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Perfect Wedding+ Honeymoon How To Avoid Stress Preparing Them

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Every bride wants her wedding and honeymoon to be perfect. It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to create this perfect day.

This is why you begin months before the wedding date. This is why you look at every tiny detail.

Below you will find some pretty cool tips that will help you on your quest to achieving wedding bliss.

We urge you to read this and re-read this, Then have your (soon to be) spouse read it. You are in this together.

It is important that you are on the same page and have the same finish line in sight.

#1. What is perfection?

You have dreamed of your wedding day forever.

You have an image of that perfect day in your mind. You want everything to go smoothly. So, what’s the problem?

The fact that the wedding is in your head is great.

However, your partner, bridesmaids, guests, and parents do not have a clue what “perfection” means to you.

The first step in removing stress from your event is to share your vision.

Your groom may think any ceremony that begins with you looking beautiful and ends with a luau in Hawaii is perfect.

He is not aware of the million steps between those two points. This is going to be an issue. Address it well in advance. 

#2. The budget

Before you even think about a wedding, you must determine how much you are going to spend.

If other people are helping you pay for the wedding, you must have a dollar amount. This is where you get a bit creative. 

Set up a honeymoon registry. This is just like a store registry except it is free and you set it up from your home computer.

Your honeymoon registry will list what you want for wedding gifts. It is perfectly acceptable to list cash as a gift.

Let your guests know that you will love to explore North Ireland, or Naama Bay or do a safari in Kenya.

Be sure to list how much and what the cash is going to pay for. More than one guest can pay for an item, you have to let them know this can be done as well!

For example, if you are listing airline tickets, $2000.00. Someone can pay $500.00 on them.

This will show the guests that you are still needing $1500.00. Others may contribute to the same line item. 

Get creative with your honeymoon registry.

You can break it into two groups. Title the first section, “When you want to help with their wedding,” and the second, “When you want to help with their honeymoon.” This allows the guests to be part of the event.

You must decide on what is most important to you. Use the gifts accordingly.

If you do not have enough money to pay the band and to have a private, candlelight dinner on the beach, you will be able to apply the funds where you need them.

#3. Wedding Planner - not optional

The first priority in planning a perfect wedding is to hire a wedding planner.

Professionals agree, a wedding planner is not just nice to have, she is critical to your wedding event.

No matter how talented and gifted you are at pulling together social events, you need a wedding planner.

You do not need someone who is going to take the reins and assume the position, like your bridesmaid or mother.

You need an actual, experienced, and well-known wedding planner.

Your wedding planner watches all those details that will make you crazy.

She touches base with the vendors to ensure the chairs are delivered on time, the caterers have the correct number of guests for food service, the band or DJ will be there on time, and the limo is not late.

 She works with these vendors every day so she knows what they need.

She knows the photographer needs perfect lighting to get those outdoor shots.

She helps him carve the right time out of the hectic day. She takes care of all the details so you can concentrate on being a bride.

You will not have time to enjoy your day if you are chasing down the band or the bartender 3 hours before the march down the aisle.

Note: even wedding planners hire a wedding planner when they get married.

#4. Bridesmaids

First of all, you need to understand that your maid of honor carries a lot of responsibility.

She is the one that runs back to pick up the shoes you forgot. She helps you with your dress, she helps with keeping the bridesmaids organized and stepping in if there is a problem.

All of your bridesmaids are there to assist you, but don’t let that go to your head.

Some brides turn into demanding little dictators. Don’t let that happen. As they say, “You can catch more flies with honey.”

#5. The gowns

It is hard enough to find the perfect dress for the bride. When you add in six other women, it may become very difficult.

Use your computer and shop with a good wedding gown company. Try to purchase all the dresses from the same shop.

While searching for a plus size wedding dress or a bridesmaid dress that looks good on any body type, you need quality service.

Some wedding gown shops allow you to put down a small (Less than $20) deposit on a dress and they will send it to your home to try on.

This is an awesome way to take away stress. Each lady can get a try on dresses of the same or different dresses.

You make your selections in the privacy of your own home. If you do not like the gowns, just send them back and try again.

#6. Low-Stress Venues

When you are shopping for venues, be selective. Some venues have space but offer little else.

Some venues have such beautiful areas that you can save money on decorating.

If the chapel or wedding hall has lovely wooden floors, crystal chandeliers, and stained glass windows, you will need little embellishment to create a perfect wedding venue.

However, if the venue is very plain, you will need candles, ribbon, flowers, and lighting to make it acceptable.

Worse, if they have outdated carpets or wallpaper that clashes with your wedding colors, it would be impossible to turn that into your wedding venue. 

If the venue is exclusively used for weddings, ask them if they have decorations on hand.

More than likely they will have all the trimmings on hand for when they show the venue. They may loan the decorations to you or let you rent them at a low price. 

#7. Best Wedding Advice

Of course, you want a perfect wedding and a perfect honeymoon and romance. Do your best to achieve those goals. But, be a little flexible.

Your wedding party is made up of human beings.

Your vendors and guests are people. Where there are people, there will be misunderstandings, mistakes, and short-sightedness. 

Laugh it off. It is not the end of the world. One or two little things that didn’t happen exactly as planned will not ruin your day.

At the end of the day, you will be married and enjoying the people who love you.

So, keep your sense of humor and enjoy your wedding day. Honestly, this is the best wedding advice we can give you.

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