Inspirational Short Stories That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

Do you feel that nothing is truly working for you? If yes Read this inspirational short stories that will change the way you look at your life and dreams.

Maybe you're not contented with your present life?

Or maybe you feel like you're juggling relationships, work, finance, health, fitness, and personal development.

If this is your situation I believe you need some inspiration from life.

To get that inspiration I want you to read this inspirational short stories?

Its because somewhere I feel you're living life with a limited belief and mindset not yet aware of your true potential.

Trust me you have more potential than you think, its just the matter of realizing and using it in the right direction.

If you're still confused about the message that I want to convey you....Read this short inspirational story below.

An eagle's egg was placed in the nest of a prairie chicken. The egg hatched and the little eagle grew up thinking it was a prairie chicken.

The eagle did what the prairie chickens did. It scratched in the dirt for seeds. It clucked and cackled. It never flew more than a few feet because that is what the prairie chickens did.

One day he saw an eagle flying gracefully and majestically in the open sky. He asked the prairie chickens: "What is that beautiful bird?" The chickens replied, "That is an eagle.

He is an outstanding bird, but you cannot fly like him because you are just a prairie chicken." So the eagle never gave it a second thought, believing that to be the truth.

He lived the life of and died a prairie chicken, depriving himself of his heritage because of his lack of vision. What a waste! He was born to win, but was conditioned to lose.

Source - You Can Win By Shiv Khera

I hope you got the message and now its crystal clear in your mind what this post on inspirational short stories is about.

Its really unfortunate but most people die with music still in them.

If this statements holds true for you, it means you're not living a happy life, your life is not in tune with you and you're not in tune with your life..

This is the most critical reason why you have not accomplished success in life as you're lacking the vision and goals in your life.

Or maybe you've specified certain goals in life, but you just don't know how to accomplish these goals​.

Whatever reasons are stopping you from taking control of your life and dreams, reading this motivational stories will help you to make a new beginning again......

SO guys just stay positive and optimistic about your life, read and repeat this short inspirational stories like positive affirmations everyday and see the transformation for yourself.

#1. Inspirational Short Story About The Significance of Struggle in Life

A biology teacher was teaching his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. He told the students that in the next couple of hours, the butterfly would struggle to come out of the cocoon.

But no one should help the butterfly. Then he left.The students were waiting and it happened.

The butterfly struggled to get out of the cocoon, and one of the students took pity on it and decided to help the butterfly out of the cocoon against the advice of his teacher.

He broke the cocoon to help the butterfly so it didn't have to struggle anymore. But shortly afterwards the butterfly died.When the teacher returned, he was told what happened.

He explained to this student that by helping the butterfly, he had actually killed it because it is a law of nature that the struggle to come out of the cocoon actually helps develop and strengthen its wings.

The boy had deprived the butterfly of its struggle and the butterfly died.Apply this same principle to our lives.

Nothing worthwhile in life comes without a struggle. As parents we tend to hurt the ones we love most because we don't allow them to struggle to gain strength.

What is the moral of the story?

The moral is there is no free lunch, you have your own share of struggle which has to be completed only by you.

No one else can do it, the only question is are you inspired and motivated enough to carry on with your struggle?

If not I believe after reading the above inspirational short story you should change your mind and look at your life from a whole new perspective.

Remember the one who have struggled are more safe and secure than those who have never faced them .

We all have obstacles and we get disheartened some time.

Most people get frustrated; but people who are born to succeed don't give up or lose hope easily.

An English proverb says, "A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner." Everything is difficult before it becomes easy. We cannot run away from our problems. Only losers quit and give up not winners.

#2. Short Inspirational Story On The Importance of Failure in Life

I want to share with you someone's life history with you.

This was a man who failed in business at the age of 21, was defeated in a legislative race at age 22, failed again in business at age 24, overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26, had a nervous breakdown at age 27, lost a congressional race at age 34, lost a senatorial race at age 45, failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47, lost a senatorial race at age 49, and was elected president of the United States at age 52.

This man was Abraham Lincoln.

Can you imagine how difficult his life was, but he fought, because he was not determined to fail, he was determined to success. He could have quit, just like you.

But he didn't .....Because to Lincoln, defeat was a temporary setback and not a dead end.

As a young cartoonist, Walt Disney faced many rejections from newspaper editors, who said he had no talent. One day a minister at a church hired him to draw some cartoons. Disney was working out of a small mouse infested shed near the church. After seeing a small mouse, he was inspired. That was the start of Mickey Mouse.

Successful people don't do unique things, they only do small things in a unique way

Henry Ford forgot to put the reverse gear in the first car he designed.

Will you call these people failures? They faced problems and succeeded, but never ran away from them.

But to the external world, it appears as though they just got lucky.

But in reality they were not, they had their share of struggle which they overcame with will power and character.

All the true inspirational success stories that you hear and read today are stories of great failures.

The only difference is that every time they failed, they had the ability and courage to bounce back.

In other words they were ready to learn from their failures.

Remember don't live life with the fear of failure.

Instead learn from your failures, learning is an art that refines slowly. ​Its like a line the more precisely you learn to draw, the more straight it turns out to be.

In the end your aim is to draw a straight line. In this regard the straight line represents your dreams and goals.

In 1914, Thomas Edison, at age 67, lost his company, which was worth a few million dollars, to fire. It had very little insurance. No longer a rich man, Edison watched his lifetime effort go up in smoke and said, "There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burnt up. Thank God we can start a new." In spite of disaster, three weeks later, he invented the phonograph. What an attitude.

Failure cannot be avoided in life. But it can certainly fuel and motivate you as a driving force.

In grief and painful circumstances you will find courage, self-confidence and faith to overcome the failure.

You need to learn to become victors, not victims. Fear and doubt short-circuit the mind.

Ask yourself after every failure What did I learn from this experience?

Only then will you be able to turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone to success.

#3. Short Inspirational Story On The Significance of Accepting Responsibility in Life.

You cannot build prosperity by discouraging frugality.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

You cannot enrich the poor by impoverishing the rich.

You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money.

You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage pay or.

You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence.

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.

You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.-- Abraham Lincoln

If you want to be successful in life you need to accept responsibilities and stop procrastinating.

You need to put the effort, perseverance and dedication that is required to be successful?.....And its something that you seriously need to think about.

Remember every luxury that you and me are enjoying today is outcome of someone's hard work and dedication.

Say for instance the invention of Bulb, Television, Airplane, Train and all other physical things that are meant to make our life easier are someone's creation.

And it was possible only because someone was ready to take the responsibility and the pain required to invent all these stuffs.

What if these people too would have procrastinated?

Life could have been so miserable today without lights, Trains and other physical things.

The invention of these physical stuffs are visible work and some work goes unseen, but both are equally significant.

Most of us do not realize the difference between idle time and leisure time.

Idle time amounts to wasting or stealing time; leisure time is earned. Procrastinating amounts to not working.

Once when Fritz Kreisler, the great violinist, finished a concert, A man came up to the stage and said, "I would give my life to play the way YOU do." Kreisler replied, "I did!"

There is no magic wand that will make you successful overnight. Unless you're born with a silver spoon.

In the real world, success comes to those who take action, not who make plans.

#4. Inspirational Short Story That Proves Fortune Favors The Brave.

Alexander Graham Bell was desperately trying to invent a hearing aid for his partially deaf wife.

He failed at inventing a hearing aid but in the process discovered the principles of the telephone.

You wouldn't call someone like that lucky, would you? Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Without effort and preparation, lucky coincidences don't happen.

Now that's an inspiring story which proves if you're determined to work hard, sooner or later your luck and life circumstances will improve drastically.

The only thing is hold for a little longer without giving up.

Source - You Can Win By Shiv Khera

Remember success is not a miracle. It's the outcome of your consistent effort, perseverance and dedication.

The most important thing in the journey of success is facing the obstacles with courage and with will power.

Rather than blaming the situation you need to look at the positive side of it.

look at what is left rather than what is lost.

In the above short story Alexander Graham Bell was desperate to invent a hearing aid for his partially deaf wife.

He failed many times, but what important was he never gave up and kept working.

Though he failed in discovering the hearing aid, he found success in something else which was the invention of the telephone.

Had he given up he would have never been able to invent Telephone.

The only difference between people like Alexander Graham Bell and us is we tend to quit very easily and very early when we don't seek success instead of fighting it out.

Remember in the end the winner is who has the ability the hold 10 minutes ​longer.

#5. Inspirational Short Story On Source of Motivation

There was a young boy who used to come for regular practice but always played in the reserves and never made it to the soccer eleven.

While he was practicing, his father used to sit at the far end, waiting for him.

The matches had started and for four days, he didn't show up for practice or the quarter or semifinals.

All of a sudden he showed up for the finals, went to the coach and said, "Coach, you have always kept me in the reserves and never let me play in the finals.

But today, please let me play." The coach said, "Son, I'm sorry, I can't let you.

There are better players than you and besides, it is the finals, the reputation of the school is at stake and I cannot take a chance." The boy pleaded, "Coach, I promise I will not let you down. I beg of you, please let me play."

The coach had never seen the boy plead like this before. He said, "OK, son, go, play. But remember, I am going against my better judgment and the reputation of the school is at stake. Don't let me down."​

The game started and the boy played like a house on fire. Every time he got the ball, he shot a goal.

Needless to say, he was the best player and the star of the game. His team had a spectacular win.

​When the game finished, the coach went up to him and said, "Son, how could I have been so wrong in my life. I have never seen you play like this before.

What happened? How did you play so well?" The boy replied, "Coach, my father is watching me today.

"The coach turned around and looked at the place where the boy's father used to sit. There was no one there. He said, "Son, your father used to sit there when you came for practice, but I don't see anyone there today.

"The boy replied, "Coach, there is something I never told you. My father was blind. Just four days ago, he died. Today is the first day he is watching me from above

Source - You Can Win By Shiv Khera

Do you know why the boy played so well....Because he was internally motivated.

The message I want to convey is when you're internally motivated you don't look for success or money.

You look for the fulfillment of the goal that motivated you in the first place.

In the above inspirational story the boy was motivated due to the death of his father and that was the turning point for him.

What about you?

What is your source of motivation and inspiration?

Maybe your family or maybe your dreams whatever it is, it's time to take a closer look at it before its too late....

Because you live only once, but if you do it right, I believe once is enough​.

6. Inspirational Short Story On Being Internally Driven And Not Externally If You Want Success And Happiness in Life

Again I want to share a beautiful example to prove my point.............Believe me you'll love it.

​One day, if your Boss says, "You are the greatest person on earth. You are doing a great job and I want you to know I am honored to have a employee like you,"Because I know you're sincere.

How does it make me feel? Great....Right?

But the next day, the same Boss comes to you and says in a very angry tone, "You idiot, you cheat, you crook! You are the biggest fraud in my company." How does it make you feel? Terrible.

So the first day when he says "you are the best person on the earth,"You felt great and the next day when he says "you idiot, "You felt terrible.

In both the scenario Who is controlling your life?

Of course your Boss.

Is that the way you want to go through life? Not at all. That is being externally driven.

I want you to be internally driven.

When he comes and says you're the best, it is pleasing to hear those words. But even if he doesn't say those words, in your own approximation, you're still a good person.

And the next day when he rips you apart, he can't really, because in your approximation, you're still a good human being.

When people make statements like, "You make me angry," the focus of control is external. But if you say you're angry or you choose to be angry, the focus of control is internal​.

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission ​- Eleanor Roosevelt

7. Last But Not The Least Patience is The Key To Success in Life.

Many times we complain even after doing so much there's no change in my life.

I worked day and night but everything appears stand still.

This is where you're wrong trust me this story will change your mindset.

Just read it ​because I feel that the difference may not be visible but something is certainly happening for sure.

In China there is a bamboo tree which is planted, watered and fertilized for the first four years and nothing happens.

There is no visible sign of growth. But sometime during the fifth year, the bamboo tree grows about 90 feet in six weeks. The question is:

Did the bamboo tree grow in six weeks or did it take five years to grow even though there was no visible sign it was taking root in the ground?

When there was no visible sign, if someone had stopped watering and fertilizing it, would this have happened? Certainly not. The bamboo tree would have died. We need to learn from nature and the lesson is pretty clear.

Have patience and faith and keep doing the right thing. Even though the results may not be visible, something is happening for sure.

Patience is the key to achieving anything in life.

You may feel even after working so hard day and night nothing is happening. But that's not true always, because something is definitely happening.

And if you really want to see it wait for little more time and continue doing what you're doing in the right direction.

Hard work never goes in vein, sooner or later you'll reap the benefits .... The only thing is.

Do you have the patience? It's something that you have to decide.

I believe these short inspirational stories are worth reading and more than reading taking inspiration from them is very significant if you seriously want to change your life.

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I will stop here. I hope you enjoyed reading this article on inspirational short stories about success and motivation.

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