Day 1/3 - Why porn stars use only these positions to last longer.

EVERY guy MUST master this "sex positions" TO DRIVE woMEN MAD WITH LUST.

So a really common question that gets asked is what is the cause of premature ejaculation? And the truth is that while there are many causes of premature ejaculation, they can all be summarized by one main cause, which is:

Not taking control of the pleasure you experience during sex. Now what exactly do I mean by this? Think for a second about what causes you to orgasm. 

I mean, you don't ever just orgasm out of nowhere, do you? There has to be something to cause you to orgasm. And what causes you to orgasm is the pleasure, or stimulation, you experience

Now, the problem that you have if you're not lasting long enough is that you are allowing yourself to experience pleasure, or stimulation, at too higher intensity.

This high intensity of stimulation is what causes you to orgasm earlier than you want. When you get this, understanding the real cause of premature ejaculation is simple.

You + Uncontrolled Intense Stimulation = Premature Ejaculation (that's what porn starts don't do)


So the question is how can you use this knowledge to get you to last longer in bed like porn stars? 

And the answer is simple. To last longer in bed all you need to do is take control of your stimulation.

And the next steps will tell you exactly which positions to change before and during sex to reduce your stimulation and therefore last significantly longer than you ever thought was possible.

So when it comes to positions, lasting longer is as simple as using positions that cause you less stimulation more often than the positions that cause you a lot stimulation.


#1. Low Stimulation Positions

These are the sex positions you'll want to favor more often when having sex with the woman you love.

One great low stimulation position is standing up. 

This can involve you carrying your woman or just having sex in a position that involves you standing up. 

The reason this works so well is because when you're standing up tension and pressure is directed away from your penis.

When you're standing up energy is being spent in your legs keeping you standing and if you're carrying or holding her then energy is also being spent in your upper body..

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Since energy is needed elsewhere besides your penis, this takes the pressure off, reduces the stimulation experienced by your penis and therefore makes lasting longer easier. 

Another great low stimulation position is having her on top while you lie down. 

Now I know a lot men struggle with this position because they feel like they've got no control, but the fact is they're just not using the position correctly. 

When you're in this position there are two ways you can reduce your stimulation very effectively. 

Firstly you can take control by grabbing her hips. 

By holding her hips you communicate to her that you're in charge and therefore you control her thrusting speed.

If you want to slow her down you can by making it obvious by the way you hold her.

Secondly, this position is unlike most other positions where you have to make some kind of movement for them to work.

This means that in this position you can fully relax your body.

Most men when they get in this position forget about stimulation control, get overwhelmed and orgasm quickly.

But when you're in this position take the time to relax. 

  1. Take some slow deep breaths and consciously relax all of your muscles. 
  2. Allow all the muscles in your legs to relax. 
  3. By relaxing your muscles you reduce the tension in your body. 

And with less tension in your body you reduce your stimulation and make it more difficult for your body to orgasm. So if you combine these two benefits together this position works great.

#2. High Stimulation Positions.

This varies from guy to guy, but often the missionary position (where the woman lies down facing up, with the man on top facing down) is very stimulating.

Because no tension is getting diverted away like in a standing up position and it's much harder to relax like when you, the man, are on the bottom, this position can quite easily cause premature ejaculation.

The problem with this position is that it's just so stimulating to the man.

If you can reduce your time spent in this position or find variations of it that don't cause you to feel as much stimulation then I highly recommend doing that.

#3. Using position changes

While on the topic of positions I thought I'd give you a quick tip for lasting longer. 

In changing positions you often get a quick break from sex, even if it's just for 10 seconds or so. 

This 10 second or more break can be very valuable, especially if you're getting close to orgasm, because taking a quick break can sometimes reset your stimulation so you'll have a few more minutes before orgasm. 

In future look to use your position changes tactically when you're close to orgasm to help you last longer.

So Dude, Day One Ends Here ?

Hope You Enjoyed Reading. See You Tomorrow on Day 2/3 with the next tactic on How To Control Your Hormones To Last Longer.

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