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Religious terrorism: What is hiding in its underbelly?


Religious Terrorism and Its Undercurrents

For those who subscribe to the Biblical worldview, it is documented that the first recorded human death that was an act of murder committed by Cain against his brother Abel.

But why did he kill his brother? It was not because of business rivalry or a battle over a certain girl, no. It was all about religion—a man who envied his brother’s faith in God.

All through history, we have cases of thousands of people killing each other in the name of God.

Across all religions, none is innocent of these senseless acts of violence and murder. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are all as guilty as charged.

 But how about religious terrorism? Well, the truth is that religious terrorism did not begin with the rise of modern Islamic fundamentalism. Religious terrorism is just as old as religion itself.

As long as a human being is put under terror, with the threat of death because they do not subscribe to a particular creed, that in itself is terror because it brings them under fear.

What we are seeing being defined from “Washington” is merely a new tag that is also being used as a political gimmick.

In this post, we shall look at some of the ugly undercurrents of this system. Stay put to learn more in a brief objective manner.

#1 The Underlying Cause is Greed 

What is the underlying factor that cuts across all the religious terrorism we see around? The primary factor is greed.

Behind all the religions of the world—Judaism, Islam, Christianity— we have a cartel of a few dominant men who control the thinking of the masses.

For instance, the Pharisees of Jerusalem were famed for their lavish lifestyle. That is why when Jesus exposed them, they incited the masses against him and arm-twisted Pilate to kill him.

This pattern is common in all other religions. When the masters behind it feel that their position is under threat, they respond by mobilizing the (gullible) masses that trust them so that they can maintain their grip on them.

Reason? Simple: you do not make money from people who don’t subscribe to your ideology, unless you are collecting taxes!

#2 A False Sense of Superiority

Every religion has one common denominator: that all the other religions are false except itself.

This means that its adherents are boxed in a cycle of believing that their religion is the best. It is no wonder when a system that propagates something that contradicts that particular religion attacks it, the masters behind it rally their followers to attack their critics.

That is why we see a religion like Islam claiming that Muslims have the right to criticize all other religions and call its followers t “infidels,” but it is a “crime” to criticize Islam.

#3 A Platform for Selfishness Political Ambition

Religion and politics work the way the hand works with the glove. No recorded history of religious violence lacks open or hidden political backing, not one.

For instance, the Crusades of the Middle Ages were supported by Rome armies to inflict terror on the opponents of the Roman Church. Duly constituted governments such as Iran, Syria, and Sudan back current religious fundamentalist groups such as ISIS, Al Shabaab, and Al Qaeda.

If you observe current trends and history, you will notice that politicians use religion as tools for terror. In addition, religion uses political force to advance violence.

Why? Because they hold the minds of the masses, and hence, any “smart politician” who minds their political expediency will not turn away the offer of political support in exchange for military backup.

#4 A False Sense of Belong and Identity

Lastly, all religions offer their followers a sense of communal belong and identity. When this instinct is threatened, it creates fuel for religious terror.

Think of it this way: what will an average human response when someone insults his or her mother? The answer is obvious that they will respond violently.

Religious fundamentalism and violence is just as old as religion itself. It is also common in all the major religions of the world.

But no matter which religion perpetrates it, believes that all religious terror is wrong and every sensible human needs to condemn it.

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