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If you've ever been wondering about the benefits of raw food diet the, this article for you. 

There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding the uses and benefits of raw food diet these days. It’s tempting to write it off – easy to assume that it’s just another trendy diet being thrown out there to draw attention and sell books.​

But, raw foodism goes way beyond a little bit of hype. This isn’t some flash in the pan trend that a doctor came up with last month when on vacation in the Bahamas. This is how the human body was built to survive.

Before we started walking upright, building skyscrapers and watching Jersey Shore, we were picking berries and nuts and eating raw vegetables, grains and beans.

Our bodies are designed to THRIVE on raw food. We don’t just lose more weight and feel better; we live, think and feel better in almost every way.It’s incredible the number of misconceptions we’ve developed over the years in regards to food.

No carbs. No protein. No fat. No sugar. But, the real problem isn’t what we do or don’t eat, but the quality and quantity of what we eat.

Sure, you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for someone to tell you to cut out the saturated fat and start exercising more often, but you know what?

If you simply stop eating processed and deep fried food, all that bad stuff we’re supposed to avoid? It disappears too.You know what else disappears? Signs of aging. It’s not just about losing weight.

It’s about improving every single aspect of your mental and physical health by giving your body what it really needs​.

So, if you're ready to learn more about the potential benefits of raw food diet come join me for the next ​15 minutes.

#1. What Food Is Supposed to Provide

Before we go deep into benefits of raw food let's first learn about the true needs of or body.

So, when we say something like “what your body needs” what exactly are we talking about? What does your body need to survive and thrive day after day, rather than just putting along getting the bare necessities?​

The body needs a variety of nutrients to survive, including macro nutrients (protein,carbohydrate, and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals.) All of these are readily​ available in raw foods.

The difference in raw foods is in the ratio of micronutrients to macronutrients. With the standard processed diet, we get a lot of macronutrients – lots of fat, lots of carbs, lots of protein – but not really a heck of a lot of vitamins or minerals.​

With raw foods, the proportion of micronutrients to macronutrients is so high that most people find themselves needing to eat far less – their body becomes satisfied so quickly that it simply flips the ‘off’ switch on their appetite.

The truth is that raw food has much higher levels of nutrients that cooked foods, largelybecause cooked foods tend to lose some of its nutrients at a certain temperature.

The argument that there aren’t enough nutrients in raw food is silly when you consider how many people subsist solely on junk food, red meat, and starches that contain little or no nutritional value of their own.

Sure, they have plenty of iron, but what about vitamins A, C, K, or E? What about the vast array of minerals only found in raw plants? What about the amino acids and fatty acids that are found in high concentrations in seeds and kelp?​

The key is balance not absolutism. If you find that your body isn’t thriving on a raw diet, you may need to adjust the balance of what you take in.

In some cases, a hybrid diet maybe necessary (as is often the case with children who may not get everything they need to grow from raw foods). Either way, raw food will help you feel better, regardless of how you breakdown the intake of those foods​.


#2. Myths about Raw Foodism

Raw foodism isn’t a new fad. Over the centuries, it has cropped up again and again as people look for natural ways to cut the fat and feel better both inside and out.

But, at the same time, there are a ton of myths that deter people from seeking the health benefits of a diet rich in raw foods. What kind of myths are we talking about? Here are just a few:

#1. Raw Food Is Cold It certainly can be but it doesn’t have to be. Raw food simply means it hasn’t been cooked. And because cooking involves temperatures above 104 degrees F, we’re not cooking anything if it’s just heated to 100 degrees. Food at this temperature is comfortably warm and can taste fantastic.

#2. Fruits and Veggies Are Boring If you ask anyone who sticks to a traditional dietwhat a raw food diet consists of they’ll probably say “uhhh…carrots and apples?” Tomost people, raw foodism is much akin to being a race horse.

Luckily, that’s not true. Raw-fooders eat plenty of gourmet foods, from cakes and breads to pizzas, smoothies, milks, cheeses and cereals. The difference is simply in the preparation (and, of course, in the taste! Raw pizza is pizza, but I’d be lying if I said it tasted the same as the cooked variety.)

 #3. No Restaurants Maybe this used to be true, but these days enough people recognize the benefits of raw food that raw restaurants are plentiful in large cities – and beginning to crop up in smaller towns also.

There are hundreds of potential raw food restaurants all over the world if you know where to look. And even if you can’t find anything, remember, a good old fashionedsalad is raw and yummy.

#4. It’s All or NothingThis myth bugs me the most because it scares away so many people who could benefit from raw foods. Raw foods offer amazing health benefits whether you eat them in one meal a day or all three.

Heck, just a couple raw carrots a day or some raw almonds are both fantastic ways to supplement a healthy diet. You don’t need to replace your entire diet with raw foods right away (or at all) to feel better and enjoy those benefits. Just understand the value they have and integrate them into your diet where possible.


#3. Getting the Most out of Raw Food

Raw foodism is like finding a fountain of youth in your refrigerator. This stuff is ridiculously effective at purging the poisons from your body and creating a physical environment in which you can thrive.

We’re talking about weight loss, detox of all those yucky processed food poisons, anti-aging benefits (good bye crow’s feet!) and so much more you can only start to guess at.

#1. Weight Loss – Every person’s body is different, so I can’t tell you “if you eat only raw foods you’ll lose X pounds in Y weeks”. But, I can tell you this. The raw food diet improves metabolism at almost any age!

More than that, you stop feeling hungry when you’re NOT. Imagine that – no desire to chow down on potato chips or M&Ms when you know you shouldn’t be hungry.

Raw, natural sugars in the form they’re supposed to be eaten, healthy fats from nuts and seeds, and grains that provide tons of benefits to your entire digestive tract. Without fatty, sugary, meaty foods weighing you down, you’ll shed those extra​ pounds like a pro and feel amazing while doing it.

2. DetoxYou know how the pasta primavera tastes so much better at Papa Luigi’s down the street? It’s because it has a quarter stick of butter and a half pound of cheese per plate.

Your body is loaded with chemicals, fats, and sugars that it doesn’t need. Your body has been twisted and essentially lied to by your food to the point that it has NO IDEA how to process real, healthy nutrients.

No wonder you have heartburn every night, feel awful after 8 hours of sleep and couldn’t run a mile if your life depended on it. Raw food flushes every last ounce of the bad stuff out of your body…fast. You want a detox that will make your skin look great, your body feel fantastic and your digestive tract work like a dream? It’s time to go grocery shopping!


3. Anti-AgingAging is a mish mash of many things, but mostly it’s the slowing down of cell regeneration and growth. With raw foods, you can actually flip the switch backwards for a lot of rapidly aging cells and start to both look and feel younger.

Removing excess wastes and filler from your body, replacing junk with nutrients your cells need to heal and grow, and detoxifying your body of unwanted chemicals will turn you into a younger, sleeker version of yourself in no time. Even just the anti-oxidizing powers of raw food will make your skin look much better.

4. General Health (You’ll Feel Great!) – Finally but definitely not least of all, you’ll feel like a million bucks. We’ve just upped the octane on your food, removed allthe nasty stuff that makes you feel like crap and cranked up the energy levels tounheard of peaks. Of course you’re going to feel amazing.

Raw foodism isn’t a miracle diet. It’s simply the way your body is designed to obtain its nutrients. Even just a small shift from steak and potatoes to salad and almonds one meal aday will have a huge impact on how you look and feel.

I hope by now you are truly able to understand the amazing benefits of raw food diet?

Luckily there are alternatives. Here are a few quick and simple menu suggestions just to give you an idea of what you could be eating when you switch to a healthy, fulfilling raw foods diet:

#1. Partial Raw in Transition If you plan on transitioning to a raw food diet, you can go with 50% or 75% raw food instead of a full raw food diet. Replace cooked vegetables with raw vegetables in salads.

Replace snacks with raw nuts and seeds.Replace at least half your plate each day with raw food and you’ll be well on your way. You should be wary of certain things that can muck up a raw food diet though.Desserts, coffee and tea, certain juices and alcohol are all no-nos.

#2. Breakfast IdeasFruit is a fantastic, natural breakfast replacement. Specifically,consider smoothies and salads that offer variety and plenty of flavor to get you started in the morning. (Coconut juice (not milk, juice from young coconuts) is an especially handy smoothie base: it’s packed with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, and tastes amazing.

#3. Lunch For lunch, a salad is almost always a good replacement for your sandwich. But it doesn’t need to be a boring green salad every day. Try fruit salads, sprouted grains, beans, and seeds, and experiment with a variety of raw dressings. Well cold soups are also a fantastic option here.

#4. Dinner You can get very creative with dinner if you want to mix up your diet. Raw spaghetti with sprouted grains, raw pizza, nut loaf or pate, or mashed vegetables are all yummy options for replacing old favorites with new, raw options.

#5. Dessert If you’re craving something other than another cup of fruit, dessert may be tough. But, don’t forget how many amazing things you can do with fruit.Bananas, frozen and whipped in a food processor, make an incredible ice cream substitute.

Almond milk, flavored with cacao powder and agave nectar, is a delicious beverage packed with Vitamin E and other heart-healthy oils and minerals.

You can even make raw fudge, raw cake, and raw candy from a variety of ground nuts, fruits,raw syrups, and flavorings which are satisfying, rich, and very tasty indeed.

It’s incredible the things you can do with the right approach to your body. Better metabolism, stronger immune system, more nutrients and a reverse switch on your aging –you get it all when you start replacing some of your favorites with raw alternatives.

Don’t feel overwhelmed trying to make a raw diet work for you overnight. Just like a crash diet, you’ll rebound fast because honestly, raw foodism is not easy.

However, with a careful, slow transition and a smart approach to everything you put in your body, you can rapidly improve your health in almost every way imaginable.

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