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Top 10 Hottest Premiere League WAGs

hottest Premiere League WAGs

Everyone is accustomed to the hoary stereotype that football is a purely male game, but today everything has changed a lot, and some women are keen on football just as much as men.

Just watch the broadcast of any match, and you will be surprised at the number of women in the stands.

For most women, the love of football began with sympathy for a certain player.

And it is not surprising, today every third football player is an indescribable handsome man who cannot complain about the lack of attention of the weaker sex.

Therefore, football players are supported, inspired, and loved by girls of incredible beauty. We are pleased to present you the top 10 sexiest wives and girls of the Premier League football players.

  • Chris Jonasdottir, Aron Gunnarsson's wife

The Icelandic footballer and national team player Aaron Gunnarsson is married to fitness model Chris Jonasdottir.

She is the icon of several well-known sports brands, including Nike, produces her own line of cosmetics for athletes and participates in competitions in fitness bikini.

In 2015, the couple gave birth to a son, but it did not prevent Chris from going in for sports and keeping herself in good shape.

Aaron Gunnarsson has repeatedly admitted that he is proud of the success of his wife.

  • Sam Cooke, Chris Smalling's girlfriend

Sam Cook is a classic football player’s girlfriend. She works as a fashion model and interested in taking photos.

In her spare time, she likes taking many photos of food and selfies and walks out with her cats and dogs. Sam loves animals and does not lose any opportunity to spend some time playing with them.

Chris Smalling has been dating Sam Cooke for almost seven years. No one has yet announced the wedding, but it is rumored that the couple will soon announce their engagement.

 According to Chris, Sam inspires him for a good match, but what else does a footballer need? The girl always supports and cheers for her loved one.

  • Ilara Blasi, Francesco Totti’s wife

For the past ten years, Ilara Blazi has been included in all top lists of the sexiest wives of football players - photos of the Italian diva are really impressive.

Totti met the girl at a disco in 2002. Interestingly, at first, Ilara did not seem eager to communicate with the Roma player, since from childhood she was a fan of the Lazio football club.

But in the end, the girl could not resist the charm of Francesco and fell in love with him. Totti invited her to the match "Roma" - "Lazio".

The team of her future husband won it by a score of 5: 1. Francesco scored a goal, after which he showed the whole world a T-shirt with the inscription: “You are unique!”

Soon, Ilara Blasi and Francesco Totti got married, and 1.3 million people watched their wedding, shown on national television. All the money earned by it was donated to charity.

  • Coleen Mary Rooney, Wayne Rooney’s wife

Wayne Rooney’s wife is very beautiful and popular, she is a real businesswoman.

Coleen Rooney is a well-known and successful journalist, model, designer, TV presenter, and a writer.

When does she have time for everything? Recently, she has recorded a DVD of exercises for keeping a good shape.

Wayne and Coleen married each other in Italy, in 2008. After the magnificent ceremony, they celebrated this festal occasion on the yachting cruise.

It is said that Coleen's personal fortune is worth 16 million dollars. So, even if after the football career Wayne does not find something to do, he can be calm for the future of the family - Coleen will be able to provide for her loved ones.

  • Candy Rae Fleur, Daley Blind’s girlfriend

Daley Blind's girlfriend is a very unusual and beautiful model, Candy Fleur.

Unlike other girlfriends of famous football players, she does not show off her life, but rather behaves in a very modest way.

In addition to the modeling career, the girl works as a TV presenter and has previously been a successful dancer. One British tabloid called her legs one of the most perfect in the world.

The main thing is that these legs do not forget the way to the stadium in order to cheer for Blind.

  • Sanna Dahlstrom, Jonah Guidetti’s wife

Sanna is an example of a perfect wife. The girl is beautiful and smart, she loves her husband and family very much, and besides it, she loves football and beer. It is a miracle, isn’t it?

Sanna constantly goes to the stadium to cheer on the Swedish national team - the girl puts on her husband's uniform and fiercely supports them together with other wives and girlfriends of the Swedish national team players. Is it possible to lose a match in front of such a company?

  • Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch's wife

If there was no reason to envy Peter Crouch – now it is. Despite the birth of two daughters, Abbey Clancy remains an incredibly sexy woman and continues her modeling career. Back in 2007, the HFM publishing house placed her on the list of 100 sexiest girls on the planet. Abby corresponds to this status until today.

  • Olga Dyachenko, John Mikel Obi’s girlfriend

Olga is a wonderful woman, who founded the fashion brand, called “Alegre de Lago”.

Moreover, she graduated from a European business school in London. Now she is in the romantic relationship with John Mikel Obi – a talented Chelsea midfielder.

The father of the girl is very wealthy, but she is used to earning money and knows how to do it by her own.

John has long asked for the hand of his beloved, and Olga's father agreed.

But while John’s parents are adamantly opposed to it, the wedding has been temporarily postponed.

But Olga and John are not upset, because they have two beautiful daughters-twins. The whole family always comes to the stadium to support their favorite team.

  • Ludmila Emboaba, Oscar Emboaba’s wife

Oscar Emboaba met his loved one while studying at school. Ludmila had immediately impressed the Brazilian football player, and he made a decision to win her heart.

Firstly, the girl did not return Oscar’s affection, but the insistent guy has achieved his purpose.

After school, the football decided to propose to Ludmila, and the couple got married in 2011. In 2014, Ludmila gave birth to a daughter, Julia.

  • Edurne Almagro, David de Gea’s girlfriend

Edurne Almagro is extremely beautiful and much admired in Spain. The girlfriend of the famous player works as a TV presenter, sings goodly, and often takes part in different photo sessions for popular men's journals and magazines.

Also, Edurne represented Spain at Eurovision 2015 but she had only the 21st place.

Edurne and David have met each other over a long period of time, overcome many difficulties, and gone through fire and water together. Even the sex scandal with a footballer of Manchester United didn’t embroil a couple and break their relationships. 

So, the couple did not face the problem of surviving a breakup. Lovers do not think about family life yet, but there is complete harmony in their relationship

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