How To Control Your Emotions To Stop Little Things in Life Drive You Mad

I am sure just like me, you too have been through those tense moments when little things in life drive you mad.

It’s a very common problem that spoils your mood. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if I guide you with few awesome ways on how to control your emotions and mood?

What if I teach you some simple tactics that will help you to eradicate the sources of stress from your life right now to experience more happiness, pleasure and joy each day of your life. 

Are you're ready to learn how to control your emotions and mood?

The very first step is to take control of your life and emotions by changing the way you look at your life. In other words, change your mindset and your life will be easy, beautiful and peaceful. How to do that I will tell you...

Why this little things in life drive you crazy? Guys we live in a stressful world full of fierce competition, jealousy and little kindness too.

In the process of making a better life for yourself you have to struggle a lot, by keeping your emotions and mood in control which we fail to do actually.

Struggle is important, it teaches you to live life with passion and dignity. But the problem arises when struggle and personal life get mixed and starts bothering you.

And it becomes more chronic when you try to find temporary solutions to fix those struggles, instead of focusing on why you’re upset in the first place. I hope you're getting my point.

If you seriously want to be one of those very few people who're calm, composed and joyful and not affected by the external environment you will have to alter your instincts and natural prioritization.

Believe me you'll change your whole life around, no matter what's happening around you.

Here are few amazing ideas to control your mind and thoughts. I personally find this ideas amazingly helpful in my every day life.

Let them enter into your head space, and you WILL experience lower stress, high satisfaction, and much happier both externally and internally.

#1. Control Your Anger And Aggression It Will Eventually Control Your Emotions and Mood

Do you know that aggression is a natural byproduct of STRESS, in other words it is the outcome of stress.

How many times in anger and aggression you've snapped and lashed out someone you love so much, only to regret later.

It happens because you don't know how to control emotions and to stop this from ruining your relationship and work life you have to learn how to not react emotionally.

Let's Understand Few Patterns That Trigger Your Aggression

  • This one is very common for most of us, while driving car or bike (especially when you're returning home and high traffic fuels your aggression.
  • Standing in Que for long.
  • Someone says something, you don't find it amusing you lose control and react instantly in anger without thinking about the outcome.
  • Your spouse is busy doing some important work, you call them once, twice and thrice and when they don't listen your little ego gets hurt and again you react. In stead of understanding their situation.. Right?

Can you imagine how unpleasant and frustrating this aggression is for you and those around you.

It not only destroys your personal and professional relationships, but also hampers your overall health by increasing your blood pressure, leading to headaches, your eyes to strain and bulge, your mind to start raging round in a tight, useless circle, shrinking mental ability to control your emotions to go haywire.

In other words unnecessary aggression is waste of time, energy, relationships, and physical and mental resources.

The sad part is most people like you and me ,in stead of finding a way to cure aggression we try to ignore by considering it as a natural part of our lives.

But the fact is, by ignoring it we are actually misguiding our mind! I want you to seriously think of all the destruction you do to your mood, your day, your relationships, your work and your physical and emotional well being, when you ‘give in’ to the ‘natural urge’ to blow off steam​.

The cure here is to get rid of the negative energy and remove the anger in the first place. And not let it burst out of you like an toxic lava whenever you feel the urge. 

There's also a myth in the corporate world that stress extracts the best out of them. They believe that stress keeps them ‘working to the brink of their highest potential’ which I believe is just not true​. In order to be at your best there's no need to be stressed out.

In fact, being in constant stress, tension, and geared-up, puts you at risk of burning out your adrenal glands and CRASHING.

And if this happens, it will take six to eighteen months to recover your central nervous system and your burnt-out nerve endings.......Do you want this to happen to you?

If No Here's is The Right Solution To Cure Your Aggression By Controlling Your Emotions.

Practice focusing on the moment by trying to improve it. Just take it positively "Since this situation already exists and cannot be ignored, and you're stuck in it, what can you do right now to improve the situation for yourself and also for others around you.

Say for instance - You love your spouse very much, but you happen to snap and lash at them for every little mistake they do unknowingly.

What will happen, slowly the love and intimacy will start to fade away. If you seriously wish to stop this habit, just imagine in your mind - How would you feel? if they do the same thing in return on your mistakes. 

You would feel bad isn't it? Sometimes in order to change your mindset, you have to put yourself in shoes of the opposite person who's facing the aggression.

This is when you truly realize how your actions effect others mentally.​

Read the below lines everyday once or twice and in a span of month of two you will be able to take control of your emotions and mood. 

Make yourself so strong that no situation can distract your peace of mind.

Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every one you meet.

Make your friends and colleagues feel there is something good in them.

Always try to be the part of the solution and not the problem.

Be kind enough to understand people's circumstances and help them deal with it. you will not only help someone but also increase your own happiness and self esteem.

Practice empathy and not sympathy, sympathy is I understand how you feel and empathy is I feel how you feel. 

Look at the brighter side of everything.

Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.

Be as passionate about the achievements of others as you are about your own.

Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

Greet everyone a smile. Spend so much time enhancing your own personality that you have no time left to criticize others.

Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.

Remember lesser the traffic of aggression and negative thoughts in your mind, greater will be the joy of enjoying your life by getting in tune with your own destiny.

#2 Look At The Big Picture

Take life as it comes, remember whatever good or bad happens in your life, there's a sure shot reason behind it. You can either make the best of it or ruin it, entirely depends on how you look a it.

But true wisdom is looking at the bigger picture, by doing this you'll not only improve your present life situation, but also foster your future growth.

This is something you won't realize today, but with time you'll understand, how not getting angry helped you improve your relationship with your spouse, how handling the work pressure tactfully and not getting angry and animated helped you get that important promotion.

These little adjustments will combine into something very pleasant and big falling into perfect order in future.

All you have to do is, just understand that even in the midst of an emotionally draining moment, there exists an ultimate purpose of life.

#3 With Negative Emotions You Only Reap Negative Results

Do you know whatever you think and believe that's what you attract in your own life too. If you want to control your emotions and mood learn to stay positive even in crisis.

Trust me when you look for the good you find it, in the same way when you look for anger and negativity you find it too.

A simple example - Think about the person you hate the most in life and what if that person is your office colleague.

What if he smiles at you and you ignore him, what if he continues to smile looking at you every day, sooner or later you'll smile too. Trust me it's almost impossible to ignore someone who's constantly trying to handle you with love.

Remember complaining generally doesn’t change the thing that you’re complaining about. I believe if that's true, why complain than, why not develop a relationship that will help you and others grow in life.

Whatever you give, via your thoughts, your perspective, your feelings or your vibrations is what you will receive in return.

These are all powerful source of energy that you are already using, through the Law of Attraction, to create your life, either consciously or subconsciously.

If it's so true why not have control on our emotions and mood for doing good in life for our self and others.

#4. Don't Let Others Effect You

Most of the times in life, you get animated and angry on actions of others. In other words you react to actions that you don't like. YES there will be times when people's actions will hurt you and make you feel bad. 

But it's you who has to decide and understand how to handle ​your emotions in those situations. Remember no one can make you feel anything, it’s always your choice.

Most of the times our reactive emotions we feel are actually the perception of the truth, and on the things that are important to us.

The point is what is important for you, may not be equally important to someone else. If you want to learn how to control your emotions, first you need to understand other people's emotions by giving value and consideration especially in trying situations.

#5. It's All About How You Think

Do you know it's impossible to have negative emotions without having a thought of it. Your perception and thinking totally depend on your thoughts and whatever thoughts you have in your mind, accordingly you initiate actions.

Most of us just don't realize that the thoughts inside our mind can be ignored, if they are not fruitful. 

Thoughts are just like imaginations and they're not reality. It's just that human mind cannot be blank even for fraction of second. Even when we sleep, we dream. meaning the mind works constantly.

The point is thoughts can be negative or positive, good or bad, angry or peaceful. It's entirely your choice how you handle your thoughts the moment they occur in your mind.

Richard Carlson, author of the book ‘You Can Be Happy No Matter What’, says that it’s just our THINKING, not our circumstances, that dictates how we feel.

Say For Instance: The girl you loved so much one fine day tells you that she is not in love with you anymore.

You will obviously feel hurt. you INSTANTLY start to feel low, worried, and heavily stressed-out? It means that your thoughts are simply interpretations of an event. If you take control of the event, you will have control on your thoughts and mind. 

As I said above many times it’s YOUR CHOICE, as the thinker of your thoughts, to decide which ones you would like to accept and which ones you would want to avoid.

Last but not the least if you can't control your emotions, you just can't control your life. It's as simple as that.

And once you develop the habit of handling your thoughts positively, automatically your actions will turn out positive and fruitful.

You will become a lighter, happier, freer, more blissful person – no matter what’s actually happening in your life.

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