How To Lose Weight Without Dieting With #5 Metabolism Boosters

Want to learn How to Lose Weight Without Dieting? Try These 5 Amazing Metabolism-Boosters.

Instead of dieting to lose weight why not take the bull by the horns, address the real problem, and raise your metabolism instead?

Look: if you’re overweight, you don’t have a problem with FOOD as much as you have a problem with how your body works.

You can temporarily address that problem by cutting down on how much food you eat, which will cause you to lose weight in the SHORT TERM and which will entail a lot of effort, struggle, and grind​ and then you’ll gain it all back and then some when the diet ends, as it INEVITABLY will.

OR, you can address the real underlying problem and focus on CHANGING HOW YOUR BODY WORKS and try something different which I'm going to reveal in this article "How To Lose Weight Without Dieting.

And it is possible by boosting your metabolism. With a higher metabolism, you won’t HAVE to diet because your body will naturally burn more food (and more existing fat) as energy.

That’s good, because it means you can eat more and STILL lose weight! Plus, you’ll need less sleep and will probably feel more ‘energized’ on a daily basis.

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Believe me you CAN boost your own metabolism – and convert a sluggish, tired body into a lean, energetic dynamo.

And I know how to do it. Want to know more?

Join me for the next 20 minutes or so to learn how to lose weight without dieting or workout.

Five of the Best: the 5 Best Proven Ways to REALLY Raise Your Metabolism.

CAUTION! You should ONLY put these tips into place if you seriously want to INCREDIBLY boost your metabolism and convert fat into muscle.

If you’re looking for SERIOUS RESULTS, then you’re in the right place.​

But be CAREFUL, because these techniques work SO well that you don’t want to OVERDO it!​

So let’s get down to it, shall we? Here’s your first metabolic booster technique​.

#1: Work up a sweat that would soak a towel and do it regularly.​

Sweat = MASSIVE boost in metabolism.

Sweating, whether it’s in a sauna or thanks to exercise, increases the metabolism and stimulates the release of fat cells.Your skin is your body’s largest organ of detoxification.

When you sweat, you sweat out HUGE amounts of toxins and accumulated crud from your system, which benefits your immune system, your endocrine system, reduces your appetite, and increases metabolism.

If you can spend 20 minutes in a sauna every day, you will see and feel results very quickly. (I realize 20 minutes is a lot to ask on a daily basis, but just do the best you can. The resultsare worth it.)

Even better than sweating in a sauna is working out in a sauna-like environment. The warmer you can get your body during exercise, the more toxins you’ll sweat out and the faster your heart will reach an aerobic rate.

(Working out in a hot, humid environment is also a great appetite suppressant and helps to get rid of food cravings and food addictions.)​

To lose weight, you’ve got to GET RID of this harmful junk FIRST – and sweating in a hot room is without a doubt the most beneficial, quickest-acting, and effective way to do so.

Sweat out the junk, heal your body, reduce your appetite, balance EVERYTHING out, get your body working perfectly – and the weight will drop off as a natural byproduct of a body that works like a well-oiled machine.

If you like the sound of this, I highly recommend that you try Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga is yoga done in an intensely hot, humid environment, which facilitates massive sweating ,vasodilation, increased circulation, increased oxygenation, and rapid toxin elimination.​

For people wanting to rebalance their appetites and get rid of excess fat, there is nothing like the experience of Bikram yoga. It has been proven over and over again to get rid of fat, balance out the body’s hormones, remove toxins, and increase weight loss.​

You can create your own ‘hot room’ to exercise in: run a bath full of hotwater and work out in the bathroom.

The hot water in the tub will create a hot, steamy environment, perfect for opening pores, toxin elimination, vasodilation, increased flexibility, and sweat production.​

Enjoy the heat and work up a sweat; you can facilitate your weight-loss by getting some exercise at the same time with some stretches and a few gentle back bends.​

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#2: Eat six times per day- whether you feel like it or not.

Eating several LARGE meals and several substantial snacks every day is important for resetting your metabolism and getting rid of ‘false hunger’ and sugar cravings.

You need to keep your body ‘topped up’ with food to boost your metabolism and get rid of fat.You need to eat three large meals, EVERY DAY, interspersed with several healthy fresh snacks in order to make sure your metabolism is running at full throttle.

This is a fact recognized by many prominent physicians and dieticians around the world, but because it doesn’t sound like good ‘weight-loss science’, many overweight people disregard it and try to get by on as little food as possible.


Sounds crazy, I know – but it’s the truth!

Eat six meals, three of which are LARGE, WELL-BALANCED meals consisting of quality organic protein, quality carbohydrate, and quality fat.​

For example, breakfast might be organic eggs, beef, chicken, salmon (whatever protein source you like) with organic grilled mushrooms and organic potatoes, cooked in organic olive oil or organic coconut oil.

Lunch might be a big sandwich of organic rye or sour dough bread (toasted if you like) with organic, free-range meat, cheese, and vegetables, topped with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of sea-salt for added flavor.

A good snack might be organic apples (carb) and organic cheese (protein and fat) with a small glass of fresh juice (for extra flavor and extra nutrients and enzymes), consumed in between meals.

Are you getting the picture? You need to eat LARGE meals, and have REGULAR snacks in order to speed up your metabolism and get thin. Thin people typically eat a LOT of food, and they do it EVERY DAY – so start copying them!​

You must follow this if you want to understand how to lose weight without dieting and working out too much.​

#3: Get a lot of sleep, every night.

Sleep is when your body ‘resets’ its hormones, repairs damage, and sorts out any imbalances that might have started during the day.

The human body releases certain healing chemicals between the hours of 11 pm and 2 am – including human growth hormone.

The hormone that regulates muscle growth and cellular healing - that are proven to ‘reset’ the body’s metabolic rate, the sleep/wake cycle,the appetite, the immune system, and just about everything else pertaining to a happy, healthy, energetic, thin body.

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If you don’t sleep enough, your body releases floods of stress hormones including cortisol which literally stimulate your appetite, promote weight-gain, and increase food cravings for sugary and salty foods.

Fat people are chronically tired and have strange sleeping patterns. They go to bed late and get up late, but never really feel RESTED. They minimize their body’s chances of healing itself, balancing its metabolic rate, and removing food cravings.

Thin people go to sleep at around the same time each night and sleep for at least seven hours (eight or more is common.)

They sleep deeply and soundly and awake feeling refreshed, fit and healthy. They give their body EVERY chance to heal the damage done in the previous day release toxins, boost cellular turnover, and get rid of unnecessary fat.

To optimize weight-loss, muscle growth, fat reduction, appetite balance, clear skin, and bright sparkling eyes, ideally go to sleep between 10 and 11 pm and wake up between 6 and 7 am.​

#4: Eat as much as you want, whatever you want, and whenever you want.

To boost your metabolism, you CANNOT limit your food intake.

Reducing calories is a great way to slow your metabolism down, create more hunger and fatigue, boost food cravings, and cause your body to hang on even tighter to its remaining fat stores.In other words, hunger = fat!

But since you already know you’ve gotta eat six times a day, that’s old hat by now, right?So here’s where it REALLY gets interesting.

Not only do you need to eat SIX TIMES a day, including three LARGE meals you also need to make sure you’re not stinting on WHAT you want to eat.

It’s not only quantity, it’s also quality that really counts here. And when I say ‘quality’, I mean that it satisfies your nutritional requirements AS WELL AS your emotional requirements.

Food has got to satisfy your HEART as well as your intestines! So if you want creamy mashed potatoes with a fried steak and caramelized onions, go right ahead.

If you are using your willpower to ‘force’ yourself to stick to an unpalatable regime of foods that don’t really satisfy you – if you are feeling deprived in ANY WAY – it’s never going to work.

You cannot hold up forever if part of you feels unsatisfied. Not where food’s concerned. Trust me: hundreds of thousands of people cannot be hallucinating the fact that DIETING AND DEPRIVATION CREATE WEIGHT GAIN.

It’s the old deprive/binge cycle: you deprive yourself of what you really want until, sooner or later, something happens to trigger your appetite past the point of no return.

Trust me. I’ve been there. This is not about ‘eating the right foods’ and ‘just being strong enough to stick with it. ’Life doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to swim WITH the current, not against it!

And in this case, that means eating what you want, when you want it, in amounts big enough to satisfy you and, here’s key.

#1, without leaving you feeling stuffed and sick. Yep, you’ve gotta be able to stop eating once you reach that satisfaction point – which lies​ somewhere between ‘I think I’ve had enough now’ and ‘My belly’s sticking out so far that it hurts.’

You can always have more, as and when you want and need it. No need to cram it all in now.​

The second key to making this work for you: to make sure you ONLY eat 100% organic foods.

So if you have a serious jones for potato chips, that’s fine. Eat them until you’re totally satisfied.​

But instead of eating the brand-name potato chips, which are packed with trans fats(a proven cause of heart disease and obesity), msg (an excitotoxin causing depression, anxiety, and obesity) and all sorts of crazy fake chemicals, filler ingredients, and carcinogens like maltodextrin, partially-hydrogenated soybean oil, and acrylamide, choose the HEALTHY VERSION. It’s very, very simple.​

Instead of shopping at your ‘normal’ grocery store, where such unhealthy foods reign supreme and you have to look very hard to find anything truly healthy, get into the habit of shopping at stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Wild Oats, and your health-food stores.​

#5: Replace soda with 2 to 3 litres (one-half to one gallon) of pure water per day.

Fact: soda is like liquid fat cells. If you drink it, it will smear itself all over your stomach,butt, thighs, and triceps and will be VERY hard to shake off.

Soda is not just ‘fizzy sugary water’ – the effect is much worse than the sum of its parts.

The reason is mostly to do with the fact that big-name companies now almost exclusively use high-fructose corn syrup instead of sugar.

High-fructose corn syrup (HFC) is proven to play havoc with your insulin levels, appetite, hunger perceptions, and rate of energy conversion to fat cells. Fat people almost invariably consume HFC on a daily basis.

It is partially responsible for the HUGE obesity epidemic sweeping the USA and other countries – not just because of soda, but because this ingredient is now present in almost ALL commercially-manufactured foods.

Bread, soda, beer, yogurt, potato chips, chocolate, candy, processed meat, juice, wine, canned fruit, canned vegetables, tomato ketchup – you name it and it’s got HFC in it.

But soda is by far the worst, because ALL IT IS is basically carbonated water, HFC, food acid, and flavor.​

So, if you truly want to lose weight without dieting stop drinking soda from today.​

What Happens Now?​

Raising your metabolism is not like doing a 10-day detox program or a diet that you do fora certain period of time and then quit.

It’s something that you do INSTEAD of dieting to change your body from the inside out to get rid of fat storage, resculpt your body, and lose tremendous amounts of unnecessary fat while building muscle and getting rid of toxins.

What I’m saying is that the choices you make on a daily basis have an impact on how your body functions in the future – including how much fat you’re carrying and how many food cravings you struggle with (and how intense they are.)

If you want to heal your body and regain a youthful, slim body, high energy levels, and a life that’s free from the plague of food addiction and craving, START NOW.​

Your first step is to sweat more. Sweating is ABSOLUTELY KEY to losing the toxins that are clogging your body and making your metabolism sluggish.

Once you sweat on a regular basis – 3 times a week would be the ideal minimum – you can start enjoying the benefits of the other steps.

Don’t worry about taking vitamins or trying to cut calories either.

As long as you are SWEATING REGULARLY and eating a wide variety of foods that you genuinely want to eat, including junk food, and as long as those foods are mostly organic (shop at health-food stores to ensure they are), you are healing your body and you ARE balancing everything out.

But sweating is absolutely key; without that sweat you will not come back into balance and you will not make progress with food cravings and addictions.

The thing to remember is that this is NOT about WILLPOWER. You should not feel like you are ‘struggling’ to ‘stick to’ the ‘program’.

The whole point is that it’s very, very easy.Think about it: it’s very easy to sweat more. Just find a sauna or a Bikram yoga studio, oruse your own shower or bath

At the same time it’s very easy to shop at a health-food store and eat more organic food. It’s very easy to sleep at regular times. It’s easy to drink water.​

And it’s VERY easy to eat the healthy versions of the foods you want, in the amounts you want! But start now if you want to lose weight without dieting or working out much.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get on with your new life: the life where every day feels like a sunny walk in the park, because you are enjoying the feel of living in your healthy, thin, energetic body.​

Where every day is pleasurable and enjoyable because you are satisfied with the normal amounts of food you are eating and you aren’t plagued with insatiable cravings for foods that leave you feeling sick in body and mind.

Where you are happy and at peace, able to focus and concentrate, with more energy to socialize, play, and accomplish your life’s goals.

Start now! Boost your metabolism! Clean your body! Break free of your food addictions and weight problems, and know that as long as you follow these very basic, simple guidelines, your ideal body is ABSOLUTELY achievable, ABSOLUTELY without painful effort or the need for ‘willpower’.

So what are you waiting for? Start now. Do it. And have fun!​

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