Ultimate Secrets On How To Be More Positive, Happy And Confident


Creating a positive, confident and happy life is very easy to speak, but equally hard to get into that state of mind.

If this is your situation stop worrying because it's time for a happy change.

Guys when you look around your fellow human beings, you will observe that majority of them are unhappy, unsatisfied and low on self-confidence.

In other words very few are leading a successful life.

In fact most people find it difficult to manage their problems and the situations of daily life forget about being successful.

The question is why is this situation prevailing more and more in people's life?

There has to be some serious reasons behind it.....Right?

And I believe you if you're reading this post you deserve to know the answer.

In this post we will discuss how to be more positive and confident in life.

By the end of this post you'll have some amazing insights on how and what needs to be changed in your life to help you stay more positive, confident and happy.

So, if you're serious about it let's begin because some of the tips in this post are really mind blowing and it will help you to reinvent and change the way you look at your life ​

#1. Change Your Inner Perspective to Change Your Outer Life.

William James, the famous philosopher and psychologist, once said, “The significant finding of our age has been that we, by changing the inner perspective of our thinking, can change the outer perspective of our lives.

In this small statement lives the dynamic truth of our lives which shows that we are not victims, but co-creators in the creation of our lives and the people around us.

In other words “We aren’t what we think we are, but what we think, we are!

The problem with most of us is we follow each other like sheep that is why the majority of us are unhappy, sad and less confident.

Very few are brave enough who listen to their inner voice and fight their fears because they don't want to live their entire life in the sheep state of mind.

Remember your thoughts are your blueprint, what you think in your mind reflects in your external life.

Whatever good or bad you have achieved in your life right now is the outward manifestation of what has been going on in your mind.

In other words you attract everything like a magnet whether it's success or failure. If you think positive you'll attract positivity and negative thinking will attract negativity.

This is the reason you need to get rid of this negativity and change your perception and thinking if you want to be a more positive person.

#2. Secrets to Change Your Thoughts and Inner Perspective.

In the above part we discussed about why you need to change your inner perspective.

In this part let's find out how to change your inner perspective and thinking to be more positive and happy.

Shakespeare said, “ We know what we are, but not what we may be.”

Is this your life situation? Let me explain you have a problem of focusing more on your weaknesses and very less on your strengths.

The agony is that most of you are conditioned by false concepts while you were growing up and this negative belief stops you from realizing how truly efficient and special you are.

You need to realize that you're the creator of your own life and you cannot expect anyone else to change your life's situations.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” It is not in some far land, and it is not up in the clouds. Buddha came to the same realization when he said, “Be a lamp into your own feet and do not seek outside yourself.” .

Remember the power to heal yourself exists in you. Attaining Health, happiness, prosperity and abundance and inner peace are natural states of being once you break the shackles of negative thinking.

In other words you need to realize your true worth as a individual if you want to discover how to be more positive.

It is than you'll come close to attaining belief and self-confidence in doing anything in life.

Once you realize your significance slowly you'll change your perspective and thinking and you be able to free yourself from self-imposed weaknesses and limitations.


#3. Self-Acceptance is the Key to Higher Self-Esteem and Positivity.

As I said above realization of your true worth is very vital when it comes to building self-confidence and positivity in your life.

In other words you need to learn to embrace positivity even when you're surrounded by negativity all around.​ It's because the sheer truth of life is you can never be better than your self-esteem.

And to have better self-esteem you must embrace positivity i.e. how you feel about yourself in relation to others, depending on your feeling of self-acceptance.​

Note that the feeling of self-acceptance is already ingrained in your mind since childhood. The only thing is it could be negative or positive.

If it's positive well and good, but if it's negative you must take prompt actions to change it.

Having a positive self-esteem is not the intellectual acceptance of your talents or achievements. It is personal self-acceptance.

Building positive self-esteem is not an ego trip. You are not in love with yourself in an egotistical way. You simply understand that you are a truly unique and worthy individual.

A simple example of people with higher self-esteem is:

One who never tries to impress others with his or her accomplishments or material possessions. In fact, someone who constantly brags about themselves has one of the classic symptoms of lower self-esteem.​

Building positive self-esteem is not only a question of making yourself glad, it is the structure that will help you to build your entire life.

If you ever wish to seek freedom and create the life your dreams, it is a assignment that you must think about earnestly.

If you failed in this assignment, you will only end up having poor self-esteem which will only worsen as you grow older until you end up like a tragic group of people who are unhappy and negative all their life.


#4. Awareness is the Key, But Awareness Has to Be On The Positive Side.

Low self-confidence is simply a problem of Awareness.

Once you are aware of the truth about yourself, you will be able to find out why you are the way you are.

Your Awareness can be defined as the clarity with which you consciously and unconsciously perceive everything that influence your life.

It is the entire book of your life experiences encompassing conditioning, knowledge, intellect, intuition, instincts and all that you perceive through your five senses.

Your state of awareness describes your behavior, moods, attitudes, emotional reactions, prejudices, habits, desires, anxieties, fears, aspirations and goals.

Most important, it indicates your sense of personal worth; in other words, how do you feel about yourself.

Now the question with awareness is that truth and reality are not necessarily the same.

If your mind has embraced wrong or false concepts, values and beliefs about yourself and the world your Awareness will be twisted.

Although you will be taking actions from false viewpoint, it will appear like the truth and you will take on the personality and behavior patterns to justify it.

In other words every decision and action you take is reflection of your present level of awareness.

This is the reason I said awareness is the key, but positive awareness will change the way you look at your life and things.

#5. You Must Choose Your Destination If You Want to Live a Positive Life.

A positive and successful life expects you to commit yourself to fulfilling a worthy life plan.

Your mind will always try to attract negativity because negativity is easily embraced in it. But in order to embrace positivity it will require some effort.

It is this effort that will provide you with your life's purpose and direction. But if you failed in this your life will be like a ship without a captain to steer it or a chart to direct its course.

This kind of vessel is destined to end up ship wrecked on some desert island, or worse yet, sink to the bottom of the sea.

It is important to understand that whatever happens in your life is a part of the unfolding master plan.

All the achievements, discoveries and inventions that you see today was possible because there was someone who was positive in spite of facing failures.

These people listened to their Inner intuition, which manifested a powerful desire and motivated them to set out to achieve it.

To many others like you, these desires may seemed impossible to achieve because your mind is ingrained with negative thoughts all around.

This is the reason why you must look for purpose and direction in your life.

Psychological studies reveal that individuals who have a goals and dreams for their lives are more positive, happier and successful than those who do not.

That is why you must learn to stay positive during tough times of life to unfold your master plan positively in a positive direction.

#6. Respond to Your Life With Positivity and Action

“What holds attention determines action”-William James.

A weak, timid, indecisive approach to life breeds fear of failure and disappointment.

Most people fail to act because they are afraid to make mistakes or believe that what they conceive can never turn into reality.

Great discoveries and inventions go unrecognized when those behind them give up their hope in distress, believing, “My idea is doomed to die!” This​ pessimistic attitude is dreadful because the world wants what each one of us has to offer.

My friend I urge you to stay positive​ and confident because the future is full of endless opportunities for people who are positive and believe in taking actions to turn their imaginations into realities.


#7. Meditation is the Best Tool to Be a More Positive Person.

Meditation is unique blend of inner peace, power and positive energy.

If you want to reach the pinnacle of your mental, physical and spiritual potential, a process of total relaxation and inner connection is eminent.

Without this you can only expect to function at a fraction of your true abilities.

Meditation reinvents your connection with the root source of energy and power within you.

It cleanses the mind and makes you open and receptive to new ideas, intuition and motivation​.

It helps you to stay positive, confident and happy by making you understand how and where you have gone wrong and guides you back to the correct path again.

You become one with everything and everyone because, as you mediate, you tune into one mind of the universe.​

Meditation not only keeps you positive and energized, but also helps you to release stress and keep you calm and relaxed. This is one of the primary reasons why meditation enhances your productivity in everyday life​.

If you're serious to find out how to be ​more positive and confident meditation is one of the best way to go ahead.

Start by sparing some time for meditation every day, preferably in the morning. This will tune you into the Life Force and program you for the day.

#8. Read Positive Affirmations Everyday.

Reading positive affirmations will help you to be positive and stop worrying. I will tell you how.

Affirmations and conscious visualization has lot of power. Whatever in life you want, first you have to visualize and think about it.

Any words repeated over and over again with true belief in this state of consciousness, primarily if it is connected with visualization, will be experienced.

Create a mental image of the things you want in life.

Believe me you can change your life by seeing yourself acting out those things you want by altering the pictures in your mind.

The secret sauce is to visualize yourself as already having these things.

If you want positivity and confidence, create a mental picture of it. Visualize whatever your desires are with clear thoughts, see them and feel them.

They are already a reality once you can visualize them in the nonphysical.

Do you remember Professor James’ words above?“The greatest discovery of our age is that man, by changing the inner perspectives of his thinking, can change the outer perspectives of his life.”

Just imagine it and see the transformation for yourself in some days maybe week or months but the transformation will happen that's for sure.


#9. Overcome Your Fears to Build Positivity and  Confidence.

Fear is present in many forms in your day-to-day life. In fact fear has been around for thousands of years in the history of mankind.

​But the truth is we were born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything other than that we developed ourselves.

Fear is a devastating emotion that can break your self-confidence and happines in one blow.

But only If allow your fears to run your life, if you can get hold them you can seriously take your life to another level....But How?

Let's understand how can you fight your fears?

Remember fear is not something that you're born with, but it is something that develop with constant rehearsal and competition.

You attract what you think​, if you constantly think about your fear that's what you'll attract.

If you want to overcome your fears​ be willing to face it. Before starting on a new assignment, ask yourself, “What is the worst thing than can happen?” Be ready mentally should failure occur.

It is important here to differentiate this from expectation. I am not saying that you should think of failing, for this would make your failure certain.

What I want to convey is that when you are mentally ready for the worst, you will have the self-confidence to tactfully counter even the biggest of challenges.

Stop worrying about what's going to happen​ in future or what happened in past.

Overcoming fear and worry can be achieved only by living a day at a time, or better yet, a moment at a time. Just say to yourself, “For the next few minutes, hours or days, I will… “Make a positive statement and keep your commitment only for that period of time.

Forget about the future beyond that. If you live life a moment at a time, your worries will be cut down to nothing and the intensity of your fear will start shrinking and eventually become zero.

#10. Positive Communication Matters

Positive communication is a delivery system for higher self-esteem and positive attitudes.

The way you express yourself is an outward manifestation of what you are thinking inside.

Long fellow wrote, “A single conversation across the table with a wise person is better than a ten-year study of books.”

Right communication is the key for achieving success and happiness in life.

If you observe in history most people and businesses fail because of lack of right communication.

If you really want to learn how to be more positive and confident develop a habit of listening without directly jumping to solutions.

Listening is an integral part of communication and people with positive attitude are patient listeners.

But overtime listening has become a lost art. Notice when you are talking most people can’t wait for a pause so that they can begin talking.

They really don’t hear you. They are too busy rehearsing what they are going to say next.​

The bottom line is to bring more positivity and confidence by learning to communicate more effectively​.

To be honest these 10 points are advanced steps to develop positivity, confidence and happiness in your life.

I will stop here I want you to follow this steps in your daily life. Of course it won't be very easy but with constant practice nothing is impossible.

Bye for now, if you really enjoyed reading this article on how to be more positive and confident please do not forget to share and comment your thoughts​.

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