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How To Make Your Ex Want You Back Step-by-Step Guide


And to do that you have to stay true and accept even if it was your mistake. I am telling this because accepting the truth is very painful.

Now it's time for some serious thinking and find out why your relationship ended, it's time to go to the root of the problem.

But I believe you must stay strong strong as you're not the only one with a broken heart.

You're confused, frustrated, dejected and helpless with a huge task on your hand, the task of getting back with your ex.

You had an awesome sex life and amazing relationship with your ex, everything was going smooth until one day you received a unexpected call from your ex saying: "I don't want to live with you anymore" you're stunned and just don't know what to do.

#1. First Things First Get To The Root of The Problem To Find Out Why You Guys Broke Up

I want you to understand that there’s no trick or magic formula that will change your ex's mind over night to get back again with you in your fantasy island.

This is not an over night process, it will take some time, some grinding, some doing and some pain too.

Hold on before you continue reading further, I want to make one thing very clear if you really want to learn how to get make your ex want you back.

So girls let's find out How To Make Your Ex Want You Back

Believe me the tips and tricks I will reveal in this guide are truly amazing and powerful so use them for good and use them correctly as it's the question of your love life.

Now that you've stumbled on this page, I will show you real secrets to re-ignite your ex’s attraction and convince them to give your love life another shot.

Sounds crazy, I know. But trust me you'll be astonished with the results after reading this article......I can bet on that.

Believe me or not guys it's all possible with few genuine and honest text messages that will bring back the lost love, passion, sex, and romance again into your life. 

You will also find out how the intimate and sensual mind of your ex really works, and what steps you can take to build the relationship you’ve always dreamed of again.

Also what you're about to read in this article will help you to develop a deeper realization of how and why your relationship ended.

The point is unless you truly miss and appreciate your ex, feel like you’ve got a true bonding, and feel like the reasons you broke up are things you can sort out, nothing can make them miss you or want you back or even fall in love with you again.

It's good news ​because you have just passed the first step, you proved you still love and care for them and secretly want to get back with your ex.

It's obvious and it should be obvious because this pain is what describes the intensity of love for your ex.

I know how you probably feel like your heart got ripped out and stomped on, and that the pain you’re feeling right now will never go away.

Are you hurt? Definitely yes I know that is why you googled How To Make Your Ex Want You Back....Right

Accepting the true reality is more painful than the actual breakup itself.

But this step can't be skipped, it may appear like a stumbling block now, but the path to getting back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend actually starts from here by truly admitting the truth.

I know you must have already wasted countless hours thinking and analyzing what went so horribly wrong that your relationship ended.

But to be honest now you have to do a bit of emotional investigation work to untwist the mystery of your breakup in different style.

Let's dig a little deeper for more understanding and insights on why you guys broke up

  • It could be they had find someone else.....This is the worst case scenario and you better hope this is not true.
  • It could be they were not feeling conected to you anymore but didn’t want to hurt your feelings
  • They were bored. Some people get bored easily. These people can be in a monogamous relationship, but it’s more work for you
  • They were sick and tired of being with you as you were not able to fulfill their emotional and sexual needs. They were searching for an obvious reasons to end the relationship with you.
  • They were just having casual dating with you and were not so serious.
  • Last but not the least they just don't see you as an ideal partner which is really painful to hear.

To be honest it could be anything, but to find the truth you must recall the past and try to find out key patterns and problems that were always a part of argument, distress and fight between you and your ex.

Probably this could have been the reason they decided to end the relationship with you.

In the process of finding out the truth don't forget that, whatever you're doing is for both of you.

In other words you still value the relationship, because if you would have really felt good about the break up, you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading this huge guide.

PRO-TIP - Even though you're doing all these stuffs to get back with your ex, you don't need to reveal these to him or her, just stay normal as if you don't care.

If they some how got to know you're still crying for them, it will make you vulnerable in their eye and also reduce your chances of getting back with them.

So better be careful about this fact for now keep things in the confines of your heart........I hope it's making sense.

#2. Crucial Step Have Control on Your Emotions And Feelings And Find Out Why You Want To Get Back With Your Ex To Prepare For The Big Success

 I assume now you must have figured out the reason behind the breakup. Of course not exactly but to an extent for sure.

This step is very crucial so hold on with your emotions if you want to find out how to make your ex fall in love with you again.

Note that break up can really break you from inside and that feeling of pain can push you to do anything it takes to cure the pain.

It can feel like drowning, like severe depression, or even as physical pain.

You might find yourself crying, getting frustrated, start drinking, buying relationship help books and many crazy things as your heart and mind is not in your control.

So in order to heal that pain to some extent please realize the fact that even if you happen to get back together now it won't instantly heal the pain.

That's why you need to take a break of few weeks to allow the pain to subside and stop obsessing over your ex for some days.

The reason you want to get back with your ex has to be more powerful than the reason you broke up.

If I’m going to help you, and you’re going to go through all the work of getting your ex back, you need a damned good reason.

Let's find out some of the obvious reasons that you may have already said many times in your relationship and also heard it in your friends relationship too.

  • Even though you guys broke up, still you love him or her so much that you cannot see them with someone else.
  • You are incredibly attracted to your ex.
  • You believe you share the best sexual che​​mistry with one another which is rather impossible to have with someone else.
  • This is not the first time you guys fought, it has happened many times but you get back together once the anger cools down.
  • No can understand you the way your ex does.
  • You guys understand each other's feelings and emotions even without expressing.

So, now that you have figured out the powerful reasons to get back with your ex. Let’s paint a picture of what “getting them back again” means in true sense. It is significant so execute this part correctly. 

To do this step you need to take help of POWER OF VISUALIZATION. Professionals perform this exercise every time  before any important tasks.

It has been proved in research when professionals spend 75 percent of their time on mental training and 25 percent on physical training to extract the best possible results.

​I will leave this exercise for you to complete as getting back can mean different things for different individual.

The only thing I urge you is don't get back with your ex to take revenge be compassionate toward feelings of your ex as you're toward yourself.

Performing this exercise will give you the “RIGHT MOMENTUM” to convert your relationship from where it is now one step closer to your “Big Success.”

Think small, but think genuine and real and you'll get closer little by little.

Getting the "RIGHT MOMENTUM" is critical to make your big success feel practical and real.

That is why this MOMENTUM can lead to all the good things you want to happen in your broken relationship.

#3. Create Something Fresh Something New That Would Last Forever.

Of course, things has really been very frustrating ever since the break up. Life seems like an never ending battle and it seems so ha​​rd to over your ex.

But it's time to move on not without your ex but WITH your ex without even revealing about your BIG SUCCESS plan.

It's time to create something new. Something trustworthy. Something fresh.

Something better. Something that would last for life time. In other words you got to think about the future for better life by burying the past.

It has been more than a month now, so now it's the right time to send a text message.

But the question is what text message should you send?

As I said above now it's time to bury the past and start fresh so why not send an optimistic text message that would brighten their day or at least bring a smile on their sad face.

The message can something like the one below

Hi Sam, I was just sitting in my bed room this afternoon smiling thinking about the time you tried to teach me play guitar. I'll have to try that some day again....Cheers! Amaya

Now if you observe carefully you're not trying to talk about the past fights, resentments that might upset your ex's mood.

In stead you're polite, decent and talking something positive that feels good if not exciting.....

And at the same time you're not trying to convince your ex to come back again and neither you're trying to give any impression of being vulnerable without them, nor you're trying to show your anger........​

You're just trying to be plain, straight and simple and this will re-awaken the curiosity in their mind to find out what exactly you're thinking and what you're up to and that's what you want..............Right?

#4. You Must Try To Forgive Your Ex To Create Any Chance of Getting Back Together Again

If you want your ex to fall in love with you again, you need to forgive them for whatever good or bad they've said in anger that caused the break up.

Keeping a grudge feels powerful because it feels like you’re in the right. That’s the characteristics of a grudge.

However, that feeling is absolutely dangerous which only increases the GAP in relationship, in stead of filling it.

FORGIVENESS GIVE CONTROL. Till the time you're keeping a grudge against your ex, you’re allowing them to have control over your life and your emotions.

My friend I am not asking you should forget the phrases that were flung like so many Molotov cocktails at your heart, or the way he or she hurt you.

YES, it's absolutely hard to forget those sarcastic and painful words that pricked like a needle in your heart.

But you must not forget that successful relationships are based on forgiveness, honesty and consideration.

And these are valuable lessons you must learn. You must accept whatever happened, forgive your ex, and be ready to move on.

Remember people hurt the people they care about the most​.

"In my mid-20's I always thought of myself as a guy who was never serious about dating and relationships, until I found the love of my life, My ex girlfriend but that relationship ended after 6 successful years.

I was madly in love with her and realized this truth after she had gone. I begged for her sorry, but it was too late and than I understood the seriousness of true love in real life relationships and more importantly, I found out how important it was to forgive someone and give them a fair chance by burying all the grudge, anger and resentments.

If only I had the chance life could have been different, my blog is the result of that break up. She is the inspiration behind my Blogging Career and even though she's not in my life she still exist in me and she will continue to live in my heart until the day I die......I pray she stays happy and prosperous wherever she is....OHH GOT BIT EMOTIONAL,,,I beg your pardon..

So the end conclusion that I want you to understand is it's very important to swallow your ego, pride and anger if you're seriously serious about your relationship."

#5. How To Make Your Ex Want You Back By Recalling Past Emotional Memories and Experiences

How to use texting skills to make your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend miss you and fall in love again.....It's easy all you need to do is exploit your ex’s current emotions good or bad to extract the best possible result you want.......The BIG SUCCESS if you remember.

Now, the tricky part is this - Powerful bad emotion is like a linebacker’s punch. At this point, it’s headed for your soft bits. You need to use that emotion and guide it so it’s diverted to something good and productive.

Note that whatever emotions your ex might be feeling for you whether it's "Good or Bad" , "Love or Hate" taking it positively in many ways, is a GOOD thing.

​This is also the reason why it was important to go through that few weeks phase without contacting them.

Because getting in touch in that period would have only made things more worse. But after few weeks as the anger and pain has cooled off little bit.

It's time to use "Hate or Love" feeling to good effect. Note that any positive or negative powerful emotion can be transformed and guided to something good....How to do it, I will show you with simple texting.

Say For Instance: If your ex is annoyed with you, you can use that annoyance to re-awaken the spark of love that’s probably still exist in the deep core of their heart.

If your ex is pained by you, you can use that pain to open up the desire for acceptance and love that left them open to being pained by you in the first place.

​HOLD ON: With Texting I am not talking about dirty sexting examples. Be serious it's not take dirty texting or late night that you did to seduce your ex......

It's something amazing that will tap into the deepest part of their heart and make them crawl back to you.

It's time to now to list the BEST PLACES AND EXPERIENCES your ex and you ever had together. The memories you shared, the love you made. It's time to recall those beautiful stories to make your ex want you back again.

The stories that will crawl right into your ex’s unconscious...the stories that will make them smile, laugh, or reminisce, whether they want to or not.

Brainstorm and recall those amazing stories. The stories that are SUPER EMOTIONAL for both of you.

It's because you were both experiened it together and have strong and intense connection with this stories even if you're not together these stories won't die.

Bring that flash back in your ex's mind again by waking those stories to life again, trust me it is one of the best ways to get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back again.

It's insanely powerful, strong emotions can break mountains trust me. And to be honest these stories could be anything.

The first time you kissed, or your first date, first sex or the way you guys met the first time. If it’s a story you shared often, it might be easy for you to recall every detail.....I hope you're getting what I'm trying to convey.

I believe Romantic Experiences are the best to share with your ex on phone.

Whatever happened between you guys, but those lovely romantic mements can't be ignored where it was only just the two of you having amazing time together without any external distractions.

It could be ten minutes, an hour, a day, or more. This could also be the moment you discovered you were madly in love with each other.

Now it's time to use these experience for reaching the BIG SUCCESS.​

"I still remember the time my girlfriend and I use to sit in my bedroom doing stuffs ......Just sitting on the sofa watching T.V. or playing games or eating chocolates. This are things you would never do in daily course.

Those were awesome moments, I still remember and desperately feel like living them again.

The point is if I can recall those moments after 10 long years, why not you..

Note that having sex in the bedroom is not the only memory guys. These every- day rituals are what strong relationships are made of.

For me and my girlfriend, it’s sitting around in our sweatpants, eating ice cream and watching T.V. was really amazing and it still feels real when I think of those  When I think of those moments."

Remember, emotions have lot of power it doesn't matter whether they're positive or negative what matters is they're your emotions. Emotions that you both experienced together.............USE it positively and correctly, you'll definitely get better results.

#6. The Magic Of Texting To Get Your Ex Back Again

Now if you have done the preparation it's time to contact your ex.This is probably your first or second contact with your ex in a while, and it’s going to set the tone for the conversation to come.

It's easier said than done....This first few texts will build the foundation of your future relationship with your ex.

​I urge you to keep the first few texts light and don’t do anything that requires your ex to do emotional or intellectual work. Make it super simple for them to respond positively.

Again do not forget that this one texts won't fix your relationship instantly..... Remember I said above it's not magic, it will take some doing and effort.....So be careful and don't get anxious.

Keep This Rules in Mind Before You Hit The Send Button

  • Stay positive. Do not talk about stuffs that caused the break up. Talk about something fun, not too heavy, not controversial, and ignore anything that may sadden your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend again.
  • Don't be needy or clingy, don't talk about sex or anything that would create disturbance.
  • Don’t speak anything about getting back again.
  • There are chances they might or might not reply back. But that's TOTALLY OK. Just chill and relax If the fish aren’t biting one day, it doesn’t mean they won’t bite again in the future. DO NOT send a barrage of texts. You don’t want to look like a stalker. Once a week is more than enough to start of.

Once you’ve sent a few messages, now it’s time to move on to some of the best texts that you can send to increase your chances of getting back together with your ex again.

Now that you've send the initial set of texts carefully now it's time to recall the romantic memories and the past experiences.

It’s time to put those into action. They’re one of the most powerful tools for re-engaging your ex in right communication and stoking the embers into a nice little flame​.

Just go slow It's still not the right time for real-world re-connection. After all you've just started to get in touch.

Still things are very new as you’re trying to plant the seeds of positive thoughts and emotions in your ex’s mind so they start thinking about you in a positive way.

 As I discussed above RECALLING EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES naturally make those good times feel as real as possible.

In other words you're putting your feelings into words: This is called the power of emotional language.

We human have a multi-layered brain. There’s the cerebral cortex, which does a lot of the self-control, reasoning, planning, and abstract thought.

Those are exactly the things you DON’T want your ex to be using at this point. Then there’s the cerebellum, which is responsible for motor control. Not our target here, either.

What we need to activate is the amygdala, a group of cells on either side of the brain–quite primitive, actually that understands and responds to your emotion.

We want to bypass the rational brain the part that is calculating, clinical, and filled with suspect, and get the positive emotions moving.

Not only does this get past the rational mind, it also activates memory and social connection, both of which are functions that the amygdala is involved in. True Story!

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Truly speaking, Once you get to the point of texting and you start sharing the past memories and experiences.

The most likely scenario is that your ex might come back to you with memories or details of their own, getting engaged with you in the conversation in positive sense.

If this happens there's a fair possibility of things slowly getting on track again and during this process always ensure to steer the conversation towards the positive.

The idea should be to help them focus on fun, pleasurable, warm, and fuzzy memories and positive feelings about you.

#7. How To Make Your Ex Want You Back By Making Them Jealous.

Ahh, jealousy. The green-eyed monster. The vicious beast in the mind of every man and woman...And now it's the right time to use it productively.

Jealousy is natural and inbuilt. It's spontaneous and exist naturally in our mind and more importantly jealousy can't be avoided it has very powerful and strong influence on human mind.

Do you know why people get jealous? 

Jealousy comes on surface when you're afraid of losing something that matters a lot.

In other words you want to protect what’s yours. Otherwise, someone else is going to come along and pollute your gene pool and you’ll end up raising their spawn like a chickadee raising a cuckoo.

People tend to believe what other people believe and do what other people do. Say For Instance - "If a common friend tells you that your ex is partying and having fun with some sexy hot people".

Naturally you'll feel jealousy..........RIGHT? because you still love him or her and you're not over your them yet.

So why not use this jealousy factor to your advantage. if your ex knows that attractive and valuable people see you as attractive and valuable, your stock will go up radically.

If your ex knows you’re being hit on by “hot” people, he or she will most likely feel a horrible pang of jealousy and doubt the whole “breakup” thing......In other words jealousy will make them want you badly.

​There’s part of your ex that gets off on having you go crazy over them. Taking that away and softly showing that you’ve moved on is very strong technique for the building love like attraction again.

BUT you can’t be stupid obvious about it. Don’t rub it in their face; just that you’ve ensure for a while that you've really moved on and you're over them.

Remember you're not doing this to create some kind of HAVOC in their life. You're doing this just to evoke that buried love and curiosity in your ex's mind.

What it actually means carefully and judiciously letting your ex in on the positive aspects of your post breakup life, while softly turning the screws in their heart.

In other words you're mixing the jealousy factor with connection and the reminder that you know them well in a really interesting way.​

(Note: Jealousy is the Catalyst in this case so use it carefully or else the reaction of your action may influence the BIG SUCCESS you have planned.

#8. It's Time to Re-invent The Lost intimacy By Planting The Seeds of Desire in Your Ex's Mind.

To re-invent the lost intimacy again we will take help of the text message tricks. As it uses the power of memory to recall and bring up strong, positive and almost irresistible emotions in your ex.

But this time it's a bit different, instead of make your ex remind of a specific event, you need make them remind and realize of how close you both once were.

If everything goes well your messages will slowly plant the seed that you could be that close again. You can do that again if you've seriously followed the above steps.

You want your ex to almost CRAVE for the close support you always gave them. In a gentle way, you want to make them realize that they not only don’t want to live without you, but can’t live without you.

The way to do this is NOT to say, “You can’t live without me” or vice versa, but to actually make yourself useful to your ex in a way that nobody else could.

Note: In the process of re-inventing your relationship again. I want you to be careful and not to commit for anything that you can’t stand by, REMEMBER this if you seriously want to make your ex back want you back and fall in love with you again.

Question: How should you react to your ex's responses positive or negative?

To be honest if you've read every line of this guide carefully, you know more or less what to do with most types of responses. If your ex texts back and wants to chat, go ahead.

REMEMBER to stay calm and keep things positive. And don't forget YOU should be the one to end the conversation.

Suppose if your ex doesn’t respond, don’t take it otherwise. If your ex reacts negatively for some reason, stay in control, stay positive, and back off.

PRO-TIP: There may also be a chance or situation where your ex needs your help and if they really do, don't miss this opportunity.

Remember you’re committed to a long-term relationship with him or her, so better help them. To be clear tricks and ideas are part of these guide to make your ex come back to you and that's fine.

But if they genuninely need your support, just go for it. As staying aloof will do more harm than good in that case. Sometimes life chooses the path for us and we have to walk it the best we can, pardner

#9. It's Time To Take Your Texting Game To Another Level By Talking About Sex And Attraction.

No matter what happens in life and world, sex is one thing that just cannot be ignored or thrown out of the equation......RIGHT?

Since, the whole idea of this epic guide revolves around "How To Make Your Ex Want You Back Again"...........

We need to stay positive and optimistic and to stay positive we shall assume whatever tricks and techniques we have discussed in this post is true and it's actually going to happen in reality....And now after putting so much patience and effort.

It's time to get into your ex's erogenous zone by taking about sex to bring more life and energy into your broken relationship.

If I am not wrong many people in our society undervalue the significance of sex in a relationship.

They try to prove it whole lot less significant than it actually is because they are shy or uncomfortable to talk about it. But in privacy these are the people who love doing it the most.....Trust me I mean it and I know I'm hundred percent correct.

But the truth is that sex plays a very significant role in success of any relationship. Heck, sex could have been the reason why you and your ex broke up in the first place (lack of sexual urge, bad sex, weird sexual compatibility, cheating ...Are you getting the point)

And it’s a AWESOME trick to trigger your ex's emotional buttons and get into their mind to bring them closer to you.

Now before you get excited to put your fingers on the send button by talking dirty....Understand one very vital thing.

Both men and women love doing sex, but both think about it differently , I’m going to break this down a little bit for each gender.

Ensure to read both sections, though–who knows, you might pick up some useful tricks that might help you get back with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.......OK


It's so easy to entice a man........Oooooooo....the sexual mind of a man. It’s so. . . straightforward....Being a man I know how desperate can be sometimes for sex. It's so easy for a woman to tap into the erogenous zones of your man or any man for that matter......Trust me girls, it's too easy..

  • Your goal is to TEASE. You need to make your ex WANT you on a deep and primal level. You want to remind him that YOU know him and his sexual needs more than anyone else, how to make him feel good. Men like to feel powerful, in control, and dominant.
  • Do not go “all the way” with your ex yet, even virtually. Men LIKE to chase. It gives them an energy that almost nothing else in the world can replace. Remember that's what men want in relationships. If you give in to your ex boyfriend too early you’ll screw the puppy when it comes to getting when it's your turn.
  • This is not the first instance, but in most of my articles I have quoted that Men are VISUAL creatures, and for them a picture really does “say a thousand words.” They can work wonders. HOWEVER ensure you're not sending any nude pictures that will make you regret later.....Be mindful of that..
  • The best time to apply these tips is when he’s busy at work, out with mates, or doing something significant. The point is when he's busy he won't be able to display his full attention which creates a great amount of tension..... and that's what you want if you want to make your ex boyfriend want you back and fall in love again with you.


​If you’re a man trying to seduce your ex-girlfriend AND MAKE HER WANT YOU AGAIN. . . congratulations, you’re going to BE THANKFUL to me for life long....What I am going to reveal now it's just awesome stuff....

  • A female's mind is her biggest erogenous zone. I must say if you have the ability to turn on her mind, 90 percent of the job is done.... her body will automatically follow. . . and the Using The Correct Words is the best possible way to turn most women on.
  • You got to start slow and THEN TAKE IT FROM THERE. First get her into your groove, built that trust through words to help her surrender you...
  • It’s best to use these techniques when she’s at work, out with friends– when she can’t really give the attraction texts 100% attention and even needs to hide what she’s looking at a little......This will make her ache for you.
  • If all goes well she may ask you to “come over,”  and it can also be a trick, maybe she's checking your intentions. So better meet her in a restaurant first. Don't jump in excitement, stay calm and composed.
  • This will certainly make her think and it will also prove that you're not meeting her for sex, you actually love and care her. You need to show that you still love and respect her and the relationship you’re trying to build again is for life time and not temporary.....I hope it's making sense.

I hope it all works out for you keep your fingers crossed AND in the end I must say that this massive guide is not only about getting back with your ex again.

It’s about understanding your relationship and getting closer genuinely to the person you love, accepting them for who they are and not what you want to turn them into.

It's all about laying the groundwork and foundation for a stronger and better relationship.​ Remember the grass always look greener on the other side, but what you don't remember is there are others who're eyeing the grass on your side and they would be happy to trade places with you.

It's takes seconds to break ​relationships, but life time of effort to make it work and it's a two way process not 50-50 commitment but 100-100 only than your relationship will survive.

To be honest this was all I could cover in a blog post and I believe you enjoyed reading it and more than that what matters is, it should help you to get back with your ex. After all​ that's the main goal and the BIG SUCCESS if you remember we discussed above.

Last but not the least before I conclude only if you can trust me I would genuinely ​love to recommend you something that can seriously help your journey of getting back with your ex.

Not only that it will also help you to improve as a human after all that's what is lacking in today's modern world......I want you to CHECK OUT THIS PROGRAM HERE 

I will stop here if you really liked this post, please do not forget to share with other beautiful people around you to spread more love and happiness around the world.

See you another day in a brand new article just like this one, Till than have my best wishes in life.......TAKE CARE GOD BLESS​ and don't forget to watch the video above or below....

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