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Boost Your Life Energy: Amazing Tips to Stay Happy, Peaceful And Connected to What You Want

What if I could tell you the secret behind how to live a happy life that too without changing your life a bit?

What if I could tell show you exactly how to stay happy and positive in life by cutting those unwanted bad days from your life.

What if I could show you exactly how not to worry about the future and the happenings of the past?

Guys this is all possible, Trust me just continue reading this post on how to live a happy life.

No matter how awful and pathetic your life situations are:

If you're reading this article, I am sure you have been searching for happiness in some form or other lately.

The only thing is you're not able to find it, AND it's absolutely fine, you'll discover your share of happiness today.

By the end of this article you'll have a sure shot strategy of living a happy life with higher self esteem and positivity.

Before we start I want to ask you few questions that will set us on the right track for this article.

  • Do you find it tough to feel good about yourself?
  • Are you constantly worried thinking what people think or say about you regarding your work, looks and behavior?
  • Are you critically sensitive at heart, meaning do you get hurt easily?
  • Are you afraid of making important decisions of your life?
  • Do you have low self esteem? This is significant because people with low self esteem can never be happy. Happiness stays only with people with high self esteem.
  • Are you constantly worried about your future life? How your future life will be, will you be successful or not?

I believe most of your answers, if not all must have been on the negative side. It's alright we shall make them positive today.

Let's begin the journey to living a happy life, the life of your dreams.

#1 Ways To Stay Happy In Life By 90 Percent

There's a saying that life is only "10 percent what happens to you" rest 90 percent depends on your reactions to life's action. What I mean by reaction is "If you cannot control your emotions, you simply cannot control your life and most of the times if I am not wrong, your reaction comes out of the emotions you feel.

And if you cannot control your life, you just cannot live a happy life.

If you seriously want to learn how to live a happy life, increase your happiness by 90 percent by changing the way you react to negative situations in your life.

In other words train your mind to react differently, with differently I mean in a way that the situation you're in do not hamper your happiness and well being.

There's a myth about circumstances and bad feelings in life that many of you just don't know..

Tension, stress, guilt, fear, results are negative emotions that are outcome of your own desperation.

They are like free birds and they already exist in your mind. And You experience these negative emotions because they exist as I said above. They are not ‘because’ of anything that’s going wrong in your life.

This is the reason why I said above, if you truly want to experience inner peace and happiness in your life. You need to train and program your mind or else you'll constantly experience some form of guilt, fear and worry.

There's no end to problems in life, it doesn’t matter what your life ‘looks like’. You maybe worried about your job, health, relationship, or family.

But have you ever thought even when you solve this problems THAT BAD FEELING WON’T GO AWAY. It will shift to some other area of your life, but it will stay there, unless you train your mind to stay happy.

The point is that you need to realize that your mind is loophole of stress, worry, anxiety and bad feelings.

Just solving the visible problems of your life won't help you get out of the clutches of this bad feelings. You have to take control of your life only by controlling your mind.

To be truly happy, it doesn’t matter what your life looks like. Instead, it matters what’s going on inside your mind and what actions you take to deal with what's going inside your mind.

Research show that about 80% of the negative emotions we feel are ‘free-floating’,and happen INDEPENDENTLY of actual situation.

Now, when its clear, that it's the negative thoughts in your mind that control how good you feel about your life than why not fix what goes inside your mind.

#2. Practice Awareness Of Your Own Thoughts. Believe me, it's not that difficult as you think.

If you want to fix what's going inside your mind, all you need to do is become AWARE of what your reactions currently are in respect to your negative emotions.

To feel better and live a happy life, all you have to do is practice awareness of your own thoughts.

Awareness is the ‘gateway drug’ that helps in achieving amazing satisfaction in all areas of your life.

And Without awareness, real happiness is just not possible and and without it, your ongoing misery is practically unavoidable.

Reason being you can’t change anything unless you are aware of what is to be changed and why it needs to be changed.

You need to understand your own reactions first, in order to change it. And once you're aware of what needs to be changed the problem will be solved.


#3. Always Stay Positive In Life, To Live a Happy Life

Having a positive attitude towards life is something that is directly related with happiness.

Being positive increases your energy and spirit levels, also the capacity of performing in any given situation by as much as 40%.

Have you ever thought why some people are more happier than others, in fact being with positive people naturally radiates positive energy within you.

And people with positive attitude have higher self esteem and higher self esteem is a factor that is associated with happy people only.

To stay positive and happy you need to become good finders. You must always see the positive side of life

Learn to forgive flaws in people and see what is good in a person or situation instead of always looking at the bad.

I am telling this because we are so tuned with negative energy in our lives, that we just keep finding flaws in people in situations and while focusing constantly on the negative we easily ignore the positive picture.

And that is why to live a happy in life, you need to be good finders (positive finders)

Trust me even in heaven, flaw finders will find flaws. It's because you find what you look for.

If you're finding happiness, love, inspiration and positivity in people and situations that is what you'll get.

If you're finding hatred, faults, problems, conflicts or indifference, then that is what you'll get. Note finding positive does not mean ignoring faults.

​Believe me it's not a magic. People with positive attitude just act and think differently.

They have learned how to do so by investing time and energy in testing circumstances of life.

It is something that they developed over time. So guys start some today to build positive attitude and with little patience combined with commitment life will become beautiful and easy.

#4. Practice Mindfulness To Stay Happy in Life

Humans have a tendency of ignoring the present and living in the past and future.

What they don't realize is what happened in past can't be changed, what's going to happen in future can't be predicted.

You can only think about the past and expect for good things to happen in future. But constantly living in it will ruin your present.

If you want to learn how to live a happy life, live for today, live for this moment and this moment is the "NOW TIME" of your life.

Try to be aware of the ‘time-zone’ your thoughts are living in, and tune these thoughts into the present moment the "NOW TIME".

Because your true happiness exist in the "NOW TIME"

If you can do this it will help you to lower stress, boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure, increase self-esteem and make you naturally happier in work and relationships.

Follow The Below Steps To Include Mindfulness in Your Daily Life Activities

STEP - 1

Find a convenient time for the next week or two (let’s use 8am as an example), at this time stop and write down all the thoughts you are having right at that particular moment

Notice, without judging, whether they are focused on the present, the future or the past

Note these thoughts in your book every day, and reflect on the ‘time-zones’ of your thoughts

You may find you have some “ah-ha” moments when doing this exercise, as you learn to hone into the type of thoughts that are inhabiting your mind.

STEP - 2

After you have completed Step One, it’s time to actively hone your thoughts into the present.

Choose to focus your mind completely for 7 minutes on the present moment. The now.

For these 7 minutes, fully immerse yourself in whatever you are doing. Take note of the sights, smells and sounds around you.

Pour your energy and focus into the job at hand, or into connecting with the people around you

Record any reflections you have from this exercise in your journal. Did mindfulness come easily to you? Or did your mind keep trying to wander off into the past or the future?

The more you practice this exercise, the more your mind will learn to naturally focus on the present – resulting in a happier and more powerful you!

Guys just do this exercise for a week or two and feel the difference for yourself. It is one of the best ways to stay happy in life.

#5. Have Enough Sleep To Live a Happy Life

In order to live a happy and positive life, it is very important to have appropriate amount of sleep.

It not only keeps your mood fresh, but also keeps the energy level on the higher side by keeping you happy and amused in your routine stressed lifestyle

Note that getting the right amount of sleep is not optional, it's mandatory.

I am telling this because in today's hectic life style we are so busy with work and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that we ignore our body and it's requirements, which is just not good practice.

To prove the harmful effects of less sleep I will illustrate an example below that I read in

Less sleep can result in negative and irritating behavior even researchers have proved it after conducting many experiments.

One such example is, The researchers conducted an experiment on the hippocampus which is the part of the brain which processes our positive thoughts.

But it starts to function less efficiently when we get less sleep, Due to less sleep it starts to process negative thoughts muscle which is very harmful for your overall personality and happiness factor.

In this experiment researchers asked sleep deprived students to remember a list of words.

They were getting a high score on all the negative words (81%) but when it came to the positive ones or neutral ones, they were only getting around 31% right.

Dr.Robert Stickgold has conducted similar experiments on sleep and memory. Now you can understand why some people are always in a bad mood when they do not get sufficient sleep.

#6. Help Others To Improve Your Self Esteem and Happiness

The best ways to stay happy in life is by helping others who cannot repay you in cash or kind.

Trust me the feeling that you get when you help someone desperately in need is just awesome and incomparable.

Not everyone in life is lucky enough to get everything at the right place and at the right time. It could be your little help may take someone's life to another level.

If you have some good skills and it can benefit others share it, don't hesitate, reveal your strategies and thoughts on what it takes to live a happy life.

Guide and show others the power of choosing to be happy.

Perhaps most importantly, share your unique gift and contribute to the happiness of those around you​. Seeing there happiness will make you feel happy in return.

As you grow and succeed in life, help others to grow along with you.

Remember there's always someone needy to learn something from you, so share your knowledge and wisdom with them.

There's always someone who needs your help, just help them and feel the difference it makes into your life.

Being a human the most significant contribution you can ever make to this world, is by spreading happiness with your small acts of good deeds.

#7. Follow Your Passion And Dream Life

How would you feel if your life is not in tune with your own personality - Extremely bad and awful right? Most people are not happy with their lives because they don't live the life of there dreams.

When you do something that you love doing happiness naturally follows with you and the opposite is true as well.

When you do something against your will and consent, you tend to lose interest and happiness too. It happens because you're not following your passion and dreams.

Life will be much easier and happier, when you allow yourself to pursue your goals, dreams and curiosity.

The point is when you follow your passion, it automatically becomes your strength and more importantly even if you're not getting success you don't quit it - Right.

Because your passion makes you feel really, really good and your life journey becomes little easier

On the other hand when you do something that you don't love, chances are you'll quit in the middle which may spoil your whole life.

Conclusion- Following your passion will not only help you to live a happy life, but it will also make you stand in commanding position of authority and power and ultimately you will make more money and gain more happiness.

#8. Read Inspirational Quotes About Life

Life can be overwhelming and stressful and to be happy and stay on top of your life, reading inspiration quotes about life can really boost your life energy and happiness.

A simple example I will illustrate here, many times in anger you do wrong things.

Even though you very well know in your heart what you're doing will spoil your image and relationship Still you do.

It's because you don't have any control on your negative thoughts and more importantly you don't have any inspiration too to handle your negative thoughts and anger.

But you kill you anger and try to avoid it, It will help you boost your happiness too. I will tell you how

Just spare your 2 minutes everyday and read good thoughts, and lines that will motivate you to do good things.

Thoughts that will focus your energy in looking at the brighter side of things. Believe me guys just try it and you'll see the difference, if not today, definitely tomorrow.

Reading inspirational quotes naturally activates your emotional buttons. It's because when you read them for some moments your mind starts to believe in it and really wish to follow them.

Even though most of the times, you forget what you read. But if you can develop a habit, it will seriously influence your life positively and also keep you happy and cheerful.

These are my 7 powerful secrets on how to live a happy life.

One thing I want to add is there's no end to browsing and reading about how to be happy in life.

There are endless tips, what important is following those tips after reading.

That's when your life will be filled with joy and happiness.

I believe implementation is the key to anything in life and that's what you need to do to stay happy in life or manifest any other life goal that you want to life.

If you've read till here, I would love to share and recommend you something that can really change your life.

It has the potential to give you the happiness you want, the peace of mind that you craved always and the success you wished in life.

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Remember the word TAKE ACTION.

It has changed my life, it has changed others life all over the world. It will definitely change yours too.... Just trust me once.

Bye for now see you tomorrow in the last lesson, I hope you enjoyed reading the lesson​.

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