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Is it okay to share your partner? 5 Reasons With Yes & No


It’s 2019 so is it okay to share your partner? We are in the digital era where polygamy is rampant and is widely accepted in society. 

Polygamy even dates back to the 1970s, where people engage in several sexual relationships at the same time.

But even up to this date, is it still possible to establish a committed and exclusive relationship?

Even Hollywood celebrities are into open relationships, so it’s just right to ask “Is it really okay to share your partner?

Did you know that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel did not want to be tied up in an exclusive relationship before their marriage?

I’m sure you have fantasized about having a threesome at least once in your life, right?

It’s tantalizing and when done right, it increases sexual intimacy between partners.

Now, back to the question. Is it okay to share your partner? What will make you say yes?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider sharing your partner.

#1. Sharing Your Partner Fulfills your deepest fantasies.

I’m sure you have heard of the saying “The more, the merrier.”  It’s true, even in the context of sex! 

We all have come across the thought of having a threesome, either with another man or woman. 

Hey, you can also share your wife with another lady, right?

Well, if you add another head count to the party, you can openly try the things you have been thinking about.

With another person present, playing around will be much easier.

You can even ask the third party to be a ‘director’ and tell you what to do!

Adding another person to your sexual routines opens up more position possibilities and creates a new level of satisfaction for all of you.

#2. Develops trust.

Of course, there will be times when you only want to have sex with your partner.

But swapping partners develops and enhances your trust and bond with one another. 

It creates a sense of responsibility when you share your partner with another person.

You trust him or her to tell you if they are having sexual experiences with other people.

It’s basically inviting them to open up to you about their desires.

When you do this, your partner will think “Oh, he trust me enough to share me with someone else. I should do the same.

This will only work if you both decided to agree on this sexual encounter.

You wouldn’t want it if an unknown person suddenly pops up and joins you in bed.

Reassure your partner that you are giving him/her your full trust you will make this a worthwhile experience for the both of you.

#3. You can find the third party anywhere!

Hello! It’s the digital age! People are much more sexually active and sexual preferences are extensive nowadays.

There’s no reason for you not to find some escorts. You can even get one just with a few swipes and clicks. 

Mobile applications such as Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, and a whole lot more is available for you to download anytime, so you can quickly browse thru a collection of people with the same interest as you.

Even the most popular social media platform Facebook recently launched its very own Dating Feature.

I’m pretty sure you will be able to land that swinger sooner than you think.

#4. Sharing Your Partner keeps the fire burning.

With another person on board, you and your spouse will gain new and exciting sexual experiences which will make you want more.

Partner-sharing, when done right, creates a new level of intimacy between partners.

When you do the same thing with the same person over and over again, you will eventually get tired and bored.

Adding another person to the party will help you spice up your love and sex life. Sure, it will be weird at first, but trust me, once you do it, you will be amazed at how much it will affect your life.

This is a great way to add a little excitement to your relationship.

Trying something new is always a good thing, especially if you both agree to it.

Besides, everybody wants to have fun sometimes. So, get out of that little boring shell of yours and try doing something new like sharing your partner.

#5. You get to pick who you will be sharing with.

Of course, you have a full say on who you will be sharing your partner with.

You can meet up at a coffee shop or grab some lunch, and then discuss how the arrangement will be.

You won’t have to book the first one you see online, you can be very picky with the person.

After all, it is sex that we are talking about here and not just some play date like what you do in kindergarten. 

Is your partner that you are sharing with another person, so you have all the right to be very meticulous with your choices.

You could even run some medical tests to make sure that you are all healthy before engaging in some sexual deeds.

Now that we have laid out 5 reasons why should try sharing your partner, here are 5 reason why you shouldn’t.

This is not to confuse you, but rather to help you weigh the pros and cons before you commit into a decision.

Here are 5 Things You should Consider before you do it.

#1. It’s not for the shy.

When sharing your partner, you have to be confident.

I’m talking physical and mental confidence here. Of course, sex is a physical thing.

In fact, it is a necessity that we all need and it is the most intimate experience that can happen between two (or three) people.

In order to be able to engage in sharing your partner, you must be physically confident since this entails showing and exposing your body to another person aside from your partner.

This will not work when you are holding back. You must learn how to break free and accept your bodily flaws so you can give your best performance during sex.

#2. It costs $$$.

Every service comes with a cost. And since sex is the service you want, be prepared for a pretty big amount.

You’d be surprised at how much a high-end escort charges for an hour of work!

Also, since you are the client, you can decide the specific services you want.

Is it massage, threesome, role play, whatever you and your partner want?

Escorts are usually paid by the hour, so you can strategize and discuss on the time frame that you are renting them.
When you want to sleep with them, that’s another thing to pay for because most escorts just want to perform the duties and leave.

Also consider the overhead and variable charges  which may arise such as transportation and travel expenses.

#3. Be ready for emotional reactions.

Before you even try to think about sharing your partner, assess yourselves first and ask if you really want to get into this type of experience.

What’s your reason? Do you want to explore swinging? Is this a common preference between you and your partner?

Do you just want to experience having another person around while you’re having sex?

The reasons are countless! But one thing is for sure. You will have an emotional roller coaster ride the first time you do this.

Why? It’s your partner that you are sharing! That’s the love of your life! You will feel awkward at first because of the presence of the third person.

Unless you are both very open and accepting about this, then you will be fine.

#4. Your relationship is at risk.

Are you ready and willing to let another person enter your relationship? This is going to be challenging especially if you are possessive with your partner.

Even if you think “This is only sex.” there will be chances that you will get attached to the person you had sex with.

You may find yourself being vulnerable to love and affection, especially if you do this multiple times.

Jealousy will be your greatest nemesis. Worst, this might put your relationship into a breaking point. Yikes!

#5. You may face health and legal issues.

You can be very careful and picky when selecting your escort.

But this is still sex work, and sexually transmitted diseases are spreading like wildfire because of the rampant occurrence of unprotected sex in society.

Be as meticulous as much as possible, but if the other person has a history of STD, you and your partner are in great risk!

Not only that, depending on what state or country you are in, sexual encounters still entail some legal complications, more so if you are married!

Look onto that first, do a lot of research before you settle into a decision.

Whatever your reason may be, sharing you partner is something that needs to be well thought out.

Make sure that you only do it to strengthen your relationship, not break it!

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