9 Killer Self Confidence Exercises To Help You Write Your Success Story

self confidence exercises to improve your low self esteem problem

Do you know what is that one hurdle that keeps stopping you from living the life of your dreams. It's the lack of confidence which usually develops with the fear of failure.

But don't worry this won't happen to you, because in this post I will share some killer self love and self confidence exercises that will help you write the success story of your life. 

Fear of failure and lack of confidence is something totally natural, we all feel the lack of confidence and fear of failure at some point in life.

But tell me does that mean it should stop you from pursuing your dream life? Of course Not!

When you try to build confidence to follow your dreams either you'll fail or succeed. Only two possibilities can happen ..... Right?

No.....It's not! the third possibility is the experience you'll gain with that failure, it is this experience that will help you build more self confidence and this self confidence will help you accomplish your goals even better than you ever imagined.

The only question is how to fight that lack of confidence and fear of failure that stands like a barrier between you and your dreams?

This post is about increasing your low self esteem by learning some confidence building exercises.

But I must add that just by mere reading articles will not help you build your self esteem and follow your passion and dreams

It's when you apply those confidence building exercises in your routine life only than you will see positive results. I hope its clear.​

So guys if you're ready, let's learn some killer and powerful self confidence exercises in this post.

Trust me guys that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I started blogging, and that’s what helped me fight my own fears, and follow my life goals.

There's no harm in feeling fear, but living with it is as good as committing crime, because the fear of failure will never ever let you fly.

You have to find right ways to beat it, only than you'll learn to live a happy and successful life and that happiness and success will fuel more happiness and success into your life.

Stay Positive No Matter What Happens

#1. Stay Positive No Matter What Happens

​Well it's really easy to write here, but very hard to stay positive in trying circumstances.

Staying positive is tough but not impossible, just change your thoughts to feel differently. Remember the thing inside of us that makes us go up is our attitude.

If you constantly think about fear of losing, you'll definitely end up losing. You get what you look for.

When you'll try to ignore the negativity in your mind only than you'll empty some space to let positivity come in. 

It's an art which you'll develop slowly, initially you may get frustrated but once you get hold of it. You'll easily replace your negative thoughts with positive ones to take control of your life.

Read this simple example on self confidence building exercise which will hep you alter your negative thoughts.

A man once approached Blaise Pascal, the renowned French philosopher and said, "If I had your brains, I would be a better person." Pascal replied,

"Be a better person and you will have my brains.

What do you conclude from the above example - It's how you look at things matters the most and not how actually they are.

Only 10 percent is what life gives us, 90 percent is about how we take what life gives us. I hope it's a bit clear now, even if it's not continue reading by the end of this post, you'll be in a position to boost your self confidence and make important decisions of your life confidently.

#2. Edit Your Self-image

This is very significant your self-image is just a mirror image of your attitude and character. Most people with low self esteem portray negative self-image about themselves which kills there self confidence.

It's because the picture you portray about you, shows how confident you are inside. And the bad thing is once you develop this kind of negative self-image, it becomes extremely difficult to edit it to something positive.

Remember it's only you who can change it by brainstorming and editing your self-image. Figure out why you think about yourself so negatively and what exercises you can perform to take control of your self-image.

​I will share with you a QUICK NOTE that will help you create positive self-image about yourself.

This is a very beautiful self confidence building exercise that will also help you to eradicate the fear of failure and lack of confidence to certain extent.

Do you know that most of our attitude is shaped while we are growing up. Our attitude is mostly shaped by the environment around us and it is this attitude what resembles in your self-image.

The environments where we live in develops a habit and culture. Every place be it a home, institution or a country, everything has a culture which can be negative or positive.

Have you observed that sometimes you walk in to a shop and you find the salesperson polite, the supervisor, manager and owner polite as well? Yet you go to another shop and you find everyone rude and arrogant.

Conclusion - In a positive environment, your self confidence naturally goes up and your attitude too remains positive which resembles your self-image as I said above.

If you want to edit a positive self-image, you need to figure out what kind of environment you have created for yourself. What kind of people you spend your time with. When you know it is difficult to develop positive attitude in a negative environment than why not change the environment itself.

Be with positive people, accept only positive things from others, read inspirational quotes about life and success, read the success stories of people and analyze how they struggled, the journey to success was not easy for them too. But they had positive self-image about themselves, remember I talked about self-image is how you think about yourself.

Perform this self confidence exercises whenever you doubt your own self-image. Do this for a month or two and feel the difference for yourself.

Destroy Negative Thought Before It Destroys You

#3. Destroy Negative Thought Before It Destroys You

Do you know negative thoughts can kill your confidence level even before you think of doing something positive. Say for instance -

"You're very good at copy writing, but you also know there's fierce competition out there and it is difficult to survive in this industry"....You may think, I cannot compete with BIG and Renowned Authors in this industry, it's too hard for me even though it's a lucrative career opportunity.

There's nothing wrong in thinking about the competition, but thinking negative in a way "that I cannot do it" is not wise, it will naturally kill your confidence even before the start up.

It's important to recognize and get rid of this negative self-talk. As I said above your attitude decides how you look at problems. To a positive thinker, it can be a stepping stone to success. To a negative thinker, it can be a obstacle. 

Let me share with you one more beautiful example that will show you how you get what you look for.

As a young Scots boy, Andrew Carnegie came to America and started doing odd jobs. He ended up as one of the largest steel manufacturers in the United States.

At one time he had 43 millionaires working for him. Several decades ago, a million dollars used to be a lot of money; even today it is a lot of money. Someone asked Mr. Carnegie how he dealt with people? Andrew Carnegie replied, "Dealing with people is like digging gold.

When you go digging for an ounce of gold, you have to move tons of dirt to get an ounce of gold. But when you go digging, you don't go looking for the dirt, you go looking for the gold."

Source - You can Win, By Shiv Khera

Try this self confidence exercise whenever you feel surrounded with negative thoughts in mind, especially when you're doing something really, really important - Just think of it as a infection, sickness or disease.

Tell me what would you do to cure a disease or infection, either you'll try to cure it yourself first and if it looks chronic you'll go to doctor...Right?

Same holds true in real life too, try to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. "just change your focus and look for the positive as I said above you get what you look for". YES it's difficult, but not impossible, with little practice you'll be able to overcome your negative thoughts, lack of confidence and fear of failure.

Professionalism is something that cannot be inherited at birth, but it can be acquired by simple and continuous practice........Manish Yadav

Groom Yourself And Look appealing to build your self confidence

#4. Groom Yourself And Look Appealing

Your self-image is also determined by how you groom yourself. If you cannot take good care of your own body, how can you expect to excel in other parts of your life..Right?

Have proper bath, nice shave, go to gym, eat healthy and keep your self fit. Trust me these are some critical aspects of life that we tend to ignore.

But in reality they matter a lot. If you want to find how much difference a shower and a shave can make in your feelings of self-confidence and your self-image, just look in the mirror when you look dirty and awful and look when you are clean and tidy.

You'll automatically realize and feel the difference between looking dirty and looking clean and tidy.

When you dress nicely, you naturally feel good about yourself. You naturally feel positive, presentable and confident enough to face the world.

Note" Grooming yourself doesn't mean spending lot of money on buying expensive shirts and pants or perfumes.

It means just being yourself, people around you should feel positive staying around you, wherever you go your presence should radiate a sense of positive energy that's what it means by grooming.

#5. Be Kind, Appreciate, Encourage And Help Others

One of the best confidence building exercises is helping someone who cannot repay you in cash or kind. The happiness that you feel by helping someone desperately in need is just mind blowing. 

Be kind with people you meet, make people realize what's positive in them and even when you criticize make sure it is constructive.

There are two types of criticism one is constructive that makes people realize what's wrong and guides them to take appropriate action in the right direction.

The other one is destructive​ which humiliates people, makes them feel inferior and kills their self esteem and confidence. Now it's up to you to decide what kind of person you want to be in your life.

Let me share with you a beautiful example again to make it clear what I want to display.

Many decades ago, Charles Schwab, who was earning a salary of a million dollars a year, was asked if he was being paid such a high salary because of his exceptional ability to produce steel.

Charles Schwab replied, "I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm by being kind and generous towards people I meet, it is the great asset I possess, and the way to extract the best that is in a man is by appreciation and encouragement.

Live while you are alive. Don't die before you are dead. Being kind, encouraging and helping are what change mediocrity to excellence.

Water turns into steam with a difference of only one degree in temperature and steam can move some of the biggest engines in the world.

This is how appreciation and encouragement can help us achieve success in our lives and also people around us.

With appreciation and encouragement you can inspire confidence in people who are dead and broke. It is a priceless gift of man kind but most of the times we ignore it.

If you really want to increase your low self esteem issue, start from today and practice being nice, calm, generous, helpful with people around you and see the difference it will make in your own self confidence in few months.

#6. Make a Check List of All Your Achievements 

There are times in life when it will be extremely hard to stay confident and positive, after all we are humans and we can get demoralized at times.

In those testing circumstances this list will help you, make list of all your achievements and paste it on your bedroom wall and whenever you feel low on self esteem see this list.

It will remind you how amazing personality you're and you possess all the abilities to come out of adverse circumstances. It will​ make you realize, if you have done it in past, you can do it now.

You may feel kiddish now, but these are little self confidence exercises that will help reach your goals in the long journey of life.​

Develop Habit of Learning New Things to boost your confidence

#7. Develop Habit of Learning New Things

One of the best confidence building exercises is learning and doing new things. Learning is an art that refines with failure, you learn, you fail, but when you fail you gain new experience which expands your knowledge......Manish Yadav

People who are successful believe that learning new things is the key to their achievements.

It deepens your understanding of the world and unleash your true potential. Moreover, learning new things makes you feel good within which increases your self-confidence.

#8. Show The Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful is a wonderful word, you should be thankful to it. Being grateful is a feeling of peace and satisfaction that enhances your self-image and self-confidence.

It is a feeling of thankfulness toward others which must reflect in your behavior, attitude and overall life.

Gratitude is not reciprocating good acts, because gratitude is not giving or taking. A good deed cannot be neutralized by a counter act. Good acts like generosity, appreciation, encouragement, helping and patience cannot be repaid.

Most of the times we forget to be grateful to the people nearest to us, like our spouse, our relatives, our friends or office colleagues.

For me gratitude is one of the most essential ingredients required to build self-image, integrity, character and self esteem of any individual.

The only hindrance is our ego stands in the way of showing gratitude. A humble attitude changes our perspective in life. With gratitude and gratefulness, right actions come easily.

Be Thankful To What You Have

#9. Be Thankful To What You Have

It's awesome to be hungry for more success, but not by insulting what you already have. Take a moment to look back at things you already have, learn to cherish those things it will help you boost your confidence and self esteem.

It's always good to try and match people who are more successful than you, but it's equally significant to also look at people who are below you.

Life is not only about achievements and competence, but it's also about being thankful to what you have.

Note that being grateful and content is a choice. While it's not in your hands to control things that occur in life, but you can certainly control your internal thought processes and the actions you take.

The final goal should be being grateful with what you have and look at the better things in your life.

Better let go of unrealistic burdens and expectations, and concentrate on performing at your potential, trust me the victory will be yours.

To be honest these 9 self confidence exercises and few real life examples are good enough to solve your low self esteem problem.

The only thing is be consistent enough to apply this handy tips in your personal life with patience and honesty, you'll definitely feel the difference over a period of time.

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See you another day in a brand new post, till than have a good day, stay happy and stay blessed.

Are you on the path you should be on towards a life of great prosperity, love, health and happiness?

Or is something getting in your way? 

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