How To Manifest Money Quickly And Easily With The Power of Universe


How to manifest money quickly and easily? It seemed like a funny joke to be honest when I first heard about it.

But when I actually went through the whole process of manifestation by tuning into the power of the universe.

For the first time in my life, I realized there was something called the "VIBRATIONAL ENERGY", in other words "UNIVERSE"

To be honest, I don't want to give you any wrong and manipulative wealth affirmations TECHNIQUES that will HELP you manifest money instantly and get rich over night.

But YES you can definitely learn about manifesting money with the help of "DESTINY TUNING"

This post will teach you how to manifest money quickly with the help of the power of universe.

The only thing is you need to feel and believe you can attract money, unless you believe in your mind, you won't be able to manifest money.

It's as simple as that. Guys if it was so EASY to attract money and abundance, all would have been a millionaire isn't it?

You might have experienced this thing in your own life, when someone asks you to stay positive in life.

You try your butt out to stay positive and get rid of the negative energy. But somehow you don’t feel like it.

Many times this has happened in your life and with me too. What I want to say here is when you truly desire something in life, you have to “feel like it”.

Same holds true when you're thinking about manifesting money into your life. You need to feel and believe it first, it's not easy but definitely not impossible. 

Manifesting money or wealth affirmations is all about feeling and bringing your life energy to real life experience.

The more playful and open you can get with the Universe, the more you will creates chances of attracting money or anything you want in life.

In this post I will share with you some tips and ideas that will help you to manifest money, at the same time live the life of your dreams

Let's take a LITTLE DEEPER LOOK at the process MANIFESTATION to understand How to manifest money quickly and easily.

Guys manifestation is not only about feeling good emotions and having positive thoughts, it’s also about realizing and understanding that your dreams and desires are in tune with your own personality.

In other words your desires are in complete alignment with who you truly are.

It is this alignment that will help you discover the true purpose of your life.

And once you discover your true passion and purpose, it is the point at which your energy will be vibrating at its greatest and that is the point at which you will begin to manifest like magic.

If you want to understand how to manifest money, better skip thinking about your negative thoughts.

Most people are so ingrained with their negative thoughts that they keep their focus and attention on what they don’t want.

In the process they only end up getting things what they hate and not what they actually want and love to have.

There's no harm in knowing what you don't want in life, in fact it's a good beginning point for understanding what you don't want.

But staying with that thought is nothing less than foolishness.

In other words you need to start guiding your focus on things you want, things that make you happy, things that matter to you the most in life.


Conclusion - Focus on the solution, not the problem

Most of us use our energy thoughtlessly. We’re not even aware of our own part in creating our own reality.

Say for instance - When you want to learn about manifesting money, you have to train and program your mind to work in that direction.

It's because “like attracts like”, what you think and believe, you get it. If not today, maybe tomorrow with little patience and work in the right direction, but you will get that's for sure.

It’s just a question of deciding to positively create the life you truly desire and using the power of the Law of Attraction in your favor.

So how can you start to thoughtfully change your thoughts, your perspective, your feelings and your vibrations into what you want in life.

If you want to manifest money, you need to believe in what you think and master them.

What I want to say is with the help of Law of Attraction you magnetically attract the things you think about most often, whether you want them or not.

If you think positive you'll attract positive and with negative you'll end up attracting negative.

You have approximately 60,000 thoughts each day. What do you spend most of your thoughts thinking about?

Do you focus on your goals, dreams and aspirations? With goals and dreams I mean manifesting money, success, health, peace and well-being.

The point is do you possess the ability to shift your thoughts towards building faith, confidence and positive beliefs?

Do you wonder thinking about your life problems, fears and worries? Do you wonder about how you'll to pay your credit card dues?

Do you focus on your anger, jealousy or other negative emotions? Do you kill your dreams with self-doubts or false beliefs?

As I said, your thoughts create your reality, if you believe you're tired, helpless and frustrated that's what you'll attract.

The point is we are so in tune with our negative thoughts that we just don't have enough space to attract positive thoughts.

And you simply cannot manifest or attract money and abundance with negative thoughts and beliefs.

I will share a simple three step process that will help you start to altering your thoughts to more positive ones that are in line with creating what you do want.

Say for instance you want to learn how to manifest money so you also need to understand what does it takes to earn money or how can I achieve it.

Think about the craziest thing you want in life desperately, let's assume you want to manifest money and abundance in life.

1. Observe:  What imaginations, thought, beliefs or story are you telling yourself about your dream?

Say For Instances - Your mind believes its impossible to make money for someone like me..

2. Question:  Be honest Ask yourself whatever your thought, belief or story is reflecting, is it really true? is it really impossible to manifest money and your dream life or it's just your thinking that's stopping you from fulfilling your desires.

Say for instance - Can you think of anyone who was very poor, low in confidence and self esteem just like you...To be honest if you read inspirational stories of successful people, you'll realize even they had to face lot of hardships, making money and success was not easy for them too. If they can do why can't you.

3. Replace:  What’s a more positive thought you could choose which would help you move forward towards your dream i.e. manifesting money and abundance.

Say for instance: Believe in your mind that you can do anything, achieve anything in life. In other words you can cross any hurdle to get what you want.

Remember it's not so easy to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones but to live your dream life you have to train your mind and heart and with practice you'll be able what you want in life.


Now how do you do that? How do you tune into the natural vibrational energy and guidance that your feelings provide?

How do you use that energy to help you manifest what you wish to create in your life?

It’s not that hard trust me just follow me. Pay close attention to your feelings and what they’re telling you.

The closer you are to the frequency of You and who you really are, the amazingly better you feel.

Believe me guys, it's significant to be conscious of your thoughts for they will reveal your feelings.

If you’re thinking a thought that is critical of yourself, of others or of the world, or a thought that doesn’t resemble to who you are, it will naturally create negative feelings and vibrational discord.

You just cannot feel negative thoughts and feel good simultaneously.

Negative feelings are a helpful indicator however that what you’re thinking about isn’t serving you.

Your feelings are telling you that you’re not in alignment with who you really are because, as you’re discovering, being You feels good

To start to feel better and get back in tune with yourself immediately, choose to find a thought that feels a bit better.

Say for instance, if you’ve decided that you want to get out of debt by manifesting money but you’re thinking,“I’ll never get out of debt.

I owe too much” you’ve chosen a thought that will not serve your desire to get out of debt.

But not only that, your thought is not in tune with who you truly wish to be, a debt free person who mindfully manages their finances.

Shifting your imaginations to more positive ones like, “I can take one step every day to help rid myself of debt” is much more in line with your desire.

It’s also a imagination that will help you feel much better by leaving you with a sense of control and purpose interms of your finances

But here’s the significant thing to remember when manifesting money or any of your desires. It's not only significant to choose and feel good thoughts but it’s even more significant to stay aligned with your thoughts.

You really have to feel like it, if you want to attract money and abundance. You have to want whatever it is that you desire.

Let me tell you something. 

Have you ever imagined that you wanted one thing only to discover later that you really wanted something else?

So often we think we want something without taking the time to discover how we truly feel about what we want

You may think that you want a car because your friend Mike has one. Or you may think that you want a certain job because it offers decent pay and a level of security.

You may want to purchase a house in your neighborhood because it’s the perfect place to live in your town. 

Many people try to manifest things in this manner with limited or no success. The reason is that it takes a completely backwards approach to creating what you want.

The journey to successfully manifesting what you want starts by choosing a goal or target that is truly yours and one that you feel incredibly excited about.

If you’re not really excited or really feel like what you’re thinking about, you may not be aligned with your true desire or something that reflects your true self.

Learning how to manifest money is not a matter of choice, it's a matter of will power whether or not you're confident enough to achieve what you want.


Let me share with you my own example.

When I was 22, I was approached by a friend to work in ‘network marketing’ company. You might also be knowing about few of them, I don't want to reveal the names here.

It was seriously an tantalizing offer and I just couldn't resist to say No. Seriously the amount of money you could make by adding new members was quite astonishing and it really grabbed my attention - The friend who introduced me to this offer was already getting handsome chunk out of it, from doing nothing more than making a few phone-calls and arranging few meetings with new customers every week

One thing to note here is these were people who push other peoples at social gatherings, marriage functions to get into this "Networking Business". But I use to feel awkward talking about this to people I knew. Even when I tried few times, It felt like a sales pitch as if I am desperately trying to convince someone to get into something even when they are not interested and passionate about it

It was quite frustrating believe me guys to provoke someone who's busy in his life and suddenly you come from nowhere and ask them to get involve in something they just don't know, which looks promising on paper but in reality it's not. In fact very few people would love to do it wholeheartedly and it's not something that each one of us would pursue.

It was really irritating to provoke someone who's already busy in his life and suddenly you come from nowhere and ask them to get involve in something they just don't know, which appears promising on paper but in reality it's a trap. In fact very few people would love to do it wholeheartedly and it's not something that each one of us would love to pursue.

You can guess what happened next, can’t you? The same thing that happened with most of you, if you have ever done "Network Marketing" I fell flat on my face and all my dreams shattered like a broken glass

It was really annoying for me to ‘become one of those people’ who corners people at parties and social gatherings to ‘make a new member'

It's because I don't have that quality of pursuing people anywhere and everywhere. My true personality rebelled against my conscious wishes and it was something that was not tuning with my own personality.

In the end I decided to quit, the conclusion is you cannot manifest money if you actually don't take interest by heart. You have to pour your heart and soul into it, if you want to learn how to manifest money in your life.

If your heart and mind is not into something, no matter how ‘lucrative and tempting’ the opportunity is, you’re never going to excel.

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I believe it's enough now, before I conclude I want you to understand that manifesting money is not a magic, it's just that you need to get in tune with your own life and thoughts. Do positively what it takes to attract money and sooner or later you will get the success you always wanted. The only thing is be patient.

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