How To Overcome Fear of Failure That Stops You From Reaching Goals


Are you afraid of failing in life? If YES! its absolutely normal and we all have to walk through this step in life in the process of reaching our goals. But to stop this fear getting ingrained in your mind you've to learn how to overcome fear of failure.

Remember if you do not face your fears, it will stop you from reaching your goals. To be honest I've been through this difficult phase many times in my own life.

But every time I got stuck I overcome my fear by asking one simple question.

Am I born to fail or succeed?​

And this one question would remove all the negativity from my mind by motivating me to overcome this fear of failure and rejection and write the success story of my life.

So Are you ready to conquer your fear and write your success story?

If Yes Join me in this post.

And in between I will also share some thrilling and inspiring short stories of people who have overcome failure as an example for you to try and repeat the same in your life.

Remember every success story you read or hear today was once a story of great failures.​

So if you're ready let's begin.

#1. Fight Your Obstacles If You Want To Learn How To Overcome Fear Of Failure.

Obstacles are part of life that just can't be avoided and without facing obstacles you cannot reach your goals. 

To explain my point.

I would love to share with you a case study that I happen to read in

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology in 2011, where two groups of college students were created.

One group was asked to think that the coming week would be amazing.

And the other group was just asked to jot down any thoughts that occurred in their mind about the week.​

​The group of students that were asked to imagine the week would be amazing reported the feeling of less positivity, less energy and low self confidence.

On the other hand the group that was asked to imagine whatever comes to their mind reported more positive feelings.

The conclusion is thinking positive only won't help your situation.

Research has proved you get the best results only when you balance positive thinking by envisioning the future obstacles and struggles that you will face.

Remember the road to success passes through the journey of obstacles and fear.

In other words you cannot succeed without overcoming your fear of failure.

You'll love this inspiration story of Sir Thomas Edison.

One day a partially deaf four year old kid came home with a note in his pocket from his teacher, "Your Tommy is too stupid to learn, get him out of the school."

His mother read the note and answered, "My Tommy is not stupid to learn, I will teach him myself." And that Tommy grew up to be the great Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison had only three months of formal schooling and he was partially deaf.​

Would you call Thomas Edison a failure?

Had he quit in the middle with the fear of facing the failure than you could call him a failure.

But he didn't. 

That's what you need to practice in your life.

Try to fight your fear and move forward by facing it and believe me sooner or later you'll turn these fears and obstacles into stepping stone for success.​

#2. Keep Things Simple And Easy

If you will think about life in complex way you will always be in trouble.

Being complex is tough to visualize and it gets even tougher when you start thinking about the number of complexity in your life.

Sounds difficult to understand?

Let me explain you by breaking it into small segments.

Remember life is a journey and you've a long road to walk and in the process of this journey there are many things you want to accomplish.

And the problem arises when you just don't understand where and how to start....Right.

What if I would suggest  you to break your work in small segments.

Doing one thing at a time and forgetting about everything else.

It will not only help you to focus on one particular thing, but also help you from getting overwhelmed ​of doing lot of things at one time.

And believe me the fear of failure creeps in your mind especially when you've too much to do with very little time in your hands. 

You tend to feel confused, frustrated, less energetic and low on confidence.

And when you're feeling confused and frustrated the possibility of conquering your fear decreases and you falling prey in the clutches of your fear increases.

So if you want to overcome your fear try to make things easy for yourself.

Believe me its in your hands and no one else can do it for you.

#3. Fail Happily To Rejoice Success

I want to ask you one simple question?

Will you reach your goals in life if you don't take the risk of failing? Obviously not!

Remember failure can't be avoided but the fear of failure can be overcome if you're determined to success.​

Its simple if you don't do anything in life obviously you won't fail, but at the same time you even won't achieve anything.

Tell me does it make sense, living a meaningless life?

Let me to tell you something to motivate you.

Do you know that out of all the animals on the planet, men is the only animal that can be killed even by a tiny insect.

In other words men is the only creature who is physically less equipped in this world.

Men do not possess the eye of an eagle, nor does he have the claws and teeth of a wild tiger. Physically, if you see man has zero defense mechanism for help.

But even after all this, men is the only creature who possess the ability to think and I believe that's the greatest gift of nature to mankind.

But the sad part is, very few people make right use of this amazing gift to its full potential​ just because of the fear of failure.

And that's the biggest difference between people who're successful and those who're unsuccessful.

The fear of accepting the defeat.

But what they forget is failure is not the dead end, it is actually the stumbling block in the journey of your success and not a permanent episode.

You're bound to fail if you try.

No one in the world had tasted success in the first try, everyone has gone through the phase of trial and error and the same holds true for you too.... I hope its making sense.

#4. Feel Free To Explore Your Mind

Get out and explore your thoughts, you may fail once or twice but in the end victory will be yours.

Now exploring your thoughts doesn't mean doing all the bad things that come​ in your mind.

It means understanding and isolating the bad thoughts and exploring the good ones.

Remember when you'll free your mind with bad thoughts only than you'll create enough space for good thoughts to come in.

Or else you'll be prisoner of your own negative thoughts which will rule your life.

Say for instance - If you constantly get a feeling that you're not capable of doing anything in life, you'll slowly start to believe in that thought.

And over time this thought will become your life's reality, because that's what you've been thinking and growing.

And this negative thinking keeps stopping you from over coming the fear of failure.

A simple way to overcome your negative thoughts is - just don’t believe in them when they occur in your mind.

The point is you don't need to believe in every thought that comes in your mind.

If you get a feeling that you'll fail, just stop reacting to it and convince your mind to face the failure even if it is bound to happen in reality.

Don't allow your negative thoughts to rule your mind and heart, just neglect it.

Think in a positive way, you get 60000 thoughts every day that doesn't mean all this thoughts will turn into reality.........Right?

​Remember it's all psychological and in your mind. You need to master the fear of failure psychology by mastering your thoughts which one to believe and which one to ignore.

#5. Overcome Your Fear of Failure With Confidence

Confidence is what make or break a man.

If you're confident in your decision making the world will see you as a leader. 

Remember you may fail in your decision sometimes but that should not drop the level of your confidence.​

Building self confidence is not easy some people consistently find themselves in the vicious circle of low self confidence and self esteem​.

But certainly you can overcome your fear of failure by following the below steps and build positive self confidence.

  • As I said above whatever you do, do it with confidence irrespective what people say or even when they criticize you.
  • Mistakes are bound to happen and don't worry about making them. In stead learn from your mistakes and commit not to repeat them in future. It will not only improve your self confidence, but also provide you with the power to face your fears.
  • Take risks nothing great has been accomplished in life without taking risks.
  • Come out of your comfort zone and stop making plans. Believe in taking action, because no plan can be accomplished without taking action in life....A good example on that I will Share below....Just continue reading.
  • Don't judge yourself with other people's opinions. In other words don't make someone else's opinion your destiny. Remember you're unique in your sense and no one can stop you from doing what you want, unless you stop yourself.
  • Be what you're don't change your identity to please others.

Believe me all the above steps are possible you just need to make a little twist in your life style.

Every morning when you wake up don't look at your cell phone notifications first.

Get up and take 15 to 20 deep breath. I will explain you the process.

Take deep breath hold for 4 or 5 seconds and release slowly. Repeat it 15 to 20 times.

This will make you feel confident and energized. If possible set up a devotional chanting ringtone in your alarm so that the first thing you hear in the morning is something spiritual.

Believe me or not but if you want to find ways to overcome your fear of failure​ or rather conquer your fears, this is one beautiful way.

Its because having a good night's sleep make you relaxed and your subconscious becomes more receptive.

It sets the tone for the day, and puts you in the right state of mind to help you start your day positively and confidently.

If you're serious about bringing the change and stopping your fear from ruling your mind and heart you have to make this conscious effort by practicing this self confidence building exercises until they become a habit......Right

#6. Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing What You Feel You Cannot Do To Overcome Your Fear of Failure

I hope you remember I discussed about coming out of your comfort zone.

Let me explain what it means and it is something that happens with you in everyday life.

Do you know why we procrastinate and delay things in life?

Its because most of the times we are not comfortable doing those things.

Human mind is very lazy it always look for comfort and want to do only the things that give it pleasure and not pressure.

Trust me its the bitter truth of our lives.​

You try to avoid doing important tasks by procrastinating and complaining.

The reason for avoidance could be:

  • Either you're not interested in doing that thing even when you know somewhere in your mind that doing this step is the only way to reaching your goals.
  • Maybe you just don't know how to do it....This is where most people get stuck which eventually leads to fear and procrastination. Guys not knowing something is not the dead end. Learn it, learning is an art that only refines with failure remember this line.
  • Or maybe you're just not passionate about doing that thing. But guys sometimes you have to perform certain tasks irrespective of whether you're passionate about them or not.

All I want to say is just do it, don't run from things. “Don’t live your life with the fear failure.

Fear of failure develops with the belief of not being able to do certain things.

Don't let this happen to you, instead believe you can do it because nothing is impossible to achieve when you commit.

Believe me you can run a marathon with the right mindset and right attitude. All you need to do is just begin unless you begin you won't end.

#7. Find Out How To Overcome Fear Of Failure By Not Making Excuses

I've had some of my friends and even myself saying in my 20's take a chill pill.

In other words take it easy. This is simply a symptom of making excuse.

To be honest I'm not suggesting you stop doing all the things that make you happy or stop enjoying.

But enjoying doesn't mean making excuses even on important matters.

Just think in your mind and Correct me if I'm wrong.

Don't you use these words many times “Oh, I just don’t have the time for this right now". Come on man battle it out, Don’t make excuses, just be true to yourself.

You will be in a better place to confront what is actually bothering you and improve your chance of moving forward in life only when you'll stop making excuses and face your fears right in your eyes.

Some people make excuses by saying 'I'm preparing for the big goal and six months later still they're preparing and six months later again they're doing the same.

Life is not a movie. I wonder what makes you keep making excuses. Why don't you understand we have got only one life and in this one life we have lot to achieve.

Your time is now better make right use of it or else you'll regret 8 years from now thinking what if I could have done this or that.....

If you can utilize your present to its full potential, you're automatically sowing the seeds for a better future. In other words you're fighting your fear of failure and conquering it and eventually making way for success, happiness and prosperity.

#8. Forget The Past If You Really Want To Face Your Fears

There are three group of people one who continues to live in the past.

In other words constantly thinking about the mistakes done in the past instead of focusing on the present.

The second group ​of people are who constantly think about the future.

In other words called "Day Dreamers". When I will be rich I'll do this and that. 

This are people who never take action in life.

Still think of getting rich someday. But ​somewhere in their mind they have fear and guilt of not taking actions.

The difference between these two group​ is one is living with the fear of the mistakes done in the past and the other is not ready to take action and only believes in "Day Dreaming"

But if you want to find out how to overcome the fear of failure, I want you to be in the third group of people who believes in living in the present.

I ​hope you remember I said above when you utilize your present to its fullest, you're automatically making way for success to embrace you.

​Now, its up to you to decide which is the best group for you....I hope I am clear.

#9. Get Conditioned To Looking Only For Positive

Do you know that most of our behavior and habits are formed during our growing phase.

And as we grow up we constantly develop good and bad habits depending on the situation we face in our lives and more importantly how we react to those situations positively or negatively.

A simple example to prove my point on how we face our fears most of the times in our life.

Have you seen that mighty elephant who has the power to carry ton of weight with just its trunk?

Now have you seen the same elephant staying in one place with a weak rope and a stake?

Don't you think that the elephant has the power to break free? Still it stays as it is.

Its because when the elephant was infant, it was tied to a powerful chain and a strong tree. The infant was weak but the chain and tree was too strong for the infant elephant to break free.

The infant elephant was not used to being tied down. So it kept struggling to break the chain but it couldn't.

Now a time comes when the mighty elephant believes that the struggle won't help. So it stops and stands still. Now it is conditioned and that's what happens with us.

If you can conquer your fear when you're growing you automatically get conditioned to look at it positively.

Whatever the situation is for you, Its still not too late start developing a habit of looking at your fear positively by facing it, instead of avoiding, procrastinating and walking away from it.

Believe me initially you'll feel the pain, but certainly life will be beautiful and easy tomorrow.​

I believe these 9 steps are good starting point to overcome your fear of failure and start looking at things from a positive perspective.

Another step I want to add is read motivational books or inspirations quotes about life to help you transform your personality.

Its because I believe most of our attitude is also developed with the kind of books we read, the kind of music we listen​ and the kind of company we keep and more so the psychology that we develop in our mind for me.

In the long run these things if not taken care become past of your life and start reflecting in your character which is not a good sign.

It is like keeping negative company and expecting positive results which is not possible.

Lastly if you continue doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting the same kind of results.

So, if you want positive results change your habits, psychology and mindset.

But the toughest thing about changing a habit is unlearning what is not working.

So Are you ready for a change? Its a question that you need to answer honestly.

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I will stop now I hope you enjoyed reading this post on how to overcome fear of failure.

If you really did, please do not forget to share it with other ​people around you who're living in fear and stress.

BYE for now see you another day in a new article till than Have my best wishes and don't forget to WATCH THE VIDEO IT'S AMAZING....TAKE ACTION AND STOP PROCRASTINATION.

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