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Monday Is A Day Of New Beginnings. Start Something That Matters

When you plan to make some changes in your life you usually say that you’ll start on Monday. Most people choose Monday as a starting point for great and meaningful changes.


Well, have you ever thought why we all prefer to change or try something new, namely, on Monday? Isn’t it true that Monday is a perfect day of new beginnings?


Psychological research reveals why Monday is considered as the best time for new beginnings, why this is happening and why you may be more likely to follow through with your goals if you start on Monday rather than on Tuesday.


Monday as a start of the new week creates some psychological and physiological shifts that allow you to leave your imperfections behind while looking forward to new beginnings on Monday.


Adopting new habits on Monday can better motivate you to pursue your goals thanks to the fresh start effect.  Thus, psychologists connect Monday fresh start effect with the readiness of your body and psyche for change.


So Monday is really a great time to start over. It is the best day to start a diet or give up smoking, refresh start fitness classes or have driving lessons. Monday inspires and motivates you, it encourages you to change and improve your life. By the way, you can use inspirational Monday quotes that help you start your week effectively.

If you really want to try something or change your life, without a doubt, start on Monday and you’ll succeed!



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My name is Manish Yadav and I’m the owner of the blog "Love Finds its Way". My advice does away with the manipulations and mind games recommended by magazines and the surface level advice of TV gurus… We’ll dive DEEP into the psychology and biology of desire and give you actionable steps you can use today. Over 900,000 men & women have transformed their relationships as a result, and I've been featured in Lifehack, Return of Kings, Menimprovement, Urban Dater, and so on......and no... We're not here to play games so you can manipulate your significant other......My only intention is to help you and your partner have a healthy and loving relationship by working on your intimacy with each other.And we’re just getting started!

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