Day 3 - Slightly flirty and slightly dirty way to his heart.

Language of Desire - Free Dirty Talking Video

In the previous lesson, we discovered that there's more to men and sex than what we originally thought. Sex to him is a symbol of seduction, power, ego, conquest, accomplishment, and validation

Now that you've learned the inner workings of what your man really thinks about sex, now we have to figure out how you can use this to your own advantage. 

So based on what we just learned yesterday, here are some secret strategies and techniques you can use, to have HIM vibrating and rock hard "down there"

#1. Get Him To Open Up With This Secret Way Of Talking Dirty.

Remember Mad Libs? This works exactly the same way!

Combine the words I give you below (and add your own!) to come up with your own easy, sexy, dirty talk.

Your body parts: Tits, Pussy, Mouth, Tongue, Clit, Finger, Hand.

His body parts: Dick, Face, Ass, Balls,Cock, Come, Eyes, Abs/Stomach, Hands.

Verbs: Come, Jizz, Suck, Lick, Bite, Tickle, Stick, Taste.

Now, mix and match:

I want to put my [your body part] in (or on) [his body part].

Do you want me to [verb] your [his body part]?

I can’t wait for you to [verb] all over my [your body part].

Your [his body part] makes my [your body part] tingle with anticipation.

I want to [verb] your [his body part] until you scream.

I want you to stare at my [your body part] and only my [same body part].

I’m going to play with my [your body part] while I play with your [his body party].

Your [his body part] is/are so fucking sexy.

Baby, I love the way your [his body part] reacts when I [verb] your [his body part].

The your [his body part] looks makes my pussy wet.

[Verb] my [your body part].

[Verb] my [your body part] while I [verb] your [his body part].

These are just a few examples but you get the idea. Have fun with it!

Now, I'm gonna share with you the Three Tease Techniques you can use on your man that will definitely get his interest piqued among other things. ;)…

Cuddling Couple

2. The Three Tease Techniques 

You don't have to use this technique in any particular order, but use them and you're sure to win the heart of any man you want to be with. .

The Tease Kiss

Use this at unexpected times when there's absolutely no opportunity to have sex. Kiss him deeply and passionately just before he's about to leave to go to work, right before you enter the house of a friend you want to visit or just before you leave for a short trip. 
While this may leave him surprised at first, you can tease him further by telling him that there's just something about him that really turns you on at that moment. Which then leads us to the next tease technique.

The Tease Text 

This is perfect for times when you aren't face to face with each other or even when you're with other people around. If you remember in the first day of the course I gave you free access to my “Real Life Sexting Success Examples”

You can find the DOWNLOAD link here again’s one of the best step-by-step example of texting in a situation when you can’t get physical and that is where you can make him crave you by using texting as a medium.

Just use them and you’ll reap the benefits of those juicy texts in the night.
You can even tease him via text by leaving him hanging to guess. 
If we were alone right now... 
You have me soo... 

It piques his interest and at the same time, creates that sexual tension and desire in his brain of him wanting to know more about what you want to do with him.

Innuendo Tease

This technique can turn an otherwise proper conversation and steer the conversation into something more naughty.

The key to doing this is spotting for trigger words like hot, wet, slippery, moist, slide etc.

For example:

Him: It's really raining hard today...

You: It's not the only hard thing that can make me wet...

And the trick is to get back into the normal conversation after planting the seed in his brain.


Him: So what else makes you wet?

You: You know what I mean... Anyway, we should bring an umbrella and a coat before we head out.

Just make sure not to overuse this technique every chance you got. Use it at times that you know will catch him off guard and take him by surprise.


How To Get Him Warmed Up And Ready

Now that you already know the Three Tease Techniques, it's now time to push him over to the edge to get him to want you more. So how do you do that? 
Earlier I mentioned that you can learn the Verbal Viagra from our other program...Language of Desire By Felicity Keith for which I'll share the link in the end.  

But first, I'll give you an overview of how that works. 
We call this the Verbal Viagra because this strategy allows you to create and build up that sexual tension between you and your man that is out of his control. So here are the steps you need to take. 
Choose a Scenario 
This can be from a public place when you're hanging out with friends, a sporting event where you are together at a time where you can both discreetly send each other text messages around unsuspecting groups of people.

Send Him A Kick-Off Message

You should be the one to start off the conversation without him suspecting it. Begin with something simple, complimenting him of a physical attribute. Tell him..

he looks sexy wearing that suit,


his biceps look huge with that shirt, etc.
Get Dirty and Descriptive
Once you get his attention, start following up with a naughty message telling him all the details of what you think you'd want to do with him right now if there weren't any people around.  
I have a list of Kick Off and Dirty and Descriptive messages that you can use, and you can find them on the Verbal Viagra section of the "Language of Desire" program.....(button link at the end)

Now things are getting very interesting in this 3 day seduction crash course, isn't it?
Yesterday we talked about understanding what your man thinks about sex and how to get comfortable with his special “Tool”

Today we talked about how you can use this knowledge and turn the switch on his brain to make him crave more of you by teasing his imagination, getting his mind racing, and of course, fulfilling the promise to have those needs met. 

To be honest in this three days I’ve shared a lot of valuable information for FREE.

But at the end I’ve something very special for you that’ll blow your mind.

Are you ready for me to show you the best thing that can take your relationship to the next level?

Are you ready to get raw, open, honest to my offer?

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If you answered no, then don’t read another word I write. It means that you're not ready to take this beautiful, amazing journey of living your dream relationship with your man.

You see I want to show you how to make your man love you, respect you, adore you, I want to honor you, and I want you to take your love and sex life to that level where you do not have any fear of your man pulling away or leaving you for any other woman.

But for that to happen you need to make sure you give what he really want.

Are you ready?

Good. I know you're ready,

I know you're raw, and I know you're  ready to take honest and inspired action.
I can finally see the essence of who you are.

But before that one last thing.

I need to go inside that head of yours. I need to get rid of that one thing a lot of women say over and over again.


Do you use the word never?

“My guy never loves me.”

“My guy has started to pull away.”

“He never looks at me like the way he did in the past.”

“He’s bored with me… and I don’t know what to do to fix it.”

And many many ….words….

Here’s a lesson I learned a long time ago...

When you use the word “never”, you close yourself off to all the amazing surprises out there waiting for you.

When you use the word “never” you start to miss the things hiding around the corner. You don’t see them because you stop looking for them.

There are no “nevers” in life.

To me, every single day is another beautiful surprise.

I don't know what life has in store for me. If I use the term never, then I'm not open to all the possibilities life brings me every single day.

So here you are, reading this,

Your beautiful essence in front of me. I want you to say one thing right now with me.
I (state your name) will never use the word "never” again!

I will be an open, loving, beautiful woman, who will be ready for whatever life brings me. I'll accept and learn from any dating let downs, and I’ll keep moving forward positively.

I will never use the word never, ever again.

I support you 100% on this path to loving your man and enjoying the best possible romance, but I’ll only support you if you promise to love and accept yourself...

and take inspired action now.

AND that you keep your promise to never say never again!

Do we have a deal?

If Yes...Here’s my honest offer “Language of Desire” A step-by-step course that’ll transform your love life and entire relationship to the point where you’ll have no fear of losing your man.

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Take inspired action and Watch this video below (remember never use the word “never”) .....

One last thing these works for if you are single, married or dating)

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Language of Desire - Bestseller

"The highest selling women’s offer of the year." - Mark Ling.

Language of Desire - Money Back Guarantee

Current Refund Rate: 0.54% of over 5 million copies sold.

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