How To Be Happy in Life No Matter What Situation You’re in.

Finding happiness and inner peace in life is a challenge that most of us find daunting task to fulfill. If you want to know the secret sauce behind how to be happy in life, first you need to ask yourself a simple question.

Ask in your mind, what those emotional triggers buttons are that makes you tick.

If you ask this question, trust me most of you will be blank, because sometimes you yourself don't know what makes you happy, than how will you search or find happiness in your life. Correct me if I am wrong.

Let's take it one step further, Most of us have grown up to believe that success, in whatever form, will bring us happiness and for most of us success means money, car and bank balance - Right? and YES a beautiful family, but money is always on the top priority.

To be honest, for me too money has always been on my top priority and I have decent money if not a lot.

But sometimes I wonder why I am still not happy. The point is even if you've lot of money, it doesn't convey or ensure that you're happy.

We believe if I become a doctor or big businessman, this tag will ultimately lead me to happiness.

But true happiness and abundance is not obedient or dependent on being successful only or having lots of money.

If money and success brings happiness than there are many millionaires out there living the life of their dreams still if you ask each one of them, not a single one will say they're entirely happy with their life. Meaning they're happy, but not entirely.

YES, they don't have money or success related problems, but certainly their are other aspects of life that keep them in trouble like meetings, personal life, health related issues, the fear of losing the respect and money they have earned after working so hard. All these small and big things keep them awake at nights.

Also, I am not trying to say that successful people are not the happiest, all I want to say is success and money is not the only way to judge the presence of happiness in someone's life. 

Success doesn’t cause happiness. Instead, where happiness goes, success and abundance automatically flows.

This is a bit difficult to understand if you desire to experience your most abundant life.

Happiness first, abundance second. In terms of being truly happy, there is no greater happiness, no greater energetic vibration than living in tune with yourself and your true destiny

If you want to understand how to be happy in life no matter what happens, just be yourself and you will automatically ignite the sparks of happiness within you like nothing else and this is the moment when manifesting starts to work like magic for you.

In order to know how to have a happy life, you just need to understand one simple concept, that being happy is not dependent on success or making money.

One can live a happy life even without great success and great money. But to find that kind of happiness, realize one simple thing - Where You go, happiness goes. Where happiness goes, success and abundance automatically flows.

So, Do you want to learn how to be happy in life, No matter what happens? If YES! than join me in this article.

Of course I cannot guarantee, you will find the happiness that you were always looking for, but definitely I will take you 10 steps further to take control of your life and happiness.

This is a deal, but you have to read it till the end and follow my advice carefully and that will be the turning point for you. So guys let's start.

​#1 Myth About Happiness

Happiness is a factor that most of us just do not know about. We believe that we very well understand what is true happiness, but the truth is we actually don't know what is happiness. I will prove my point below.

Most of us grow with the mentality that having the “right” car, the “right” job,the “right” house, "right" girlfriend or boyfriend or being the “right” weight or living the “right” lifestyle will bring us happiness.

And if I am not wrong, most of us have already satisfied that condition, Still are we entirely happy? Can anyone say confidently and loudly that YES I am totally happy with my life.

Believe me guys no one can say, each one of us is involved in solving some or the other problem in our lives, in fact we keep searching and finding for that little moment of happiness, but we don't find it - And that's the sheer truth of most of our lives - Right? At least it's the truth of my life.

Happiness is something that is connected internally

Than What is True Happiness and How To Find That Happiness?

As I said above happiness is something that is connected internally, with the word internal I mean is "soulful happiness" or “spiritual happiness” which naturally exists in each one of us.

The only point of concern is in order to discover that soulful happiness you have to live your life on your terms and values and not on someone else's terms and values. 

A simple examples would be "Have you ever met someone who naturally radiates happiness, their presence itself fills the air and the surrounding with new and positive vibes. What defines their state of happiness?

You’ll observe that that they naturally discharge sense of calmness, peace and serenity;

You will find that anger is far far away from their life, they’re naturally cool, kind and caring, very meek, positive and non-materialistic; they are not affected by the surrounding which is the reason why they never worry or complain much, they know their true calling and purpose in life.

They believe in spreading love and peace and they’re grateful to whatever more or less life has given them.

You will notice that they're in tune with their true-self, and happiness just seems to naturally flow from and around them.

​#2. How Can You Find That Same Kind of Happiness in Your Life Too.

The answer to this is very simple live life on your terms, because if you'll not, at the end of your life when you're lying on your Deathbed the only question that will prick you like a needle will be "Not living your life on your terms" .

Do you know when we do wrong in anger, most of the times we already know we are doing wrong, still we do it for some reason.

Same is true with happiness too, we already know what it takes to achieve true happiness, it's just we are lost in the external world. We only need to learn how to get there. And that true happiness is "spiritual happiness"

Remember, it doesn't matter if you're blessed with all the “right” things, if you’re avoiding your spirit you’ll feel a needle like emptiness and dissatisfaction.

We have already discussed this above and you've also experienced it in your own life too.

We invest so much time and energy working day and night to manifest our dreams into reality and what those dreams are "money, house, good job, good family and even after doing so much what is the end result?

This things combined together couldn't make you truly happy. Right?

It's because this is not what you're actually looking for. It means that to be happy with your life, you need to be sending positive vibes into the universe which will give you more of what you desire and that desire is the desire of being happy in every state of life.

But it's our negativity that keeps stopping us from sending that positive vibrations to the universe.

Negativity simply means not feeling good about ourselves, and why you don't feel good about yourself, because you're not living your life on your terms and values.

It's as simple as that, just do what you love doing and happiness will follow you, if not today, but definitely tomorrow it will.

Note that happiness begins when you start to feel good about yourself, it begins when you get rid of the negative energy around you that's dragging you down at every stage of your life. 

There's no other happier feeling in the world than looking around at everything and everyone that’s in your life and saying, “Yes, this is Me”.

It's the stage at which manifestation begins naturally and magically. Once you start to experience this feeling, you will automatically feel the positive changes happening in your life and personality. You will feel high at self esteem.

And high self esteem is something that can be associated only with people who are truly happy with their lives.

And people who are truly happy are true to themselves and others. They are not bothered by what others say.

On the other hand people like you and me, get heated up on small and pity issues that's because we are filled with all sorts of negativity in our mind and heart.

We just don't have any empty space left to let happiness flow into our heart and mind.

We keep searching for happiness by reading books, articles and magazines. But the sheer truth is we never look in our heart, the real happiness is within our self. it's just that we are not able to find it.

Guys happiness is a feeling of fullness and not emptiness, I must say even after having all the luxuries in our lives why we feel so empty when it comes to happiness? Why we keep fighting with ourselves and others around us?

Look inside your heart because the answer lies within you and only you can help yourself to discover your true happiness and no one else can do it for you.

​#3. Let's Do Some Brainstorming To Kill Your Weaknesses And Find Your Happiness Again

Sit down in a quiet place, think about the things that make you happy and note them down in your personal diary.

If you already have its well and good and if you do not have make one as it will keep reminding you of all the good things you're good at.

Remember life is all about living with passion and turning your own dreams into reality and not someone else's dreams.

Once you've prepared the list, now it's time to analyze whether you're really doing justice to the things that you love doing or not. Say for instance - You love playing guitar, this is what gets you going.

Now ask yourself are you doing justice to your talent - Remember enjoying what you do is very important to live a happy life and it is also the first step to achieving success in life.

Believe me or not but when you start to include more of the things that you love doing, you are in tune with who you are, your happiness begins to grow exponentially and success too.

Continuing with the above example - If your passion is playing guitar, obviously you won't enjoy doing any other work, time and again you will feel that niggling feeling within you

But you have a option if you really believe you're talented and passionate enough to pursue your passion of playing guitar. You can do two things either quit your current job which is very hard to do and a brave decision to take or pursue your passion along with the job. To be honest I will never ever suggest quitting to anyone unless you truly find the right option that really suits you.

The best option will be to, pursue your guitar playing passion and practice for several months before finally launching your own guitar coaching classes or any other job that is related with playing guitar. But you have to do all these, while staying in your current job.

Of course the journey will be difficult, but not impossible. I will tell you why I am asking you to do this. It' s because if 50 people are reading this article only 1 or 2 will be able to do this and not all. I am sorry to say this, but that's how difficult it is.

If finding your true happiness was so happy, we would have only seen happy faces around us and there would have been no misery and pain in the world. But that's not how it is.

Lastly once you follow your passion and get successful in it, slowly your happiness starts growing exponentially as I said at the start of this article when you're happy, you naturally attract more abundance and more success. I hope this exercise helps you, of course, YES it's tough, but my friend anything that's easy to achieve will not be valuable enough to take the pain. I hope you got the point now.

​#4. Don't Think Too Much About Past And Future

One of the most significant factor that I have observed in my life and many other peoples life is thinking about the loses of the past and worrying about the gain of the future. By doing so what we actually forget is we are ignoring our present.

In other words we are killing our present happiness, which just do not make any sense. 

Sadly, many people get caught in the trap of seeing happiness in this two events.

 Unfortunately, most of us try to create happiness from the past, continually fretting about “what could have been” or “if only things were different".

Guys all I want to say there is only one time zone that can provide you with the happiness you always wanted it's the “present”. It’s now.

 Now is the only moment that has the power to help you create and build true happiness. You don't have power to change what happened in past and obviously no prediction about what future holds.

You can only hope that if I do this, my life will be secured few years from now and if you agree with me this unseen and unrealistic hope is what stops us from living in the present.

But if you want to know how to be happy in life, please understand that your only true power is your potential to improve your experience of right now.

The day you'll realize this potential and convince your heart to live in the present, the future and the past will cease to have a hold on you.

You may argue that thinking about the past events naturally bring smile on your face, or maybe thinking about the upcoming holidays gets you enchanted.

There's absolutely no harm in recalling past memories or thinking about the future, but you should do it rarely. At least not at the stake of your present happiness, which is "the now time".

Also, the happiness that you get while thinking about the past and future is "Episodic and Temporary" It is not something that will keep you happy for life long. "True happiness is a permanent state of being, not a temporary one".

​#5. Don't Hold Grudge Learn To Let Go

The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.... By Mahatma Gandhi. Don't hold grudge about anything or anyone, believe this is again something that's stopping you from living a happy life.

Almost all of us has been hurt by the actions or words of people around us. In anger your wife said, it's frustrating to be with you, I don't want to live with you anymore".or maybe your BOSS scolded you for not being able to complete important work in time".

These words can sometimes really hurt you and can leave you with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness or even vengeance.

Learn to forgive people, holding things will give you nothing and you'll always find yourself on the losing side.

On the other hand when you learn to forgive and forget, you automatically increase your chances of having a happy life.

Some important benefits of letting go of your grudge and bitterness to be happy in life are listed below:

  • Stronger Relationships with friends, family and people at work
  • Higher spiritual experience
  • Less stress, anger, anxiety and tension
  • lower Blood Pressure level
  • Least probability of going under depression
  • Improved heart health
  • Higher self-esteem

So, guys start from today, if you want to learn how to be happy in life. Just implement this in your personal life and see the change for yourself in span of few days.

​#6. Take Initiative To Help Others in Need If You Want To Experience True Happiness

Being unhappy is the outcome of constant negative thinking about yourself and your life. The best way to experience true happiness is by helping someone who cannot repay you back in cash or kind.

It is simply the best idea to stop thinking about yourself and concentrate on people who are in need. There is great joy in realizing what you can do to help change the life of someone else.

Some of the advantages of helping someone in need is listed below and believe me guys in the process of helping others you will end up finding your happiness.

  1. it improves your self esteem and takes you closer to happiness by getting in tune with your own self.
  2. It lets you connect with another person, at least for sometime, if not for entire life;
  3. Helping someone gives a sense of satisfaction as you're helping someone for doing better in life
  4. You pass kindness with your act which multiplies overtime.

How far that little candle throws his beams, so shines a good deed in a weary world....By William Shakespeare.

​#7. Find The "Gift" Of Happiness in Any Good or Bad Situation

You know that life is full of difficulties and problems all around. There are less happy times and more of stressful time in our lives.

When we already know this truth, why not change it by developing a positive attitude towards life and difficulties. Don't worry I will tell you how to do it.

Why not think and believe the problem that we face in our lives are  "gift" wrapped in form a problem and there's something positive hidden in this problems.

 Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, a major proponent of positive thinking, once said, “Whenever God wants to give you a gift, he wraps it up in a problem.

The point is you need to learn the art of being a good finder. We need to focus on the positive side of the problem which is possible only when you ignore the negative side of it.

The beauty is go looking for the gift, you will always find it. But the problem with most of us is that the our minds are so ingrained with the idea of finding flaws in people and situations that we almost forget the meaning of the word "Positive"

If you want to be happy with your life, You need to understand that every situation has something to offer.

There's a "Gift" a "Lesson" in every situation of life. And it's entirely your choice and decision what you extract out of that situation.

But my friend,  if you can develop the art of finding that hidden "Gift" in every situation of your life. You'll cross all the hurdles with less stress and problems.

At the same time the people who are connected with you will also feel genuinely happy staying around you.

Final Conclusion - True happiness is the combined result of many habits, experience and practices that we develop in our life.

And if something is not making you happy, what approach and change you make to extract the best possible experience out of it. I hope you're getting what I am trying to say.

Whatever you've learned in this post, I urge you to apply in your personal life but patiently. I am using the word patience here, because we humans are always in hurry and we want everything instantly. And truly speaking it's not possible. 

I will share with you my own example, I am really not happy with my Bank Job. But I am searching for the "Gift" in it. That is why I work very honestly for my institution, because I know if I am not loyal to my job, I cannot be loyal towards my blogging career too. 

Trust me it has been very difficult task for me concentrating on two totally different things in my life and I am doing it happily from past one and half years.

I know one day I will quit this job and live the life I always wanted too. But that's future and if you read above, I taught you to live in "Now Time" and that's what I am doing. 

Many people see me frustrated and animated, but that's my external appearance. I am very calm and compose from inside working for my dream life by staying happy and loyal towards everyone around. 

Guys I will stop here, If you're still with me. I would love to share with you something very special and close to my heart. It has changed my life and I believe it can change yours too, only if you're willing to take action, only if you've the burning desire to be happy in life, to be successful in life, to get in tune with your life. 

If you're ready than this is for you just read below. I will stop here have my best wishes in life, stay happy and stay blessed and keep coming back and do not forget to share this article will others around you. 

Are you on the path you should be on towards a life of great prosperity, love, health and happiness?

Or is something getting in your way? 

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