How To Find Your Inner Peace And Happiness in 7 Incredible Ways


Finding inner peace and happiness is one of the most critical question that has been asked by many people like you and me. Still the answer to how to find your inner peace and happiness is a mystery.

Do you even know why you keep asking these questions?

It’s because you try to find your inner peace and happiness in physical things and forget that happiness and peace in true reality is intangible, untouchable and inexpressible.

In other words it is something that is internal or spiritual. It can't be expressed but can be experienced for sure.

And the search for inner peace starts with the external desires like success, money and sexual urge which is a myth I believe.

What I mean is we try to connect the concept of internal happiness with fulfillment of these desires which is not true.

Somewhere in our mind we have blind faith that the fulfillment of these desires will bring us the inner peace and happiness that we are desperately searching.

But my friend that’s not true and we will discuss about it in the last section of this post. Continue reading for now.

To prove my point let me tell you something.

There are many successful and rich people in the world with all the luxuries in the world still not all are happy.

Do you know why?

Because they’re seeking happiness and internal peace in external things and happiness is intangible, untouchable and inexpressible as I mentioned above.

In fact you’ll hear many rich people taking drug to find some peace and get away from their stress and some even commit suicide which proves that money and success alone cannot bring happiness and inner peace.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely vital to have money, success and fame but I want you to understand one critical piece of information here.

If you truly want to enjoy and experience your most abundant life. Happiness first, abundance second. In terms of being truly happy, there is no bigger happiness, no bigger energetic vibration than living in tune with yourself and your true destiny.

This is what I called inner happiness, being internally happy without getting influenced by the external circumstances.​

So ready to learn how to find your inner peace and lost happiness?

If yes join me as in this post I will share some amazing stuffs that will help you to find peace within.

By the end of this post you will have the power to fuel the flames of happiness within you like nothing and that's the point when you'll get tuned with your own destiny.

#1. Be Serious About Life, But Not Over Serious

In today's busy era your life is already full of stress and anxiety due to fierce competition, ego clashes and personal problems.

And to add to the misery if you try to be over serious about your life on little things, you'll naturally lose your temper and humor.

And that will eventually force you to get involved more with the negative side of what is happening by ignoring the positive side of your life.

It's important to take control of your life and emotions by not taking them too seriously. In other words you need to create a right balance by neglecting unnecessary things that you give more emphasis on.

Let me share with you a simple and short examples.

Sometimes you shout on your spouse for not paying the light bills or not cooking good food or not giving you attention or anything for that matter.

In the process you hurt him​ or her and also spoil your own mood.

I am not telling that paying the light bill is not significant, but the same thing can be conveyed in a polite manner too.

Remember its only you who can make or break a situation. Its only you who has the power to turn negative situations into positive.

I believe what you give always reflects back in some form or other. If you give away anger and fight, that's what will come back to you.

If it is so true why not try to spread happiness wherever we go and the people we meet, especially with your friends, family and colleagues.

As these are the people with whom we have most of our daily interactions and if you can manage well your relationship with them by being generous and kind. Believe me or not but half of your problems will vanish.

And it is possible only when you're serious enough to find your inner peace and happiness, because it is something that can only be earned and can't be claimed.......I hope you got the point.

#2. Stop Worrying About Materialistic Things And Be Grateful To Life.

If you want to discover how to find your inner peace and happiness, it's important to focus on your internal feelings and not on materialistic things.

Let me explain, have you ever met someone ​who naturally radiates a sense of serenity and peace.

A kind of person who is loving and caring, no matter what situation he is in.

Someone who is living life beyond the materialistic desires, someone who is far away from complain and worry.

To be honest it is extremely difficult to find such a character, but that's the personality trait that you need to resemble if you're serious about finding inner peace and happiness.

And it is possible only when you'll learn to be grateful to life for everything you have.

And also for things that you don't have.

Trust me it will take some time and patience, but if you can learn this art your life will have meaning and purpose; and happiness will naturally start flowing within you.

#3. Don't Get Disheartened Over Your Failure.

You need to overcome the fear of failure because failure is part of life that cannot be avoided. 

Most people lose their faith, confidence and happiness when they fail to accomplish certain task or goal.

But in the process what they don't realize is, you don't fail when you don't achieve something.

You fail when you stop trying.

The significant thing in life is you cannot​ accomplish happiness and inner peace by living your life in fear.

Fear will only cause depression and more anxiety. 

If you truly want to eradicate fear from your life and experience true joy, learn to live life as it comes without worrying too much about the outcome.

Focus on your deeds and don't worry about the blessings.

If you're true to yourself and others around you, blessings and happiness will naturally follow you.

And when you do this you stop struggling and fighting with yourself, because you're not concerned with failure or success.

Your only focus should be doing good and when you do good happiness and peace starts attracting you automatically.

#4. Finding Inner Peace And Happiness With Meditation

Take time out of your busy life for meditation only for short time. I believe 10 minutes is a good starting point and than you can gradually increase to 15 to 20 or even 30 minutes as per your comfort.

But for now 10 minutes is a good starting point.

Meditation is the best technique to connect with your true self.

It helps you to clear your mind, reduce stress and more importantly guides you with a sense of clarity.

By getting in touch with your true self (soul), you will easily tune into living your best and most joyful life.

By regular meditation, you will observe that you've begin to expand your spiritual belief and knowledge.

In other words you're more aware of your spiritual self which naturally brings peace, happiness and meaning in your life.

Your routine life battle and struggles will be put into perspective and you will be amazed to uncover the clarity and ease of which answers will come to you.

Of course it will take some doing as Meditation takes patience and commitment initially at least for the first few days.

If you haven’t tried meditation before, Its alright - it will get easier and better with time. Here is a simple steps to begin.

You need to spend 10 or 15 minutes a day in a quiet place, where there is no human or physical distractions.

Secondly it's important to be comfortable, so sit in a position that feels natural and comfortable to you.

When you're set close your eyes and take few deep breaths.

Once your mind is clear, ask yourself any questions that you want answers for.

Sit still and listen to the messages and answers that you receive.

You might be thinking what the hell this guy is talking, but believe me it's all possible as Meditation is a very powerful tool and used correctly can deliver amazing results.

Once you slowly learn to meditate you'll realize that the problem is within you and not in the world around you.

In other words you'll stop blaming others which will​ eventually lead to less frustration and more inner peace and happiness.

#5. Self-love is The Key To Finding Inner Peace

Self-love is a critical element to finding inner peace and happiness. Therefore, at the end of each day you need to do an activity that you love doing.

Something that makes you truly happy and I want you to do it purely for the purpose of self-nurturing

And remember this self-love exercise is something that you must do everyday without fail.

A regular practice of self-nurturing activities will help you to improve your self-esteem and self-awareness, by getting in touch with your spiritual self and promoting feelings of self-worth, love and accomplishment.

When it comes to self-love it could be anything like listening music, cooking, painting, playing guitar or anything that makes you feel really, really good.

While performing self-love exercises try to combine these activities up each day to ensure you're fulfilling all of your needs - like taking care of your body, activating your mind, nurturing your emotional side and tending to the needs of your spirit.

The best way I've discovered is getting in touch with my spiritual self by connecting with the nature.

In other words leaving the noise and clutter of the city life and embrace some fresh surroundings.

PRO TIP: While performing this tasks, better ensure to turn off your cellphone. Being constantly involved on other things will stop you from fully relaxing and getting in tune with nature.

You could also go for walk and help yourself to become aware of the sights, smells and environment you're surrounded by.

Or if its difficult to find a lonely place try to get habituated in the environment where you live by looking for positive in different situations of your life.

If you're a pet lover and you've one, play with them as it is believed that pets are great sources of happiness in our lives which we tend to forget most of the times.

Also, if you love doing exercises, better ensure you're regularly taking some time to do the kind of exercises you love doing.

For instance, walking, running, yoga, swimming, football, or dancing or anything that you enjoy and is beneficial for your over all health and happiness.

Believe me it will not only relieve you from unwanted stress, but also help you to stay fit and healthy.

And I believe when you're physically fit, you automatically become strong mentally which is again important for finding your inner peace and happiness.

Try doing these stuffs, initially you may find them boring. But they really help believe me.

#6. Follow Your Passion And Do Things That You Love Doing

This section is just the expansion of the above section but with a new idea so do not skip.

I urge you to read it full as it will help you to discover some in depth knowledge about your own identity and the things that are stopping you from finding inner peace and happiness.

Before you continue with this section.....I want to ask you a simple question?

Whatever you've been doing in your life up till now. I'm sure not all things that you do, you actually enjoy doing.....Right?

There are very few things that you enjoy doing and lots of things that you hate....Correct me if I'm wrong? I know I'm absolutely right.

The point is over time we have developed habit of holding onto many things in life simply because we're comfortable doing them.

But having anything that doesn’t serve true purpose of your life is just like carrying around a dead weight.

To achieve true peace and happiness in your life, you only need to focus on what is required for living your dream life.

Anything that do not co-relate directly with your dream future and happiness is just holding you back and exhausting you.

I'm talking about the physical possessions that we desire the most and somewhere we have the myth that these physical desires and possessions will bring happiness and inner peace.

I hope you remember we discussed in short at the beginning of this post.

I just want to tell you - throw out that possession – you no longer have a use for it.

Examples of Physical Possessions - Sexual Urge, Wanting more and more wealth and etc

Examples of other Possessions - Ego, Pride, Respect, fame and etc.

To be honest all these things matter, but very little. What happens is in search of these things we actually lose our own identity.

We forget that getting these things will only provide temporary pleasure and not permanent enlightenment.

So, why not get rid of these materialistic things that are sapping your energy and finish up with a nice spring-clean.

You will be amazed at how much fresher, lighter and brighter the air feels around you.

​Again don't get me wrong I am not asking you to stop looking for fame, success and wealth.

The only thing is try to be internally driven and don't lose your spiritual sense while searching for these materialistic desires. 

As these are the only desires and possessions that keep you away from connecting with your soul......I hope you got my point, if you want to learn how to find inner peace and happiness​ you must follow the above suggestions.

#7. There's No Better Time Than Now If You Want To Be Happy And Peaceful.

I want to ask you one simple question.

Are you constantly worried thinking about the past or what will happen in future?

If YES! Stop Doing That.

Because its killing your internal peace and happiness. I will explain now just continue reading.

For this particular section I want you to imagine 3 categories of people just for the sake of example.

First category of people are those who are​ continuously worried about the past mistakes, decisions or choices that they did not make.

What I want to say is constantly thinking about the past won't change the past.

What's done in past is irreversible, it's time to focus on the "NOW" the "PRESENT"..Right?

​The second category of people are those who only think about the future.

What if I had this, what If I had that....What if this happens and What If I met an accident.

And that again makes no sense by thinking only about the ​future, you're ruining your "PRESENT" 

To be honest I want you to fall under the third category of people who believe in living in the "NOW" time, the "PRESENT".

This people also think about their past and future, but not to the extent of ruining their "PRESENT"

Sadly, many people I have seen falling in the trap of seeing happiness in their past and future events.

Something that you have lost in past and don’t have "now" or aren’t “there” yet (the future) which is only going to lead to feelings of unhappiness.

But fortunately, there is one time zone that can certainly give your happiness and inner peace it’s called the “PRESENT”. It’s "NOW".

"NOW" is the only moment that possess the true power to help you discover your true happiness and peace of mind.

You have no power to change the future nor do you have any power to change what happened in the past.

The only true power you possess is the power to change your experience of right now.

Once you take control of this power and you will have control on your life and emotions..... I hope you agree with me.

I believe these 7 points are good starting point if you want to find peace within.

Jot down this brief points it will certainly help you.

1. Learn to let go of things, don't hold on to them as they will only hurt.

2. Simplify your life by seeking happiness in little things and not in over ambitious physical and non physical desires or possessions.

3. Help others in need the sense of satisfaction that you get after helping someone is truly amazing.

4. Do things that you love doing it will help you to stay connected with your soul.

5. Practice Meditation. It really helps trust me.

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I will stop here I hope you enjoyed reading this post on how to find your inner peace and happiness.

And if you really did please do not forget to share with other people around you.​ BYE for now see you again another in a brand new article.


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