Day 1/5: The First Step to Seducing Him...


As promised, here's Day 1 of your 5 Day Seduction Secrets Crash Course.

Hey, Ladies,

Before we get started, I want to ask you a question. How many of you are tired of being in a lack luster relationship? If you feel like you're relationship is stuck in a rut, well you just got in this program right on time.

Let's face it. You joined this 5 Day Seduction Secrets Crash Course because you want to rekindle your relationship with your partner again.

However, most women think that being good with seduction means acting like a porn star and objectifying yourself to fulfill your man's desires.

That couldn't be more further than the truth. Seduction doesn't mean giving in to whatever sexual desires your man wants out of you. That's actually the exact opposite.

So before we get into the nitty gritty of this program I want you to know that in order for this program to be successful you have to follow the following steps first.

So before we get further down the rabbit hole, here's what I want you to do.

1. Know Your Boundaries

I want you to first understand that trying to seduce your man doesn't mean that you have to give in to all his wishes and demands. It doesn't mean that you also have to objectify yourself in order to please your man.

Being great with seduction means being comfortable in what you are doing. And that starts with setting boundaries on what you are willing to do with your partner.

You can try to explore sexting with your man, but that doesn't mean have to go all the way and send him naughty pictures just because he asks for it.

You can have naughty conversations with him too, but that doesn't also mean that you willingly consent to actually doing it either.

The first step that you have to take in this program is for you to know your own boundaries.

Keeping the boundaries also allows the man not only respect your space, but to actually even crave and chase you more because you're not giving into everything he's asking for.

2. Let Go Of Your Misconceptions and Fears About Sex and Seduction.

While I ask you to know your boundaries, I want you to also be open-minded and let go of your misconceptions about sex and seduction.

If you start feeling uncomfortable with how far the dirty talk is going, take a minute and ask yourself why you're feeling uncomfortable. Was it because the conversation was being too risque for your taste? Was it because it's not something you're sexually into?

Talking to your partner about it will also help you understand his perspective on why certain things or sexual activities turn him on the most.

Not only will you understand your partner's desires, but in return, he will also have an insight and understanding on what are turn ons that are comfortable for you too

3. Get Comfortable With Your Own Skin.

Finally, you have to get comfortable with your own skin. Society has dictated to women for decades that we have to be prim and proper. That classy women don't dress sexy, talk dirty, or act slutty.

However, society has mixed up being comfortable with your own sexuality with being a dirty classless woman. Part of our woman hood is embracing our sexuality.

Perhaps, you might have lost touch of your sexy feminine side, so I'm gonna share pointers on how you can get comfortable with your own skin.

On one of my separate programs, I have two different worksheets that you can use in order for you to start exploring things that you're comfortable with and things you are willing to explore.

On the "Sexploration Quiz" we talk about a list of activities that you can do with your partner and a checklist on whether it's something you're willing to do or not.

For example, sending naughty pictures to your partner, role playing using sex toys together and more. List down things that you and your partner would want to try to do and find out which ones you are comfortable doing together.

On another worksheet that we call "What Do You Find Sexy", there's a list of questions where you can fill out what movies turn you on, food and beverages that feel sexy to you, places that you have imagined having sex at and more.

So as part of your assignment, I want you to create a list of things that turns you on, and activities that you want to explore with your man. 

“The Language Of Desire”.

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