11 Reasons to Being Grateful To What You Have Even in Difficult Times


Do you know who is the most happiest person on the earth? It's a tough question but the answer is very simple being grateful to things you already have even in difficult situations of life makes a person happy and self satisfied.

So, what are you grateful for?

​Developing a habit of being grateful to whatever you have in life can be daunting but once you develop it you'll naturally tune into your intuitive power creating abundance of happiness and inner peace.

Being grateful or showing gratitude in any way is one of the simplest and most basic ways in which you can almost instantly lift your vibration and, in turn, charge the process of manifestation​.

Being thankful and expressing gratitude is like a pinch of salt, little sprinkle goes a long way. But the only problem is it's difficult to get into habit of it.

So, if you're serious about getting in tune with the power of your universal energy ​read this post till the end.

Believe me by the end of it you'll be more aligned with who you are and you'll slowly start expressing gratitude for the good things in your life​.

#1. Learn To Appreciate Good and Bad Things in Life

It's very easy to complain but it takes a big heart for appreciation....Right?

Do you know the more you develop habit of appreciating the good things, the more good things you’ll receive and the more rapidly they will come to you.

The simple reason is that the feeling of gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation resonates at a very high vibration, one that magnetically draws more good into your physical reality very quickly​.

Yes, it will take time but learn to appreciate things even when you don't like them. Overtime you'll observe your heart is filled with joy, compassion ​and kindness.

#2. Don't Emphasize on Being Right Always

Being right is not the thing that people will remember at the end of your life.

What people will remember is how compassionate and kind you were toward them even when they were wrong.

You don't need to be right always, it could be you'll win an argument or debate by proving yourself right but in the process you may end up breaking many hearts.

As I said above on your final judgment day, you will be judged on loving and letting go, because when you love people, fights and grudges automatically ends.

If you've a kind heart you'll tackle most of your life challenges and struggles with ease.

But if you constantly try to prove yourself right​, you'll end up making fewer friends, more enemies and endless struggles and that's not what you want....Right?

#3. Learn to Let Go Of the past

There's no point in obsessing over your past whether it's good or bad.

If you've have a bad past the best thing is to forget it and if you've a good past cherish the good memories but don't hold on to it.

​Remember that you cannot change your past, so there's no point in holding on and constantly thinking about it, and neither you have control on your future.

The only control you have is on your present. So live in the present to the fullest, do your best to ensure you've a better future and express your gratitude and thanks to whatever you have.

#4. Stop Blaming and Complaining

The best way to stop blaming and complaining is by changing the way you look at things.

Of course it's not easy, because our mind is designed to run towards negativity and this is the reason why most of the times we complain and blame others that too without analyzing​ their circumstances.

There are instances when the blame you put on someone could be justified but I believe ​the best solution is forgiving and walking away with a smile.

Believe me doing this will create a better self-image of you in other people's eye and also raise your self-confidence

#5. Be What you Are

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E.E Cummings

What does it really mean to be yourself?

A simple definition is value your thoughts and actions without judging them for being good or bad.

Not copying someone just because others find cool and amazing what they're doing.

Rather do things that you love irrespective of what the world will think and that's what makes up the essence of who you are.

And to be honest in order to discover your true self you'll have to go through lots of trial and error but eventually you'll get there more easily if you can develop the habit of being grateful and thankful of things in life.

#6. Stop Impressing Others

Do you really need to impress others? Ask in your mind.

Do you know when you're trying to impress someone you're trying to deceive your own integrity.

Is that fair?

Remember someone who loves you, appreciates you and cares for you won't require any buttering or flattering to be with you.

Whether it's your personal life or your work life. Don't compromise on your ethics, integrity and values.

Note that being dishonest about your true self hurts nobody but you​. You must always try to connect with people that like you for who you are and not for what they want you to become.

Be with someone who believes you’re amazing without having to be told so. Be with people who see the real you and love spending time with you.

I hope you got the point.​


#7. Start a Gratitude Journal

The secret to enjoying a more successful and gratifying life lives in writing your own gratitude journal.

I will tell you how to do that.​

Take 10 minutes everyday to jot down things that you love and appreciate about your day. It can be anything big or small.

You might be grateful for a stress-free commute to work, lunch with a close friend, a nice weather, a free cup of tea, a promotion or increment or even a good night’s sleep.

Keeping a daily gratitude journal is a terrific way to change your thinking and attention on the joy and happiness that fills your life every day.​

Again it will take some time to get into habit of practicing it but doing this will bring about intensely powerful and positive emotions and place you in a cheerful and highly-charged state of vibration.

You can even write “as if” that thing happened in order to help manifest it into your life.​


#8. Give Up on Your Fears

If you want to practice being grateful you'll have to give up on your fears.

The best way to overcome your fears is by facing them and it's possible only when you're aware of what your fears are, how they are interfering in your life and what actions you must take to overcome them.

As I said above once you're aware of your fears, now it's time to take concrete action, because fears are just fears, if you do not counter them in time they will ruin your life.

I'm speaking from my personal experience your negative imagination toward fear make reality seem scarier than it is.

And when you take true action to face your fears, they tend to become weaker, because you find out that reality isn’t as scary as your imagination.

#9. Don't Expect a Lot From Others

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” -William Shakespeare

Being grateful in life is a difficult feeling to develop and we have already discussed in the above 8 points and one of the most significant points out of all these is the feeling of not expecting anything from others.

Trust me it's just too tough to not expect anything from people who're close to you.

But the truth is the feeling of thankfulness and peace begins only when expectation comes to an end.

Tell me how do you feel when you don't get the things you want in life.... Very bad Right?

But my friend most of the times we don't realize at that moment but somewhere later in the journey of our life we understand that whatever happened was for your good.

If you really want to live a happy life than be grateful to what you have by leaving the habit of keeping high expectations from our family, friends or relatives.

Of course you must strive and work hard for more ​but my only request is don't get upset if you do not get something.

Just move on happily even in difficult times believe me life will be peaceful and easy.​


#10. Don't Be Fearful Of Change

Change can be stressful and tedious. In fact no one appreciates change even when its for their good and that's human mentality, that's how most of us are grown up and this is the reason we resist change.

But if you really want to live a successful life full of abundance and prosperity you must embrace change positively.

Note that change is like a opportunity that will come and go and but if you fail to recognize it, by the time you'll realize it may be too late.

Whenever you feel you're surrounded ​with fear of change just ask yourself.

At the end of my life time will I have any regrets of not living life to my expectations​.

Will I be confident enough to be able to look back and feel fully satisfied with the life I had lived?​

If you have any doubts in your mind just clear your negative thoughts and embrace the possibility of change positively to create a beautiful life that you're proud of.

#11. Stop Making Excuses

Do you know that most of us have amazing ability of procrastinating and making excuses for not doing things.

We have developed mastery in convincing our mind for not doing things. But my friend even you know somewhere in your heart that you're cheating to yourself.

If you really want to practice the art of being grateful in life, first learn to do things on time. Be grateful to GOD for giving you such a valuable and wonderful life.

It's in your hands to drastically change your life's circumstances and that is possible only when you're determined in your mind to ​not making excuses.

Now, Before I end This Topic on Being Grateful For Things in Life I Want To Share With You a Beautiful Story That I Happen To Read in Manifestation Miracle System By Heather Mathews

Michael worked as a watchman in a company for 25 years. Being a watchman while it’s a hardworking job, is still one that most people probably wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about having.

Well, it happened that the company changed owners. Within a few days of taking over management, the new owner sent a personal thank you card to each employee in the company.​

When Mark received and opened his card, he burst into tears and asked if he could be excused from work. Thinking he was sick, he was allowed leave for the rest of the day.​

A few days later the real story emerged. Mark had never received even a verbal thank you from the previous owners and management, much less a personally signed card. It was a gesture that touched him deeply​.

In fact, Mark had been thinking that the change of ownership offered him the ideal time to quit the company and he’d planning on resigning that very day.​

But he didn’t because a bit of appreciation made all the difference to him. In turn, a bit of appreciation made the difference to the new owner as well, helping him retain a loyal, valuable and skilled employee who could help his business succeed​.

The moral of the story is Gratitude is a powerful drug when used properly can win hearts and foster relationships.

Remember gratitude is the door that opens you to having what you truly want. Keep your door of abundance open by making gratitude a regular practice and watch as even more good comes your way.​

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