Welcome to Day 3 the final day of your 3 Day Crash Course.

In the previous lesson, we discovered that there's more to men and sex than what we originally thought. Sex to him is a symbol of seduction, power, ego, conquest, accomplishment, and validation.

Hot Wall Kiss - Dirty Talking

This works for Married and Single Women. If you are starting a relationship or trying to save one,  even if he is barely looking at you now. 

Now that you've learned the inner workings of what your man really thinks about sex, now we have to figure out how you can use this to your own advantage.
So based on what we just learned yesterday, here are some secret strategies and techniques you can use, to make your man want and crave more of YOU. 

Language of Desire - Dirty Words to make him yours

1. Create Sexual Tension.

Remember when you first got into a relationship together? You used to do a lot of flirting and teasing and your relationship was fun.

And part of that fun was the chase. The chase of not knowing what to expect to happen next is what builds that sexual tension between you and your partner.
However, the longer that you're in a relationship together, the more you get into a routine and the more predictable your relationship becomes.

And a lot of times, this is the reason why your man is out there looking for something else to excite him again.
So how do you rebuild that sexual tension between the two of you again and spark that mystery, the chase, the fun part of your relationship?

I'm gonna share with you the Three Tease Techniques you can use on your man that will definitely get his interest piqued among other things. ;)

2. The Three Tease Techniques

You don't have to use this technique in any particular order, but use them and you're sure to win the heart of any man you want to be with. 


The Tease Kiss 

Use this at unexpected times when there's absolutely no opportunity to have sex. Kiss him deeply and passionately just before he's about to leave to go to work, right before you enter the house of a friend you want to visit or just before you leave for a short trip. 
While this may leave him surprised at first, you can tease him further by telling him that there's just something about him that really turns you on at that moment. Which then leads us to the next tease technique.


The Tease Text 

This is perfect for times when you aren't face to face with each other or even when you're with other people around.

If you remember in the first day of the course I gave you free access to my “Real Life Sexting Success Examples”

You can find the link here again ...it’s one of the best step by step examples of texting in a situation when you can’t get physical and that is where you can make him crave you by using texting as a medium.

Just do this and you’ll reap the benefits of those juicy texts in the night.

You can even tease him via text by leaving him hanging to guess. 
If we were alone right now...
You have me soo...
It piques his interest and at the same time, creates that sexual tension and desire in his brain of him wanting to know more about what you want to do with him.

Innuendo Tease

This technique...

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