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The Incredibly Powerful Seduction Techniques

For many women, the thought of taking the lead when it comes to seduction is scary. There can be many reasons for that. Some women may fear rejection. Others may not want to be seen as overly aggressive.

Here’s what you need to know. Men are used to taking the lead, but for many of them, it’s something that makes them feel vulnerable. Guys are just as prone to feeling the fear of rejection as women are.

Also, the recent conversations about consent and what it means have made some men nervous. How can they be sure that you’re saying yes to sex?

The way to let him know unequivocally that you want him is to take the lead.Leading doesn’t mean that you’re doing all the work.

What it means is that you’re opening the door for him – giving him permission to seduce you just as you are seducing him.

Once he knows what you’re doing, he’ll be happy to participate.

The goal of this chapter is to give you some pointers on how to use your body and movements to start the process of seduction. It can be a slow seduction or a quick one. When you take the lead, you have the ability to set the pace.

If you want a long build-up to sex, you can start with some small things and work your way up to bigger ones.

And if you’re in a hurry, you can jump right in with both feet to get the ball rolling. Either way, there’s real power in knowing that you’re the one in the driver’s seat.​

How to Use Your Body to Short-Circuit His Brain.

​One thing that men find invariably sexy is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. They want to know that you’re confident in your own sexiness.

I don’t mean that you have to be brazen, but what you can’t be is ashamed or self-conscious. You’re together and if you’ve been paying attention, you know that he wants you. Let that feed your confidence.

There are lots of techniques you can use to get the ball rolling. What all of these have in common is that they let him know that you want him to look at your body – and touch it.

#Sexy Stretching​

We talked a little bit about stretching to get his attention, but now I want to talk about how to use it when you’re alone together.

You’ve probably seen tons of old movies where the guy uses a yawn and a stretch as an excuse to wrap his arm around the girl.

You’re not going to do that – although you could, it would probably make him laugh. You’re going to use your entire body.

Let’s look at a scenario. The two of you are alone, either at his place or yours.

He’s sitting on the sofa and you’re approaching him – coming back from the bathroom, the kitchen, or wherever.Instead of sitting down next to him, stop in front of him, place your hands in the small of your back, and stretch.

When you do this move, you should push your breasts forward so that they move toward him.You can also lean your head slightly back, exposing your throat to him.

This move is going to make him want to reach out and touch you. Maybe he will. If he doesn’t you can make some other moves.

There are lots of variations that you can try when it comes to stretching.

For example, you might stretch by bending at the waist and sticking your butt out. You could like down next to him and stretch like a cat. Use your imagination so that he can use his.​

#Body Contact

​Another way to let him know that you’re eager to touch him is to find ways to bring your body into contact with his.

We already talked about pressing up against him, but there are lots of other things you can do. For example, you can:

Sit down next to him on the sofa and curl into his side. If you turn sideways, you can bring your leg up to rest on his.

Come up behind him and wrap your arms around him while pressing your entire body against his. This position gives you the perfect opportunity to run your hands over his chest and abs, and you’ll be pressed right up against his butt, too.​

Lie down and put your head in his lap. It’s not difficult to see where this move could lead, is it? Your proximity to his private parts is going to set him on fire.

Climb into his lap. You have a few options here, ranging from relatively demure to outright bold. If you’re a little shy, try sitting sideways on his lap so you can turn your head and see him.

You can also try sitting beside him and draping your legs over his lap to get close to him. If you’re feeling really bold, walk right up and straddle him. He’ll love it.

The more you bring your body into contact with his, the clearer your intentions will be. He’s going to hear you loud and clear.


#Striptease Techniques​

​Whether you want to make an outright attempt to seduce him or just show him a little skin in the hopes that he’ll make the next move, there’s a lot you can learn from striptease techniques.

You don’t need to have a stripper pole in your apartment to titillate him by taking off your clothes. All you need is some confidence and imagination.

Let’s start with the subtle techniques and then work up to the bold.

If you’re a little shy but still want to try showing some skin, use the old “I’m going to slip into something more comfortable” line.

You can use this as an excuse to put on a cute camisole and yoga pants, or anything that shows a bit more skin than what you’re already wearing.

Accidentally on purpose allow the strap of your dress or top to slip off your shoulder.

A bare shoulder can be extremely enticing, and you can leave the strap down in the hopes that he’ll reach out and straighten it for you.

Strip off one item of clothing, such as a blouse if you’re wearing a camisole underneath, and raise your eyebrows as if to ask, “Should I take off other things?”

If you’re feeling really bold, stand in front of him and give him a show. Slowly take off one item of clothing at a time, kissing him in between.

You can alternate removing one item of your clothing with removing one item of his.

These striptease techniques are so powerful that they may lead to him stopping you so he can rip your clothes off. Because men are so visual, the sight of you slowly getting naked in front of him is going to drive him wild.How to Seduce Him Instantly.


#Seductive Facial Expressions

​Let’s start by talking about facial expressions. Certain expressions can be very seductive and sexy. If you use them, they will signal him that you are aroused and eager to be seduced.

Since kissing and sex go together, this is a very good time to use your mouth and lips to good effect. Here are some ways to do that:

Give him a long look up and down, and then slowly and deliberately lick your lips. This will tell him that you find him appetizing and can’t wait to have your mouth on him.

Part your lips slightly while you look at him or touch him. An open mouth (not gaping, but just slightly open) is very sexy.

When he touches you, bite your lower lip. The message this sends is that what he’s doing feels so good that you have to bite your lip to keep from crying out.

It will make him feel powerful – and also signal him to keep going with what he’s doing.

You can also use your eyes to seduce him. Once you’re at the point of wanting to get him into bed, you don’t need to be coy about maintaining eye contact. Here are some things to do:

While you’re standing in front of him, put both hands on his face and stare into his eyes.

Walk toward him, maintaining eye contact. As you do, think about how much you want him. He’ll see your desire in your eyes.

Straddle him, bend over so your faces are close together, and give him a sizzling look before kissing him.

#Seductive Movements​

Now let’s talk about some other body movements that you can use to seduce him. Once you have him turned on, just about anything you do is going to be exciting – but these moves will really get to him.

Dancing can be incredibly sexy, and you have many different options to use when it comes to seduction and dance, depending on your level of comfort.

For example, you might want to try some of the following things if you like to dance:

Put on some music, and once it gets going, do a shimmy in front of him. When he sees your body moving in time to the music, he’s going to want to see it moving in time with him.

Turn around so your back is to him and shake your butt.

Women tend to think that men are all obsessed with breasts, but there are a lot of men who say that a woman’s butt is their favorite body part.

Combine music with some of the striptease moves we talked about earlier in the book. The right music can help to get both of you in the mood for sex.

Put on a slow song and pull him up to dance with you. Dancing gives you the perfect opportunity to press your bodies together, kiss, and touch.

Remember the scene in Dirty Dancing when the two main characters slow danced prior to having sex for the first time? It was incredibly hot.​

Finally, let’s talk about some other ways to get your body in contact with his in a way that’s seductive.

If the two of you are face to face, making out, arch your back slightly to press your breasts against his chest.

When you push against him, you tell him that you’re yearning to be close to him. You want to feel his body against yours.

If you’re lying down while making out, run your feet up and down his calves or caress his feet with yours.

What you’re telling him, without saying a word, is that you can’t get enough of him. You want every part of you to be touching every part of him.

Wrap your legs around him and move your thighs so they’re rubbing against his hips.

This is an unequivocal sex invite because it brings your genitals into contact with his, albeit through clothing. It mimics the act of sex and can very quickly lead to sex.

Get on top of him and writhe around. When you do this, you’re effectively using your entire body to massage him.

I hope you get the picture. When you want to seduce a man, the best thing you can do is signal him with your body and facial expressions that you want him.

We expect men to take the lead, but many of them need some encouragement – not because they don’t want you, but because they’re human and they have doubts just like women do.

When you put yourself in the driver’s seat and take charge of the seduction, you are telling him that he has nothing to fear. You want him and you’re not afraid to let him know that.

The result will be that he’ll lose any shyness or fear that he has, and become an eager participant in the dance of seduction.

In the next chapter, we’ll talk about what happens once you’ve actually decided to have sex with him. You’ve already learned a lot about how to drive a man insane with your body, but when you’re both naked – the fun really starts.

I hope you're pumped up and remember this tricks are universal to all whether you're Single, Dating or a Married Woman​ because the feeling of sex is same for all the tricks may vary.

I hope you enjoyed reading see you in the NEXT CLASS till than have fun and try some of the amazing stuffs that you've learned here.​

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