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Don’t Like Dating Apps? There Are Better Ways to Meet Women in London


By calling a top escort agency like Babes of London, you can arrange a date with a gorgeous woman with zero stress.

Nowadays it seems as if the only way to meet a woman is through a dating app. Our use of apps like Tinder has soared in recent years, and if you’re not swiping right or left multiple times a day it can feel as if you’re out of the loop.

Well, there’s an easier way to find a gorgeous girl to spend an evening with. Lots of guys are calling Babes of London, a top London Escort Agency, to arrange fun, no strings attached dates in the capital. Here’s why they’re a much better bet than Tinder.

A girl who’s just right for you

It is so easy to find your dream girl when you book with an escort agency like Babes of London. Like other top agencies, they only recruit the most gorgeous girls in the business, so you can be sure that you’re picking from the best.

Babes of London put a big emphasis on variety too though, so every man can find what he is looking for. Mature, blonde, young, brunette, exotic – they’re all there.

No mixed messages

There are no crossed wires when you hire an escort. When you meet up with someone through Tinder, things can easily turn sour if you misinterpret her signals and make a move at the end of the evening.

When you hire an escort, you state what you want from your time together when you first call to book, and you can clearly see what services she offers on her profile. So you’ll both know exactly where the night is going.

No strings attached

There’s no pressure to commit to a second date within a certain period of time with an escort. If you hit it off with a girl on Tinder but don’t want to get into a relationship just yet, it can be hard to break it to her that you just want to keep it no-strings.

An escort will be really understanding if that’s what you want, and will just concentrate on your current appointment. You can hire a new girl every time if you like!

Perfect for busy guys

If you are a busy guy, it can be hard to find time to date. Trying to find a night where both you and a girl you’re chatting to on Tinder can be nothing short of a nightmare, and soon you’ll just want to forget the whole thing.

With an escort, you can name the date and place, and the Babes of London team will arrange for a beautiful escort to be there. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Safe and secure

Your personal information is safe with a trusted escort agency like Babes of London.

The same can’t always be said for apps, especially in the wake of high-profile scandals such as the Facebook data leaks.

When you book with a top escort agency, your details will never be passed on to any third parties, and your deepest, most sensual secrets will be safe with your escort.

Why not give it a go?

Whether you meet up at a buzzing London bar or stay in at your home or hotel, a night with an escort promises all the fun of a Tinder date but with none of the hassle. So if online dating just isn’t for you, why not try something a little different next time you have an evening to yourself?

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