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31 Lustful Sex Tips For Men (Make HER Hips Shake With Desire)

SaveSaveWhen it comes to new and innovative sex tips, women are different in their taste and choices. The sex tips that men love, maybe some women do not love.That’s the reason, it is important for man

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How to Get a Girl to Give You a Blow job (The Spicy Marathon Guide)

SaveI have already shared with you guys why she hates giving you blowjob in my previous article. Now, this article is where the pedal hits the metal. Over the next few paragraphs we’re going to understand

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Why Women Hate Giving Blow Jobs (8 Shocking Reasons Men Ignore)

Why women hate giving blow jobs & men hate them for not doing it.In my experience (and the experience of the guys I’ve worked with and the women I consulted when creating this report) there are 8

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How to Find Her G Spot & Pleasure This Sweet Little Kitty

SaveSaveIf you want a woman to feel safe enough to really let go with you sexually, you must understand just how important it is that she knows you love everything about her vagina and more importantly

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13 Tantric Sex Touch Techniques to (Become the SEXUAL SUPERHERO)

SaveSave What is tantric sex touch and techniques and why it is different from other sexual touches? Let’s discuss the tantric sex techniques in this detailed 5878-word long guide.Tantric sex techniques

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11 Clitoral Stimulation Techniques To Give Her Hip Shaking Orgasms

SaveSaveHow to stimulate her clitoris? A lot of guys have no idea where her clitoris is and you've got to change that.Literally you grab your lover and you say, "We're going to grab a mirror and a flashlight,"

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17 Ways to Touch a Woman Sexually & Play With Her Erogenous Zones

SaveSaveHow to touch a woman sexually to turn her on? This is probably one of the most confusing things that men have to deal with.Putting it another way, there's the touch skills we've seen and learned

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Sexual & Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her Inner World

What if conversation with the hottest females was never a struggle again? What if you knew what sexual and dirty questions to ask a girl you loved and flirt like Russell Brand and never struggle in conversation

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