12 Incredible Secrets About How to Be More Confident in Yourself


Are you lacking confidence and self-belief in your life? Is absence of confidence effecting your performance in everything you do? If Yes, don't worry you've stumbled at the right page because today you'll learn how to be more confident in yourself to live the life you always desired.

Before we begin, I want you to understand that self-confidence is directly related to your self-esteem and self-image.

And someone with a higher self-esteem will certainly have high self-confidence and higher self-image.

So, the bottom line is if you want to learn how to be more confident in yourself. 

You need to increase your self-image and self-esteem and how to do that you'll learn in this post.

So, if you're really passionate to become more confident in life and face any situation that comes ​in your path this article will cater your needs.

If you're ready let's Begin.​

#1. Accept Responsibilities in Life To Feel More Confident

​Remember nothing is easy in life same is true for your confidence. Only one person can ignite that spark of confidence in your life and that's you.

 If you don’t do it, who else will?

Believe me it's possible but for that to happen you need to alter your self-image. In other words transform yourself from having negative self-image to positive self-image.

And this is possible only when you will make firm commitment, set realistic goals, plan the right strategy and take actions.

Meaning you must accept full responsibility of your life – be determined to be confident and refusing to allow anyone to distract you from your chosen plan.​

Read carefully what does accepting responsibilities actually mean​? You should never accuse or blame others for:

  • You should not blame others for your lack of confidence
  • Never blame others for your action, words and thoughts
  • Never held responsible others for your failures and misfortunes
  • Don't blame someone for how they treat you

Believe that whatever happens in your life from today onward is your own doing. Think and behave accordingly. You’ll observe it’s one of the most liberating exercise you can do.

For any of us to be truly free, we must first be willing to be responsible for our lives.......David McNally​

I hope you got the point  and that's what is self-image.

The above steps are obviously difficult to initiate at first, but once you start you'll automatically improve your self-image and confidence.

And more importantly you'll become slow to anger which is a clear sign of people with lower self-confidence.


#2. Change Your Imaginations, Behaviour and Thinking Pattern To Become More Confident in Yourself

The power to become confident resides in you the only thing is you need to discover it, and it's possible only if you're willing to, and if you go about it with the right mindset.

We all possess this power and it doesn’t matter how low in confidence you are now.

You can alter your way of thinking. You can use your imagination differently. You can alter your way of speaking. You can let go of bad habits and change your behaviour.

You can do this right now, from this instant. Then over time you'll see your confidence level increasing gradually and you’ll feel better and better from inside with each passing day​.

Remember every step you take in life has the power to make substantial difference, so start right now.

Take responsibility for your actions. Sow the seeds of confidence first before trying to reap them. Thousands have already done so and now it’s your turn.

#3. Stay Inspired Even in Tough Times if You Want To Have More Confidence in Yourself

Building confidence is not overnight process, it's a journey that requires patience, dedication, effort, determination and discomfort.

For that to happen you need to stay inspired and motivated even in tough times​.

The question is how can you inspire yourself to get along with the discomfort and persevere?​

Remember we humans are naturally filled with desires and to keep you motivated I want​ you to think about your deepest desires:

# Something that you want desperately and it pushes and motivates you to get there.

# Pleasure we human constantly run behind pleasure and avoid pain that's how our mind is designed. You need to decide what is your pain point that keeps you awake all night and take that pain as motivation and inspiration.

# Expectations and Hopes Somewhere in our minds we believe that whatever we wish to have in life will come to us sooner or later and that belief can act as a motivational and driving force.

Note that the strongest inspiration evokes from your deepest desire for something pleasurable, combined with the avoidance of pain.

The best way to keep yourself inspired is by turning your pains and pleasures into realistic and achievable goals.

And when you specify goals obviously you'll have valid reasons why you want to attain them........Right.


#4. Great Will Power is Key to Be More Confident in Yourself

Great will power can help you win any battle in life. It is perhaps the the secret ingredient that constructs success for you and for anyone.

You just cannot go too far without it. If you’ve have been low in self-confidence for years it won’t change overnight without sheer will power at your end.

Remember every decision you take considering your decision to feel more confident is a outcome of measuring up the equilibrium of ‘pain’ and ‘pleasure’.

When faced with a decision, you consciously or subconsciously measure up the options and their consequences.

Say for instances: You want to pursue a new skill that has the power to take your business to the next level by bringing many future benefits, but may involve short-term sacrifices, especially the time and effort you put in.

Now the problem with most of us is we try to find short-cuts to success instead of learning and putting time and energy.

This happens because we lack will power and success comes to those who have great will power.

In this scenario you have to be mentally strong by inspiring your mind to keep thinking of the future benefits.

As long as you keep in mind the future benefits that will come your way, your will power remains strong.

The point is anything is possible if you have valid reasons to change.

So, guys If you want to learn how to be more confident in yourself give yourself enough reasons to be successful in whatever you do, confidence will come automatically.

#5. Train Your Mind to Stay Positive Until It Becomes a Habit

There's no harm in thinking negative occasionally, in fact it is something that happens with each one of us.

But constant negative thinking can quickly spiral out of control and ruin your confidence if you allow it.

This is where you need to be cautious and become aware of your dis-empowering negative thoughts.

It is something if not taken care of right now will soon turn into habit and become your second nature.

But don't worry follow this simple step to dis-empower your negative thoughts?​

# Be aware of your negative thoughts - Practice awareness of your thoughts. Meaning closely monitor your thinking and feeling, and be aware of how you respond to people and situations.

When you closely monitor your thoughts, your mind becomes silent and you observe things more concisely. You are less likely to talk and act quickly.

Awareness intensifies your understanding of yourself and the environment around you. It is a significant step towards higher confidence and self-esteem.

What this exercise does is it clears your mind and dis-empowers your negative thoughts and when you clear your mind from the negative garbage you'll have enough space for positive thoughts to come in.

Repeat this exercise everyday at least for 10 to 15 minutes until it becomes a natural habit if you really want to eliminate negative thoughts from your system and feel more positive within yourself.


#6. Read Positive Affirmations Everyday

Affirmations are lines and phrases that are like self-suggestions you give to yourself.

Affirmations is a part of your daily life. You use affirmations every second whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought.​

When you keep repeating something over and over again sooner or later it turns into reality. The more skillful the phrasing of the message and the more powerfully expressed, the better.​

That is why forget about what's negative in you and focus only on your positive points to help:​

  • Change your weaknesses into your strengths
  • Turn your negativity into positivity
  • Change your negative attitude to positive
  • Focus more on what you want

Affirmations are amazingly influential in changing your mindset and training your subconscious mind. With practice they become a powerful weapon in your confidence building arsenal.

#7. Who Do You Imagine Yourself to Be?

This is a very powerful step if you want to find out how to be more confident in yourself.

The thing is when you were growing up as a child you must have had an iconic image of your super hero in your mind.

And it could be you always wanted to match that super hero personality.

​And believe me this super hero image has the power to really inspire and stretch your imaginations.

You need to realize that you just cannot succeed at anything if you cannot imagine yourself doing so.​

Changing what you imagine about yourself can bring about a sincere growth in your confidence. When you imagine yourself as a good, capable, confident as you super hero, it becomes easier to think and behave like one.​

#8. Don't Fear Change Embrace It

Change can be overwhelming, discomforting and stressful that is why most of us fear change

The problem is when you try to change certain things in your life, you try to do all at once in one go and this is where everything goes wrong.

If I ask you How do you climb a ladder? One rung at a time...Right?

How do you build confidence? One step at a time. As Aristotle reminds us, whatever we learn to do, we learn by doing it.

When you take tiny steps, the process of change feels like learning and is more doable. 

By doing this you gain more faith, encouragement and feel more confident every time you take one small step toward the things you want to change.

While doing so don’t allow discomfort stop you, they come partly from your subconscious programming and partly from what you tell yourself about the situation.

Stay calm, change the self-talk to positive by way of self-awareness. I hope you remember we discussed above how self-awareness can relax and calm down your confused and busy mind.

Remember, courage is not the absence of fear, but ignoring fear and moving in spite of it. In this regard "Fear represents the change we are talking about".

Hope you got my point and I'm making sense to you.


#9. Don't Let Your Past Influence Your Present and Future

Don't ever let your past effect your present life if you're truly serious about being more confident in yourself.

It's because your present life is a outcome of what you've done in past.

Your gravity of confidence is truly the result of the way you reacted or behaved to those who raised you and the circumstances in which you grew up.

Do you know that genetically you ingrain 25 to 35% of your characteristics by birth. Your past experiences, adventures and your interpretation of them nurture the remainder.

When you were born you didn’t knew what being confident was, this came later, when you began to relate to other people and the environment around you.

The creation of confidence and lack of it is developed during the first few years of your life when you're growing up.

During your growth years how you handled difficult situations, how you reacted to them and how you understood them has lot to do with your confidence level and present life today.

I don't know what is your confidence level at this point, and it doesn't matter what matters is how you react and co-relate with your life situations from now onward after reading this post.

I bottom line is forget the past and move forward and look positively towards the greater achievements of your future and that's the key to becoming confident in life.​

#10. Look After The Child Inside You

No matter how big you grow or how matured you come still the inner child inside you will never die.

The child you once were lives on inside you, effecting every action, thought, emotion and move. You’re with each other every second of the day.

Even though most of us are grown up still sometimes we behave like little kids, still sometimes we feel like sleeping in our mother's lap when we are broke or low in confidence.

The message I want to convey is you need to take care of your inner child if you want to have more confidence within yourself as it represents your personality.


it too gets hurt easily just like you;

it also wants love, care and attention;

it is also as sensitive as you are;

it also wants to be understood;

it is also playful and spontaneous just like you.​

The inner child that resides inside you can be the source of unhappiness if it is still carrying anguish, resentment, anger, pain and guilt from your childhood years.

If this is true for you, you can never be truly confident and happy unless these feelings are taken care of.

This is the reason you need to learn to embrace your Inner Child as an significant and valuable part of you and your life.


#11. Learn To Forgive

The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of strong......Mahatma Gandhi

No matter how badly someone treated you. It's important to develop the art of forgiveness to feel more confident in yourself.

Because Confidence and inner peace will come to you only when you stop blaming others and practice forgiveness.​

By not forgiving and holding grudge, bitterness and resentment you’re only hurting your own sentiments and this is something that I would rather associate with people who have low self-esteem.

In other words forgiveness is one of the main weapons that has the power to improve your low self-esteem problem​.

If you're truly serious about forgiving​ the people in the past, I would suggest you to jot down the name of all the people who have hurt you, let you down, lied or cheated on you and talk to them personally one by one.

Trust me the you'll feel amazingly good from inside and this exercise will certainly boost your confidence.

Just try it once....It really works believe me.

#12. Last But Not The Least, Be Calm and Composed

Calmness and confidence are very closely related, and they start with physical relaxation. When your entire body is relaxed, your mind is calmer and clearer, you are more in control of your emotions and better able to relate to others.

Physical relaxation and mental calmness help you cope with stressful circumstances, release unrealistic fears and anxieties, and boost focus and creativity.

But how to stay calm and relaxed in any given circumstances I will show you below with the DEEP BREATHING TECHNIQUES

Before you begin I urge you to follow this DEEP BREATHING TECHNIQUE everyday without fail until it becomes your top priority.

Sit in a quiet place of your choice where there is no distraction. Stretch your body for a couple of minutes and than sit comfortably.

Take 5 to 10 long deep breaths. Focus your eyes on one spot, you can also draw a circle on the wall or on a piece of paper to focus.

When you start to feel tired, close your eyes.

Now once again take one deep breath and feel your eyes muscles and your face being relaxed

Take second breathe and feel that your tensed shoulders, hands and arms are getting relaxed.

With the third breath feel that your legs and feet are getting relaxed, with the fourth breath feel that all the muscles in your entire body are relaxing​.

Now, as you continue to go deeper into relaxation observe that you're in a peaceful place of your choice. The dream place that you always wanted to visit and see how incredible it feels.

Once you get into habit of doing this exercise daily you'll feel more confident even in tensed situations.

Guys I feel these 12 incredible tips are amazing to start of your new journey in building your self-confidence again.

I will stop here and I want you to apply each step that I have explained above with consistent effort and perseverance in your life if you really want to become confident.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about how to be more confident in yourself and if you really did I would be grateful if you can share it with your others friends and comment your thoughts.

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