like crunches and push ups or you integrate Yoga into your workouts, it’s going to be hard. But, like all things in life, the harder the path, the more rewarding the prize.

It may not be easy and it may not happen overnight, but your body is built for this – trust me. Those six pack abs are only a few steps away.

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