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4 Exciting Ways To Make Your Wedding Night Perfect And Memorable


The wedding night. The pinnacle of the great day, when the newlyweds have finally bid their guests farewell and retired to the honeymoon suite.

The rest of their lives together beckoning before them, the time has come to consummate their union in blissful, sensual harmony.

For all that this should be a moment to cherish things don’t always work out as planned, for a variety of reasons.

The degree of alcohol consumed during the reception can often by a passion killer.

But what are four of the most exciting ways that will go towards creating the perfect wedding night?

Talk about it beforehand

A memorable wedding night isn’t something to be taken for granted - the liaison you know will take place at the end of the day which you can forget about until the moment it actually arrives.

Talk about it in the run up to the wedding, even quite a while in advance.

Discuss what you’d like to do to one another when you’re alone together, building up the sexual tension.

This way the event will become more of a big deal and the anticipation will build at every stage of the day, from the ceremony itself through the meal and speeches, and finally the slow dances.

You’ll head off to your suite, not with any sense of apprehension, but with confidence that everything you have been dreaming about for so long is about to be fulfilled.

Once you do find yourselves alone in the bedroom, don’t rush straight for the bed; chat to each other, share a glass of bubbly, connect emotionally prior to doing so physically.

Focus on foreplay

The key to making the most of your wedding night is to avoid the temptation to rush into anything like the ‘quickies’ you might have enjoyed on many a previous occasion.

This is a moment to be savored; so do so, indulging in drawn out foreplay.

It’s common for the honeymoon suite to offer a bottle of bubbly, and perhaps other tasty treats, like strawberries or chocolate.

Entice each other by popping fruit into one another’s lips. You could even strategically place these on your partner and ramp up the passion by delicately nibbling the items from their skin.

Wonderful immersion

Rather than diving between the sheets as soon as you enter the room, why not make a beeline for the bathroom and run a tub of sensually steaming water?

Then clamber in and soak in the suds, alone at last, your music of choice creating an arousing backdrop.

Better still, pour yourselves a couple of flutes of champagne so you can whet your appetite while languishing in the hot water.

The best aspect of this activity is you are already naked together, so you can take the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies in a fun and relaxed environment, caressing and massaging each other, all the time anticipating the moment when your desires will prompt you to clamber out the bath and take things to the next level.

Avoid sleeping

After you’ve had your first, glorious union, avoid the temptation to conk out and drift into an enchanted sleep.

You want to make the most of this special night, so spend a while whispering sweet nothings, stroking one another’s skin and hair, and engaging in ever more passionate kissing.

Whether you’re long-term lovers or met through a find date website, provided you haven’t over-indulged in the champagne you may well feel like getting physical once again. Once in the mood, why not prolong it for as long as possible?

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