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7 Ways to Understand Whether You Should Go Back to Your Ex-Girlfriend

Go Back to Your Ex-Girlfriend

Sometimes, it happens that the ex-girlfriend wants to pick up where you left off despite all the quarrels, dirty dishes, and socks.

However, there is a logical question - do you want it too? Maybe, it's high time to visit and look for another girl who will be smarter and more aware.

If you can’t respond unambiguously to it, then ask yourself these additional questions which may help clarify the situation and make the right choice.

1. Has your life become better without her?

Now, you can get your jollies however you please, go where you want, and do everything that you could not do with her.

If it seems to you that you live your life right, then the answer is self-evident. Anyway, the girl’s return will bring some adjustments to your lifestyle, contrary to your goals.

2. Have you changed your attitude to what you did not like before?

Take a moment to understand what things irritated you in your relationship with the ex.

Have you become more flexible in this matter or not? Make a list of these factors in your head, but most importantly, stay honest with yourself.

If something strongly disturbed you before, then, most likely, the situation will not become better in the future.

3. Are you ready for the remarks of others?

You should be ready for the fact that someone will surely say that this is a bad idea, no matter what you want.

Share your thoughts about going back to your ex with a small group of close people, for whom your feelings are of great importance in this case.

Talk to them about the pros and cons of this idea and listen to their opinions. After evaluating the feedback, determine what you agree with. A second opinion can give the necessary objectivity because what the heart tells you often resonates with the truth.

4. Are you ready to start all over again?

Of course, you may want to return to a relationship, which does not require initial efforts and courtship.

You do not need to make efforts and waste time; you just take it from where you stopped.

This simplicity seems to be tempting and, coupled with the unwillingness to be alone, forces one to make rash actions. If you decide to go back to your ex, then take things slow.

Try to get to know each other again. Let your reunion begin not with reconciliatory sex but with a restaurant or a walk in the park.

5. Are you going to do that because of loneliness?

Another unsuccessful reason for reuniting with the ex is lingering loneliness.

It may seem to you that no one will be better than her, just because you haven’t started dating with anyone else.

Similar thoughts can also arise when the relationship with another girl was even worse. The desire to go back to the ex should come from within, not relying on external factors of negative experience.

6. Are you ready for a new dialogue?

Communication is the key not only to creating relationships but also to their prosperity.

Do not avoid a frank conversation about the causes of your breakup. Express your arguments and let the girl do the same.

It does not make sense to start a relationship again without sorting out the same problems. The goal is to dispel mutual doubts about the past and make a firm plan, which will be acceptable to both of you.

7. Do you really want this?

This is an important question because the future of your new attempt depends on this answer.

Sometimes, the desire to return is based on the inability to resist the persuasion and prayer of the ex-girlfriend.

By and large, in this case, the reason for your reunion will be your compassion, not the feelings. Therefore, this decision is wrong, and it cannot become a guarantor of a healthy relationship.

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