Eat More To Lose Weight – Don’t Kill Your Food Craving

How To Eat More To Lose Weight? The moment you hear this phrase you may assume that this guy is mad.

But believe me guys I'm not!

It's possible you can "eat more to lose weight" the only thing is you need to eat the right food to lose excess fat from your body.

I want to you tell you something important. Do you know FACT: when it comes to weight-loss, your mind is a SLAVE to your body. Face up to it: your appetite is king.

Your mind isn’t the boss.Your BODY is in charge. And not just any old part of your body your BELLY.

Look, if you think your mind is stronger than your belly, you’re a nut bar. You might be able to ward off cravings for hours maybe days. Maybe, if you’re a SUPER-strong will power addict, even for MONTHS.​

I know that back in 2009 I once went for three entire months without eating candy of any type, shape, or flavor.

And guess how that little folly ended up? With me embarked on a two-year eating binge centered mostly around CANDY. Surprise, surprise.)​

But here’s the deal:Your belly is going to triumph sooner or later. You can’t hold out forever.


So here’s the deal: Better start to eat more to lose weight.

You need to GIVE UP on all your ideas of CONTROL. You need to just LET GO of that thinking and adapt a brand new thinking of losing weight by eating more.

I hope you got my point and how to do it I will tell you now.​

You need to ACCEPT, right here and right now, that you aren’t in charge at all and that the best thing to do is stop trying to resist your crave of eating and just LET IT HAPPEN.

If you have a craving, here’s what you’re going to do:​

1. Acknowledge that you’re having a craving.

2. Figure out EXACTLY what that craving is for. Get specific. Not just ‘I want something sweet’, but ‘I want a Butterfingers bar from the corner shop.’ Narrow it down – this is key.

3. Figure out if you’re physically hungry or not.

4. If you ARE hungry, go right ahead: eat whatever it is until you feel physically full.

5. If you’re not hungry yet, wait til you are, then see if you’re still hungry for the same thing. If so: dig in! If not: decide what you ARE hungry for.​

Someone reading this just rolled their eyes.… What, you think the title of this article is a joke?You think I’d KID YOU about something as important as this?

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Look, NOBODY knows better than me how agonizingly painful it is to be fat, unhappy,and tortured by food cravings. I spent a LOT of time when I was younger being about sixty POUNDS overweight .

I was fat for YEARS of my life. And I tried literally every diet known to mankind paleo or low carb meal. I tried everything, I’m not even kidding.

From Atkins to high carb/high fiber to meal replacement shakes to thermogenic fat-burners to body-builders’ diet to calorie-counting, I tried them ALL. And yeah, I lost weight on most of them. But only for a while.

But here’s the thing: I had to stay ABSOLUTELY LOYAL to those diets to maintain the weight-loss. If I strayed off them, it would be the DEATH of me. (Or at least, of my waistline as the belly fat would go up.

With literally ONE little bite of whatever ‘forbidden’ substance it was I was meant to be avoiding that month bread for Atkins, cheese for low-fat, and anything ‘extra’ over my allowance for low calorie I’d be done for.

Physically, my body would remember how GLORIOUS those foods tasted, smelled, and felt going down my throat into my stomach and that’d be it.

Cravings a-go-go - that I just couldn’t resist. (And by that stage, I’d be so worn out psychologically from the tremendous mental effort of dieting that I wouldn’t even TRY THAT HARD to resist anyway.)

It took me years of this back-and-forth, pendulum-swinging NONSENSE to realize what was actually going on which was this:​

Dieting Doesn’t Work As a Lifestyle Choice:​

A wise man once said: ‘Achievement is easy; maintenance is what’s hard.’And he was right.

Losing weight on a diet is practically easy. You get the high of losing weight to motivate you; you feel virtuous, saintly, and full of will power every time you turn down a cream cake or a chocolate bar (at first); and for awhile, everyone’s full of compliments, which work ASTOUNDINGLY well for someone who’s been starved of them for ages.

.‘Gosh, you’re looking great! ’‘Did you lose weight? Wow! ’‘Man, that dress looks amazing on you!’Yep: it’s almost – ALMOST – fun to lose weight.

But when the loss becomes maintenance once it’s not a novelty any more, and you realize that whatever eating restriction you’ve imposed is what life is going to look like from now on (unless you want to pack the pounds on again) well, it’s DEPRESSING.

That is why you need to adapt to the policy of eating more and losing weight.​

Especially since, for so many people, eating restrictions = SOCIAL RESTRICTIONS. Parties become torture: so many trays of delicious food! So much alcohol – the bane of any dieter’s existence.

And everyone else is doing it, making it even HARDER to resist. Dinner parties become either an exercise called, ‘How Little Damage Can I Do Tonight?’

Or a brief, shining opportunity to gorge on everything you’ve been missing out on; followed of course by crippling guilt and waist-pinching in front of the mirror the next day. It’s not a fun way to live.​

Dieting Creates Obsession And Feeds Your Cravings.

When you won’t allow yourself – won’t trust yourself enough – to eat whatever it is you REALLY want, all you’re doing is stoking the flames. It’s like trying to put out a fire by fanning it with fresh air: Ain’t gonna happen.​

All that will happen is you’ll get BIGGER, STRONGER flames which will eventually DEVOUR EVERYTHING in their path.

Cravings are not to be ignored: sooner or later, they WILL get the better of you.

And if you’ve been denying yourself for awhile now, one ‘slip-up’ will generally trigger a LANDSLIDE of bingeing which could well undo all your hard work from the entire diet. There is only ONE way out.And that is​.

You’ve Got To Let Your Cravings Out to Play.

​Yep: the only way to get over your thundering desire for chocolate cake – permanently, so that you are never, EVER again plagued by a craving for it – is to let yourself have some every time you want some.

And that goes for EVERY craving. Because the only way out is THROUGH. It’s a frightening thought, at first. ‘If I ate everything I wanted to eat, I’d be the size of a hot-air balloon!’But I did it.

And I lost my extra pounds by so doing. Yes … really! Here’s the deal: if you are fat, it’s your CRAVINGS that are keeping you that way.

If you had no cravings, you wouldn’t be fat. You would eat ‘normally’ that is to say, enough to nourish your body and feed your soul sometimes having the salad sandwich, and sometimes having the steak.

Occasionally eating too little and occasionally eating too much and your body – and its appetites – would be the exact right and perfect size for it as a result.

But you’ve gotta get the cravings out of the way first. And they won’t EVER go away, until you GIVE IN to them and do it enough that it’s not a novelty any more.

You’ve got to go THROUGH the fire. And I know, it’s a frightening thought. But having been there myself – having literally been at the point where I thought, ‘Screw it … dieting sucks.

I’m just going to eat whatever I want. And if I get fat, I get fat.’ – I can tell you that it’s also a lot of fun to just LET GO and ENJOY!​

How to eat more to lose weight?

How to Lose Your Extra Pounds by Eating Cake, Candy, and Pizza​.

Here’s how to do it:​

1. You eat ONLY the foods that you really, really want to eat. You are not allowed to think about how many calories are in those foods, or how much faster you would lose weight if you just had the ‘lite’ version. You must eat what you WANT.

2. You eat ONLY when you are PHYSICALLY HUNGRY. If you aren’t hungry, you must noteat. If you become full while eating, you must stop eating.

3. In order to gauge your hunger levels, you have to eat slowly and mindfully. Be conscious while you eat: enjoy it, and monitor how you feel. When your belly tells you you’ve had enough, PUSH THE PLATE AWAY.

4. Eat organic as much as you possibly can. It is more expensive, yes; but it’s the ONLY way your body can heal itself and push the cravings away. If you don’t eat organic stuff most of the time, your body will stay stuck in its cravings-rut and you probably won’t notice much of a change over time to what foods you want.​

If you do this, you will lose weight. Your body will balance out. And eventually, you will achieve the weight and shape that you are ‘meant’ to be without struggling, pushing, or dieting.

At first, you might gain a little weight. I didn’t; most people don’t; but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that some people do.

But if you keep the faith and keep trusting yourself – trusting that your body knows best –and keep eating this way eventually, that weight will come off, and so will all the other extra weight, and you’ll be your PERFECT size and shape.

While still being able to eat whatever you feel you want and need .And that means, you’ve lost that weight PERMANENTLY. Because only when something FEELS EFFORTLESS will it be permanent.​

How Do I Know This Will Work For You?

Here’s how I can be so certain about what will work and what won’t: Because I’ve been through it myself. I KNOW that cravings vanish once you give in and KEEP giving in.

Like a huge killer tidal wave, they CRASH into you but if you relax, and just go with it, the wave passes through you, not into you and you can carry on with your life without getting mashed into the sand or sucked out in the undertow (which is what happens when you try to RESIST that wave.)

Your cravings are stronger than you are. It’s time for you to give up your illusions of control and recognize that:​

1. Life is so much more FUN when you aren’t worrying about, fighting against, or feeling guilty about food!

2. Your body will look so much better when you aren’t bingeing all the time (or evensome of the time)!

3. You will feel so much better, stronger, and in harmony with yourself when you​ finally start trusting yourself enough to do what your body is asking you for – even if you don’t ‘get’ why it wants what it does, just yet.

We are surrounded by invisible forces that we don’t understand. Our bodies are made upof powers beyond our imagination.

Our minds have almost no clue as to what’s going on inside or why it’s going on. Personally, I derive a great deal of satisfaction and personal fulfillment from trusting that my body knows MORE about what it wants and needs than my mind does and from consciously kicking my mind OUT OF THE WAY when it tries to interfere.

Because when it comes to losing weight, that’s really ALL you need to do: stop letting yourmind trip you up, and your body will do the rest for you.

Once you’ve achieved this perfect balance – which you can do by starting to listen to your own body, as in the four steps outlined above – then a healthy body is.

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