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4 signs you might need to end a dating relationship


Many dating relationships last the course, often leading to serious commitments such as marriage or civil ceremonies. But most end a dating relationship in the middle of the journey.

In other words, they fizzle out, the parties departing on good terms and remaining friends. Some end acrimoniously.

The bottom line is, when partnerships have lost their spark, there is no point prolonging the inevitable.

There is nothing worse than a relationship continuing, even although the people involved suspect they're no longer right for each other.

So how do you know when to put an unhealthy relationship to an end? What signs are there the time has come to say goodbye to your current partner, then find love online again?

There's too much blame

There will inevitably be ups and downs in any relationship. But the key to success is that the parties will always find common ground whenever there is disagreement.

There is trouble ahead when a point is reached when neither party is prepared to compromise.

This negativity can take various forms. There might have once been a tendency to grin and bear it during flashpoints, exercising caution instead of weighing into an argument.

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But the relationship is in jeopardy if issues are no longer solved by diplomacy, no matter how heated the respective viewpoints.

When the outcome of these situations is the apportioning of blame, the ill feeling will be prolonged.

You don't see a future together so you end a dating relationship

One extremely important aspect of any committed relationship is that the couple is able to focus on longer-term commitments.

This means looking to the future together and dealing with issues which require considerably more investment than just thinking about where to go for a slap up meal at the end of the month.

Perhaps you might be considering a job opening which will necessitate moving to a different town. Then there is the question of children.

If any of these bigger discussions end up in argument and failure to agree on a common course, this is another indication you really need to be thinking about ditching your current partner and looking for someone who shares your vision.

Your friends are on your case

One of the biggest indicators the time might have come to end a relationship is when your friends can see something that you are blind to. It is not always easy to spot the fissures in a relationship close up.

This could be because you are just used to the way things have become and have learned to accept them rather than rock the boat.

But your friends, who will always have your best interests at heart, will be able to view your situation far more objectively.

They will recognize when a relationship has become toxic long before the parties involved. It is therefore very important to take their counsel on board.

You look at other people

In the early stages of a relationship, it's common for neither party to express any interest in anyone else.

As time goes on, as you get into the flow of a committed relationship, it is only natural to be aware of the sexuality of others.

However, the time might arise when this awareness progresses to something much more serious.

The next level up is fantasizing about extra-marital relations. If you are actively dwelling on this activity, your chances of broaching your relationship's red lines increase dramatically.

Once you have adopted a mind-set that it's cool to be attracted to people outside of your relationship, then the greater the risk of you succumbing to temptation.

Rather than embarking on a tawdry affair, you owe it to your partner to let them know you want to end the relationship.

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