Day 2/3 - Secret Methods To Control Your Hormones To Last Longer.

A cause of EARLY EJACULATION that I didn’t mention in DAY 1 are hormones

(In case you don’t know what hormones are, they’re basically chemicals released by the body into the blood stream to influence the other parts of the body’s processes)

What happens during sex is that, depending on our emotions, different hormones get released into our blood stream. 

And sometimes the hormones released into our bloodstream can actually encourage premature ejaculation

In particular I’m talking about the hormones dopamine and adrenaline. 

These two hormones are released when we experience emotions of fear, stress and over excitement.

“So the question is why these hormones encourage early orgasm”

In caveman times if you were under physical threat, then being able to reproduce or orgasm quickly would be very important otherwise you’d probably get eaten.

So to help a caveman orgasm quickly if he felt under threat (aka. fearful, stressed or overexcited), these two hormones would be released into the blood stream to encourage orgasm.

But the reasons why these two hormones cause premature ejaculation are not important.

What is important is realizing that if you want to last longer in bed, you can’t afford to have these two hormones being released into your blood stream in quantities greater than usual and you’ve therefore got to learn how to control the release of these hormones.

Now if you’re thinking “how the heck do I control my hormone levels?!” then don’t worry…

Controlling the release of these two hormones is hardly as difficult as it sounds.

It’s actually quite simple.

Because remember, what causes the release of these two hormones is experiencing the emotions of fear, stress and over excitement.

This means to last longer in bed, all you’ve got to do is find a few things you can do to stop yourself experiencing these emotions before and during sex.

“Still sound complicated?..”

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What this really means it that you’ve got to figure out some ways to relax before and during sex.

And one of the simplest ways to relax before and during sex (without doing anything too weird) is to use slow deep breathing.

Normally, when most men have sex, they tend to breathe very fast and shallow breaths.

This has the effect of increasing tension in the body, creating fear, stress and over excitement.

So the simple cure to this is to just become aware of your shallow breathing and instead take in some very slow deep breaths.

As you take in these slow deep breaths you’ll begin to notice your body relaxing.

You’ll also observe your muscles becoming less tense. 

As you find your whole body relaxing your overall tension will drop. 

And as your tension drops so will any fear, stress or over excitement. 

And like I said earlier, this reduction in fear, stress or over excitement slows down the release of dopamine and adrenaline and therefore lasting longer comes naturally.

Now so you know, breathing isn’t the only way to eliminate unwanted fear, stress and over excitement in the body.

There are several other very powerful techniques for achieving this that we teach in ED Elixir Program, so be sure to check them out BELOW if you’re serious about lasting longer.

“ So Dude, Day Two Ends Here ”

Hope You Enjoyed Reading. See You Tomorrow on Day 3/3 with the next tactic on Thrusting Technique That Adds Several Minutes To How Long You Last

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