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Interesting Facts About Online Dating (You Should Not Ignore)


Online dating ceased to be something disreputable long ago. Today, it is even suspicious if you are single and have never used any online dating service.

It’s one of our basic instincts to seek love, and the online dating industry is more than aware of this fact. Singletons keep trying new dating apps that appear on the market.

The industry knows a lot of successful love stories or exciting romantic adventures with Russian beauty online facilitated by dating services.

Yet, online dating still doesn’t work for a good chunk of users. Want the ugly truth about online dating? Here are some revealing facts.

  • Not all online matches continue their communication in real life. According to statistics, 1/3 of dating sites users prefer to go on their virtual romance rather than going on a real first date.
  • Men scan women’s profiles twice as fast as women. Ladies are more scrupulous in terms of studying the bios of potential matches. Gentlemen usually look at the photos and often skip the “About Me” part.
  • Women are more enthusiastic about meeting a particular man if his profile contains such words as love, romance, and heart.
  • Most people lie about their age and appearance in their profiles. Both men and women tend to make themselves 1-3 years younger. Women mostly lie about their weight, and men – about their height.
  • Matching algorithms do not work. A lot of dating services ask you to do a compatibility test before you publish your profile. You are to answer certain questions, and you’ll be shown potential matches based on the similarity of your answers. It turns out that commonalities do not guarantee a successful relationship. Very often, you fall for things that make you different.
  • Men rarely consult their buddies. Only 16% of men, compared to 30% of women, would ask their friends to help them with their online dating profiles.
  • Social class and race of potential dates do matter. In the realm of online dating, people are judged by their race and class, a study shows. For example, users that come across as blue collars get matched 13% of the time, and those that appear to be from the middle class are 36-39% popular. The majority of singles want their potential dates to be of the same or mixed race.
  • Partners who met online have more long-lasting relationships. Surprisingly enough, the divorce rate among the couples whose relationship started online is 6%, while it is 8% among those who met offline.
  • 11% of married people admit that they keep using dating apps. The reason for this is that they want to flirt with strangers and feel desired or just to start an affair on the side.
  • 15% of singletons that look for love online say that they have online dating addiction.
  • The users of dating apps and sites become especially active in December and up to St. Valentine’s. The number of new members is also the highest within this period.
  • The online dating industry grosses billions of dollars annually. It is even more profitable than porn.
  • 10% of users on dating services are scammers whose aim is to swindle naive singles out of their money. Fortunately, scammers are quite easy to recognize.
  • Summer pictures get more views than photos taken in winter.
  • 80% of singles know at least one happy couple that met online and this is a big motivation for them.
  • 3 most popular reasons for a break-up are cheating, lost interest, and long-distance relationship.
  • All women fear that some of their online dates might turn out to be a serial sex maniac.
  • The absence of grammar errors increases your chances to get a reply from a potential match by 27%.

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