Get Her Hungry For Sex: Discover the secret mysteries of female orgasms.

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This works for Married, Dating and Single Men. If you are starting a relationship or trying to save one, even if you just want your crush to become obsessed about you.

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My name is Manish Yadav

And for the past 6 years (my blog) has been one of the top sex and relationship blog for men and women all over the world.…

My blog has helped thousands of men just like you and I’ve shown the EXACT STEPS on how to make love to a woman like a real pro...

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what women exactly want when they think about sex .

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I’d learned and discovered is compiled in my program


A program that has the power to turn your sex life from BORING to sizzling HOT…with each night.

Her Secret Desires Program.

Get Her Hungry For Sex

Discover The Secret Mysteries Of Female Orgasm.


I get a lot of questions from Men on how the female mind works, or what they exactly want when they think of sex ...

Some of the questions I received from men are:

“Manish, I’m frustrated because I just don't know how to make her want sex with me, she is just not in the mood or she's not in the mood for sex with me”

“Sometimes I feel she is not sexually happy with me?”

“Manish - Why my sex life with my girlfriend is so boring?”

All of this frustration can be skipped if you truly understand one important thing i.e. Learn about her secret sex codes.

Once you understand and master her secret codes you'll be able to create so much passion and lust in her mind and body that you can start having amazing, mind-blowing sex, five, six, and seven days a week!

She'll be the sex tigress you've always wanted, always responsive to your sexual advances.

Remember she wants a man who can satisfy her deepest fantasies. A man who can make her feel from “Average to Ahh-mazing”.

And that’s where “Her Secret Desires” comes to your rescue.

This is completely powerful and NEW material and every guy that I’ve shared this with is THRILLED at what they learned from it.

Here's just a little glimpse of what you'll
get in “Her Secret Desires” Program.

What's Inside Her Secret Desires?


The main ebook: Get Her Hungry For Sex (value $200)

This Magical Ebook Will Teach You.

#1. The SHOCKING FACTS about female orgasm and how to REALLY turn a woman on sexually (What you can ignore…..and what you cannot afford to MISS).

#2. The secret VARIETY of female orgasm that ELECTRIFIES her skin and gives her goosebumps all over.

#3. HUGE mistakes men make that turns her off completely.

#4. Advanced FOREPLAY TECHNIQUES to give a woman an up and down roller coaster of sexual urges that finally take control of her mind, body and soul and force her to ATTACK you.

#5. Most men don’t realize that “DIRTY TALK” can actually KILL sexual attraction when used the wrong way. Learn EXACTLY how to use “DIRTY AND SENSUAL WORDS” that never fails to turn a woman on.

#6. A simple but powerful “EROTIC MASSAGE” technique that forces a woman to think about YOU and only you 24/7.

#7How to use “SHALLOW PENETRATION” technique to drive a woman crazy with sexual excitement (Women LOVE this when you do it right).

#8. How to take ADVANTAGE of a subtle difference in the way men and women are programmed to give a woman the most intense orgasm she’s EVER experienced….or will again (Unless she’s with you).

#9. How to drive a woman wild by giving HER oral sex (She’ll be addicted to you forever because your technqiue is DIFFERENT & UNIQUE than the rest of the other guys)

#10. My proven “WOMEN ON TOP” position with “DIAGRAM” to taking a woman from warm to sizzling hot in minutes (It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally figured out the right sex positions that NO woman can resist. You’re going to love this one).

#11.  The mutual “MASTURBATION” technique to getting any woman instantly know the best way to please YOU (You’ll feel like she can read your mind when you do this)

#12. Best “ANAL SEX” techniques that makes a woman gasp with pleasure she’s never felt before.

#13. The MAGICAL way to use “SEX TOYS” to smoothly and comfortably satisfy a woman in a way she never imagined.....And many, many more amazing stuff…..

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Make Her Squirt And Master Every Inch Of Her Body.

This Juicy ebook Will Teach You.

#1. The secret HOT SPOT between her legs that you can explore step-by-step to make her squirt effortlessly (Most women never even DREAM that a man can make her feel this good)

#2. The right way to STIMULATE her G-Spot for maximum pleasure.

#3. The best sex positions that will make her SQUIRT and gasp with pleasure she’s never felt before.

make her squirt ebook


How To Make Her Feel It Bigger And Deeper Even When You Are Average In Size.

#1.Biggest myths about penis size EXPOSED and what women think about guys with an average penis size.

#2. How to make your every INCH COUNT using various bedroom positions, using a few simple tweaks and easily satisfy her.

#3. Discover the “MAGICAL FORMULA” to make your penis feel almost twice as big inside her vagina.

#4. You’ll learn EXACTLY how your average sized penis can be your most POWERFUL sex weapon.



How To Be The Dominant Alpha Male And Ravish Her Mind, Body And Soul.

#1. Why controlling her sexual mind is so “CRUCIAL” and once you’ve control over her mind how to take it slow and build up the sexual tension.

#2. How to set her “MOOD” mentally and emotionally before you even think of satisfying her “SEXUAL HUNGER”.

#3. The “BIG SECRET” no relationship book will ever tell you - Why many women “CHEAT” and what you can do so that it never ever happens with you.



How To Talk To Girls On Tinder And Make Her Want You Sexually And Emotionally.

#1. The “FANTASTIC” ways to strike up conversation with a woman on tinder that works every time and leaves her eagerly waiting for more.

#2. Best ways to “OPTIMIZE” your tinder profile to make a woman ALWAYS CHOOSE you over a guy who looks better than you and makes more MONEY.

#3. Do’s and Don’ts behind attracting HOT women on tinder and developing a stone-cold UNBREAKABLE inner confidence that allows you to confidently approach a woman without getting NERVOUS or fear of rejection.


And I want you to take 60 Days — Yes, 2 full months — to execute the secret techniques and proven ideas in this Program.

And if after executing them* you aren't having AMAZING sex in 60 days than you got in the last year, I'll refund every cent you paid for this product. And that’s a promise.

Language of Desire - Money Back Guarantee

This is a graphical representation of the products offered, when purchased you will be provided with the download links for instant access to all content.

It took me months to learn the secret mysteries of FEMALE ORGASM...But it won’t take you that long because I am here to hold your hands and guide you on every step of your sexual journey.

And the moment you start applying what you've learned your relationship will continue to get better and better and your sex life will turn from BORING to sizzling HOT…with each night. Believe me as a Man, you'll feel so sexy, strong, powerful and masculine.

Language of Desire - Bestseller

"The Best selling Men’s offer of the year." -Gabrielle Moore.

Language of Desire - Money Back Guarantee

60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Language of Desire - Bestseller

"The highest selling men’s offer of the year." - Gabrielle Moore.

Language of Desire - Money Back Guarantee

Current Refund Rate: 0.54% of over 5 thousand copies sold.

  • Get her thrilled and desperate to have “SEX” with you every night.
  • Stop boring, rote and disconnected Sex. She will be 100% Turned On and focused on you.
  • Make her seduce, chase, adore and Love You the way you want.
  • This works for Married, Dating and Single Men. If you are starting a relationship or trying to save one, even if she is cheating on you.
  • 60 days money back astonishing guarantee.
  • Designed to get immediate results.

Get the Complete Her Secret Desires Program for Just $297 $49.95


(60 days money back guarantee included)

  • Immediate access to the material.
  • 60 days money back guarantee. Not satisfied send me an email at for refunds.
  • This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.
Language of Desire - Secure Payment

If you’re still not convinced read this: Here’s what other men are saying about the “Her Secret Desires Program”


Female orgasm is mystery for many men. But not when you implement the proven secrets shown in this program.

I like this program for a number of reasons. The author immediately addresses the issue of "why most can’t orgasm with their man and most importantly why most women are not happy with their sex lives and over all relationship", which is something I believe you can improve with this program and spice things up (a LOT), and avoid the stigma of negative or demeaning sex life.

This program is VERY comprehensive, I think he has covered the topic of female orgasm so well that it is an amazing resource for any guy who is wanting to change his sex life.

He covers "why", the importance of foreplay (which I love), ideas, how to set the stage, with step-by-step instructions and then yes - specifics. :)

This is an excellent program if you are looking to become the masculine and alpha male every woman crave to have in her life.


Be the alpha man your woman always wanted and set yourself apart from other guys.

"Since I have started implementing the techniques outlined in this program my sex life with my girlfriend is sizzling hot ….it’s just so so powerful….

And more importantly my girlfriend never ever looked at me the way she looks at me NOW.

I can sense that she RESPECTS and LOVES me more now…. And this feeling makes me feel masculine and powerful”.

Gabrielle Moore

“Wanna get really good in bed? Add Manish’s techniques to your arsenal of bedroom moves"

He has a treasure chest of pleasure techniques I’ve never seen.

We’ve been friends and colleagues for a couple of years and can highly recommend this program.

The sad reality is that most so-called ‘sex experts’ haven’t got a clue.

Fortunately, in a sea of ‘fake experts’, there are a few great teachers who truly ‘get it.’ Who knows how to satisfy women in the real world and more importantly, know how to teach other guys to do the same.

Manish Yadav is one of those men.”

Gabrielle Moore.
Bestselling sex advice expert, CEO of
and the creator of world-famous programs such as Naked University.

Dude, I have opened the doors of sexual heaven for you. All you have to do is walk through it to transform your sex life.

You’re about to go on a magnificent journey of steamy sex and romance that you will never, ever forget!

Take a leap of faith…

And go after it.

P.S. My friend, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If this amazing program for any reason does not give you the amazing results you wanted just send me an email at in the next 60 days and I promise I’ll return every single penny you spent on this program. No questions asked.

Always Remember...

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll always end up getting the same results. And if you really want to change your results column you’ll have to find the EXACT solution that works for you.

And this program is the solution for your problem.

Believe me I don’t want you to feel like an old man filled with regret and pain just because you could not make a simple decision.

Remember it is decisions that change our lives and more importantly making decisions at the right time, at the right moment and this is your chance.

Money cannot keep you happy if you’re not enjoying a thrilling sex life with the woman you love.

Average sex creates frustration, but thrilling sex builds more passion, intimacy and more importantly RESPECT in your woman’s eye for you.

Don’t miss this chance, don’t ruin your peace and happiness…. It’s your life and you’ve all the rights to be happy sexually and emotionally.

And SEX is one of the most powerful emotions in the universe and if you fail to master this emotion…...Sorry to say but your life will be too boring and stale…..And I don’t want this to happen to you.

So my friend take advantage of this amazing opportunity and turn your sex life from AVERAGE TO AHH-MAZING.

"Again, I’m Manish Yadav and I want to help you and I can’t wait to hear about your amazing love life.".

Get the Complete Her Secret Desires Program for Just $297 $49.95

(60 days money back guarantee included)

  • Immediate access to the material.
  • 60 days money back guarantee. Not satisfied send me an email at for refunds.
  • This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.
Language of Desire - Secure Payment