Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich Summary Door to Temple of Wisdom

Case Study and Secrets Revealed on think and grow rich summary By Napoleon Hill.

Its time to focus on the amazing stuff that's money and success.

We all want to be rich that's understandable, but only a fraction percentage of population are actually rich and rest are just like you and me.

Do you know why? If not don't worry this is the reason why you're here.

This post will reveal the secrets of getting rich with the help of think and grow rich summary by Napoleon Hill.

Let me make you one thing clear....Honestly speaking I'm myself not rich, but I'm working hard on it and this is the reason why I'm writing this article to inspire you and myself.

This article on Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich Summary is the combination of my own thoughts and​ the lessons that I have learned from the think and grow rich pdf.

This article will provide you with deep insights on success, money and life.

I urge you to read this article thoroughly till the end.

Only if you've the burning desire in your heart to get rich in life.

One more thing I never make false claims on my blog.

In other words don't be in any assumption that reading this article will make you instantly rich over night. 

Remember life is a struggle, success and money comes to those who're willing to put effort, time and investment.

If you're ready for it, this article will certainly guide and point you in the right direction to achieving success and money....I hope its clear.

#1. The First Step To Getting Rich is The Burning Desire 

Desire is the starting point of all the achievements that's what I believe and even read in think and grow rich pdf and this is what I have been doing for so long ever since I started my Blog.

But desire only cannot make you rich, desire has to be fueled with inspiration and motivation to turn it into a reality.

If you ask me to define desire - A simple illustration would be, "something that you want more than anything else in life"

Remember every person who wins in life must be willing to burn his hands and cut all the sources of retreat.

Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind called as "BURNING DESIRE TO SUCCEED" very critical for achieving success and living the life of your dreams.

Remember by wishing and praying money and success won't flow into your life.

But it will flow by desiring it with a state of mind that becomes an obsession.

Along with that desire making definite plans, executing them and backing those plans with consistency, perseverance and attitude that does not recognize failure will bring the success and money you desire for.

To get that money and success, you also need to fix in your mind that exact amount of money that you desire.

And the critical part is what exactly you intend to give in return for the money and success you desire.

Mark a definite date when you intend to possess the success and money you desire.

Ask yourself are you thoroughly prepared and equipped to put this plan in action?

Once you've started your journey to the success land.

Write your plans, stick it on your bedroom wall and develop a habit of reading it aloud twice or thrice like a list of positive affirmations everyday in the morning and before retiring at night.

This will keep fueling your desire to become rich and successful with positive energy everyday.

Important Note from think and grow rich summary - You may complain that its impossible to do all these tasks everyday, but these is were your "BURNING DESIRE" for success and money will come to your rescue.

In other words, if you're truly keen about the success and money in life ​and you believe your desire is an obsession, you will have no problems in convincing your mind to doing all these stuffs....

Remember the journey to the success land begins with these mini steps, if you​ fail today, you'll fail for life.......I hope its making sense. 

#2. The Second Step is Having Faith You'll Be Able To Attain That Burning Desire 

Faith is the head chemist of the mind, faith when combined with vibration of your thoughts, the subconscious mind immediately picks up the vibration, converts it into its spiritual level and emits it into supreme intelligence.

Note that the vibration and emotions of love, sex and faith are the most powerful of all the emotions that we experience in our life.

When these three combines together, they generate the effect of "painting" the vibration of your thought in a manner that it immediately reaches your subconscious mind where it is transformed into spiritual equivalent as I mentioned above.

According to the summary of think and grow rich pdf out of the three love and faith are psychic, concerned to the spiritual side of man.

On the other hand, SEX is wholly biological which is concerned only to the physical side of man.

The combination of these three has direct line of communication between the limited thinking mind of man and ​unlimited intelligence.

At the same time what it does is it convince the subconscious mind to believe you'll receive the desire which you desperately want and are thinking night and day.

And your subconscious mind will naturally act on the belief and this is when you start to develop faith.

I know at this point of time you might be confused reading this, but that's how it is.

Its not so easy to get success and money and now you know that after reading this puzzled lines.....

Believe me its not that difficult either.

All I would say is have faith in your abilities, do everything right with patience success will come sooner or later.

BUT PATIENCE IS THE KEY HERE.....Don't quit in between.​

If you ask me, in my experience faith already exist in all of us.

The only thing is most of the times we don't trust our abilities and that is the reason why we don't perform at our true potential.

Faith is like asking a BLIND MAN to imagine and paint the "COLOR OF THE WATER IN OCEAN" in his mind which he has never seen....

We all know it is "BLUE" but we expect a blind man to tell us that....I hope you got the point.

When he haven't seen the BLUE color, how can he describe it.

Same holds true for faith when you cannot see it,  how can you describe it.

So the best thing is have faith in your abilities as I mentioned above do the right things and success will definitely touch your feet one day.

Patience is the key Remember that. 

Think and grow rich pdf also reveals that faith is a state of mind which will develop at will when you start following the above steps that I asked you write on your bedroom wall and repeat them every morning and night. 

I will a share short and beautiful example that I happened to read in think and grow rich book.

When men first come in contact with crime, they abhor it.

If they happen to stay in contact with crime for certain time, they become habituated to it.​

If they happen to stay in contact with it for too long, they embrace it, and become influenced with it....In fact it becomes a part of their life and they get connected to it.

The same holds true for getting success and money too, when you keep repeating your thoughts and desire constantly for long enough, it is accepted by your subconscious mind and later this thoughts converts into feelings (emotions) and in combination with faith they help you get the success and money you want.

#3. Remember Getting Money and Success is a Tough Journey To Achieve! You'll Reach Success Only When You're Hit Hardest in Life

Achieving success and money is an obsession, you can also call it MADNESS.

I want you to read these lines carefully and with positive frame of mind.

Note that growing rich and getting success is not something that you start today and got it tomorrow or a weak later.

No its not possible!........if being successful and growing rich was so easy everyone would have been rich.......But unfortunately in the real world​ its not true.

Before you reach the milestone of success, you'll undergo countless defeat, failure and depression.

And in each moment of defeat you'll feel like quitting.

But you need to stay strong, remember good luck is the outcome of hard work and preparation. 

Whenever you feel like giving up remember why you held on for so long in the first place.

And believe me this will give you all the courage to fight these countless defeats and the fear of failure.

Its also significant for you to understand that all the success stories that you read today where once a failure.

They too got off to a bad start and went through many heartbreaking struggles before they "Arrived" to the success land.

And I believe the turning point in the lives of people who succeed, comes at the moment of crisis, when they're hardest hit in life.

This the time when they're introduced to their "other selves" or "true selves".

John Bunyan wrote the Pilgrim's progress which is known to be among the finest of all English Literature, after he had been confined in prison and sorely punished, because of this thoughts on the subject of religion.

O. Henry discovered the genius that was sleeping in his mind for so long and he wasn't aware of that. He realized after he met with big misfortune and was confined in prison, in Columbus, Ohio.

Edison the world's greatest inventor and scientist was a tramp telegraph operator. He failed innumerable times before he was driven, finally, to the discovery of the genius that slept within his brain.

Charles Dickens use to paste labels on blacking pots (Pots containing a black dye or polish).

The unfortunate mishap of his first love penetrated the depths of his soul, and turned him into one of the world's finest Author of all times.

If you observe carefully the world around you, most of the times you'll see that disappointments and failures over love affairs, generally tend to break men and women.

99 percent of the times it has negative influence on men and women which causes men to drink and women to ruin​.

It happens because most people fail to learn the art of transmuting their most powerful emotions into dreams of a constructive nature.

Failure in life pushes them to give up on all their dreams, hopes and desires.

But this is not something that should happen to you......If you're reading this lines now read and master the below 8 steps.

I'm not claiming that these lines will hand you success and money at your door step.

But they will certainly help for sure....Because Fortune favors the brave.

Think and grow rich steps for success you must master if you want to excel in life

1. There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it.

2. No one is ready for a thing, until he or she believes they can acquire it.

3. The state of mind must be belief, not mere wish, pray and hope...because in the real world dreams don't come true with hopes, wish and prayers.

4. Being open minded is a must for belief.

5. Close minds do not inspire faith, courage and belief.

6. Read inspirational quotes about life to find courage in difficult times.

7. Read motivational short stories of successful people to build that positive energy and faith if they can do it....Why can't I.

8. Desire Backed by faith, courage and conviction knows no such word as impossible.

#4. You Can Create Anything If You Can Imagine

The think and grow rich summary of Napoleon Hill quotes that the imagination is the workshop where your all desires and dreams are given shape.

The journey to growing rich begins by giving shape, form and action to your dreams and desires with the imaginative power of your mind.

It is through the power of imagination all the great discoveries and inventions was possible.

What once we thought was not possible to achieve now we see it in reality.

The invention of Telephone, Television, Bulb, Airplane, Train and many ​countless discoveries where first fueled with the power of imagination.

The discovery happened later after giving shape, size, form and name to these imaginations.

Desire is only a thought and impulse or extreme urge to find something.

But desire alone is of no value, unless it is transformed into shape, size and structure through the power of imagination.​

#5. The Crystallization of Desire into Action Can Be Also Called as Systematic Planning

As you've already learned above that BURNING DESIRE is the starting point of all the achievements, and from abstract to concrete your desire is formulated in the workshop of imagination where it is given the exact shape, size and structure.

After all these significant steps now its time to do systematic planning by which the transformation can be made.

In other words how to create systematic plan or a road map to think and grow rich in reality and not in your hopes, prayers and dreams.

Steps For Systematic Planning By Manish Yadav (glloomy)

1. Meet positive people be in touch with them and copy their good attributes ignoring the bad ones.

2. Define a specific time period for executing every step of your plan which will help you to stay ahead of time.

3. Take note of the budget and expenses that you spend on your plans and their executions it will help you to keep the finances in check and stop revenue leakage.

4. Don't try to excel in every department as no one can master everything better take help of experts to cut back wastage of time and energy. In other words don't try to do everything alone.

5. Help others in the process of growing rich and successful because whatever good you give away comes back to you in time of crisis. Trust me I'm telling this from my own experience.​

6. Avoid negative people they are like pain in the ass.... don't get influenced by their negativity as its there duty to pull and drag others down because they have achieved mastery in that.....Whenever you happen to meet one just smile and walk away. It will force them to think and analyze their own character.

7. Be gentle, kind and slow to anger. It will allow constant flow of positive energy in your body, mind and soul and at the same time help you to discharge negative energy easily.

8. last but not the least.. No matter what situation you're in, try to stay cheerful and happy......Its because I believe where happiness goes, abundance flows.

I hope this 8 points will help you to make your life little easier in executing your systematic planning  if not very easy.

#6. Kill Procrastination Before It Kills Your Desire To Grow Rich

Accurate analysis of over 25000 men and women who had faced failure, revealed the truth that lack of decision making ability was near the head of the list of 30 major causes of failure.

This is no mere statement of a theory it is a fact.

Procrastination is the enemy of success, you must conquer it before it conquers you.

Believe me or not but we all have the ability and potential to think and grow rich the only thing that holds most of us back is the will power to take the right decision at the right moment.

Trust me the decisions that you did not take today will certainly make you regret 10 years from now, if not today. 

If you study the case study of people who have achieved success in past, you will find one amazing thing they never procrastinated even when they were dead and broke.

To prove my point I want share with you a short story on procrastination

This is like the little boy who says when I become a big boy, I will do this and this and I will be happy.

And when he becomes a big boy he says, when I finish college and do this and this and I will be happy.

And when he finishes college he says when I get my first job and do this and this I will be happy.

And when he gets his first job he says when I get married and do this and this and then I will be happy.

And when he gets married he says when the kids get out of school and I do this and this I will be I happy.

And when the kids get out of school, he says when I retire and do this and this, I will be happy.

And when he retires what does he see? He sees life has just gone by in front of his eyes.

This piece of information is taken from * "Creed for Optimists" by Christian D. Larsen, in The Best of ... Bits Pieces, Economics Press, Fairfield, NJ, 1994, p. 3

Some times we procrastinate by taking help of words like "I'm too busy to do this"  or saying "I'll do it later" and many stupid excuses.

The problem is 3 months later you keep repeating the same words what you don't understand is you're are suffering from a disease called, "Paralysis of Analysis" and you will never succeed.

Then there is another group of people who procrastinate by saying "I'm getting ready" and 3 months later they are still getting ready and 6 months later they are still getting ready.

What they don't realize is they are suffering from a disease called "Excusitis." They continue to make excuses which just don't make sense.

And the truth of the moment is you're now here and this your time.

Better make the best use of it and live up to your full potential.

Remember when we utilize our time wisely we are sowing the seeds for a better future.

And when we continue to procrastinate we only end up draining more energy and eventually it lowers your self esteem and self confidence.

If you're serious about growing rich in life stop procrastinating and develop a habit of "doing it now" than "doing it later".

Just get rid of the negative words like "I could have", "I should have" and all the rubbish.

Never leave till tomorrow which you can do today.--Benjamin Franklin​

I hope you got the point now.......

Source - You Can Win Shiv Khera

#7. Persistence is The Key To Growing Rich and Successful

In his book Napoleon Hill think and grow rich summary he talks about the importance of persistence.

Persistence is the key to achieving anything in life whether its success or anything you're trying ​to learn that is NEW for you.

The basis of persistence is your will power.

Desire and will power when mixed together in the right proportion make an alluring pair.

Men who accumulate great fortunes are generally known as cold blooded, and sometimes ruthless​ and often men of these nature are misunderstood.

Its because most people you'll meet in life surrender in time of acute adversity and misfortunes.

They do well when everything is running smooth, but the moment circumstances change they other words they surrender.

Only few carry on despite all the problems, until they find success.

If you want to build great fortune, you need to have a great character and to have a great character you need to be persistent in your efforts, even when things aren't moving in your direction.

Being inconsistent is a weakness that can ruin your fortune so its important to overcome this weakness by persistent effort.

The best possible trick to overcome it is, by constantly fueling it by thinking about the desire.

The desire to grow rich and succeed has to be very strong, it is this desire that will push you to walk on the road of persistent.

Note that just like a small fire cannot produce sufficient heat, in the same manner weak desires cannot produce great results.........I hope its understood.

#8. Last But Not The Least Mastering The Mystery of Sex.

You may be wondering how the hell sex came in between when we are discussing about growing rich and successful.

But for your information my friend sex is one of the most important factor that cannot be ignored when it comes to reaching your goals.

The importance of sex has also been discussed in detail by Napoleon Hill in his book think and grow rich.​

Sex is the most powerful and strong desire of all the human desires. 

When driven by this desire, men builds eagerness of imagination, faith, courage, determination, persistence and creative ability that can take him or her to the apex of success.

The desire of sexual touch is so intense and irresistible that men and women run the risk of life and reputation to fulfill it.

The desire for sex is totally natural and inbuilt in human and this sexual desire cannot be and should not be suppressed.

Even research has proved that sex is the most significant reason involved in success of most men and women around the world.

​Wherever there was evidence available in connection with the lives of men and women who has achieved success, it indicated most convincingly that they possessed high sex drives.

Its because the emotion of sex is an irresistible force and when driven by this emotion men and women can become gifted with super power of action.

The emotion of sex contains the secret sauce of creative potential.

So, Guys I believe these 8 principles are amazingly good enough to begin with your own think and grow rich life program.

But if you're ready to take action and believe in the power of imagination and you have that burning desire in your heart to succeed in life.

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I will stop here, I hope you found this post on Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich Summary useful and if you really liked it please comment your thoughts and also do not forget to share it with the rest of the world.

GOOD BYE and have a nice day, see you again in another amazing article just like this and don't forget to WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE.


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