59 Self Care Ideas And Activities You Must Follow For a Healthy Soul


Have you been guilty of not taking proper care of yourself? If YES! follow this self care ideas and activities for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Now, before you continue.

First it is significant​ to understand what do you exactly understand by the phrase "SELF CARE"?

​A simple definition of self care is anything that you do for own happiness and well being.

In other words looking after yourself and giving importance or special preference to your own needs and wants.

You may wonder thinking what's so special in that, every one cares for themselves.

Believe me if you're thinking that way, you're absolutely WRONG.

Let me prove it for you.

In today's hectic era life is very busy and frustrating and it get even more frustrating when you're busy looking after your personal relationships, like your spouse, kids or trying to keep your BOSS happy for the next promotion.

In that process you get so carried away that you're hardly left with any time to pamper yourself and cater your needs.

Over time this leads to frustration, depression, anxiety and stress. 

But don't worry if you're someone who is very busy in life doing multiple tasks than this post is for you.

As today you'll learn some amazing self care activities and ideas that will help you to lead a healthy life full of energy, confidence and higher self esteem.​

So, if you're ready let's begin our journey and learn some powerful self care ideas to ease your mind, body and soul.

Self Care is Not Optional It's Mandatory

Self care activities are not something that you do for one time. It's like an investment that adds up to something exceptional. 

In other words when you take proper care of your health you reap the benefits later especially when you grow old, when your body becomes weak.​

Well being is not something earned or achieved. It is also not a target that you need to hit to win something extra ordinary.

It is a part of who you are and within you lies the power to be healthy, happy and in peace with everything you do in life.

I'll share with you a simple example of self care activities that will open your mind and help you realize the true power of having good health and well being.

When I first started my blogging journey. I was full of enthusiasm and energy and this pushed me to work night and day.

For a year I was doing good as it was passion.

But over time my health started to deteriorate and I found I couldn't concentrate on any of my tasks whether it was personal life, professional life or blogging.

It was then, I realized that "Health is Wealth" if you ever want to succeed in life or achieve anything.

You must be physically and mentally fit which is possible only with self care ideas and activities especially if you're a youth.

I hope you got the message that I wanted to convey..

So, if you're convinced with me below are some incredible self care ideas and activities for youth and other peoples that will help to manifest your dream life.


1. Do things that you love doing and don't copy others just because you feel what they're doing is cool.

2. Follow your passion to live your dream life as there's no better example of self love activity than living your passion and a life that is in tune with your true personality.

3. Focus on one task at a time and move on to the other only after completing the first one. It will help you to stay away from unwanted confusion and burden.

4. Always take a 5 minute break between work. it will help you to stay fresh, energetic and active.

5. If something is not working don't get frustrated, change your angle and look at it from another perspective. Believe me it works.

6. Don't try to impress others for fulfilling your materialistic desires, you will lose your dignity and integrity in the process.

7. Spend your weekend with your family and friends, it will help to make the coming week amazing, full of energy and enthusiasm.

8. Always be the part of the solution and not the problem.

9. Take negative criticism positively.

10. Don't worry for the fear of failing, worry about what will happen if you stopped trying.

11. Don't worry too much about the results, if it seems invisible there's something happening believe me it's my own experience from life.

12. Look after your health first because without good health you're doomed to death.

13. Schedule time frame for every task and try to complete it within the time frame it will stop the habit of procrastination and delaying things. Because a complete task is always fulfilling and energizing and an incomplete task always saps energy.

14. Be what you're don't change yourself for others.

15. Say sorry when you'r wrong or done any mistake. Trust me it will not hurt your ego, but certainly raise your self-esteem.

16. Take a spa every one's in a while it reduces headache, stress, relaxes your body and mind.

17. Buy some new clothes if you're clothe freak and donate your old one' to some charitable institution. Believe me it feels amazing.

18. Help someone in need who cannot repay you in cash or kind. I believe helping someone is the best way to increase your self esteem.

19. Spend sometime with your pet, if you've one.

20. Do meditation it will help to connect you with your soul and find some peace and happiness.

21. Every one's in a while spend some time in the forest away from the noises of the city, it will help you to connect with the nature.

​22. Make yoga as a part of your daily routine to reduce stress, anxiety and other health related issues.

23. Be slow to anger because anger always kills as it is your biggest enemy.


24. Listen to music it keeps you happy and enhances the quality of your sleep.

25. Avoid junk and oily foods and eat more veggies to boost your over all health and metabolism.

26. Be selfish and do one thing every fortnight that makes you happy.

27. Read inspirational quotes about life to stay motivated especially in tough times. The wise words of others can inspire you to do great things in life.

28. Talk to your mom and dad every couple of days just to show you care (but do it wholeheartedly not for formality)

29. Don't compromise and skip your sleep unless it's something very important.​

30. Don't live life in your comfort zone, come out and explore yourself to the whole new world of possibilities. 

31. Always remember one thing no matter how competitive the world is, there is always scope for success if you're willing to put effort.

32. ​Be grateful to whatever GOD has given you in this life.

33.​ Practice mindfulness in a quiet place everyday at least for 10 minutes to get rid of negative thoughts and help positivity to flow in.

34. At the end of each week make a list of all the good things that happened in your life. It will help you to take control of your life and emotions. Believe me this is one of the best emotional self care activity that very few people do. If you've never done it, start from today and see how it will transform your life (slowly and steadily)

35. Don't skip your family time to give unnecessary importance to your cell phone and social media. This is because in tough times it will be your family that will stand beside you not your 1K social media followers.

36. Eat only when you feel like, not by the clock.

37. Have a body massage every week to help yourself both physically and psychologically.

38. Forgive people on their mistakes, it's an amazing quality very few have. Try to be one out of those few peoples.

39. Cut down your food choices and eat healthy at least for 4 days in a week.

40. Sit quietly and check in your emotions just listen to your feelings without judgment.

41. Take a hot water bath. Dipping your body in hot water to the neck is an amazing exercise for your blood vessels.

42. Plan a self-date. Spend an hour alone doing something that nourishes you (reading, writing, playing guitar or any hobby like visiting a museum or gallery, whatever that makes you feel fulfilled.

43. Whenever you bring lunch to work, Carry some extra to share with people who're less fortunate on your way or during the lunch break.

44. The day you receive your salary donate 2 percent of it to charity to help people who're not very fortunate. It's because whatever you give, it always comes back in some form or other, especially when you're in trouble. I'm telling this from my personal experience.

45. Reinvent contact with someone you’ve lost touch with or have unresolved fight with in past. Resolve it and let go of the unnecessary baggage. Believe me you'll feel super amazing from inside.

46. Get up in the morning listening to spiritual chanting or music and not with your cell phone notifications. If possible set up an alarm with spiritual music.

47. Stay away from negative people, if you happen to meet one just smile and walk away.

48. Never believe in unhealthy argument, it will only sap your energy and lower your self-esteem.

49. Keep track of the money you spend, Of course don't be miser, but keep your eyes open while spending on unnecessary things. The little money you save today will certainly serve you tomorrow......(Once again don't be miser, but keep the balance)

50. Do something good for someone and ensure no one can trace it back to you—an disguise act of kindness.

51. Lay on the floor on your back with your eyes closed for 10 minutes and just breathe. Not everyday, but do it when you're tired or worried about something. Believe me it helps.

52. Go for a movie every once in a while with your family and friends for a change.

53. Look for opportunities to praise others. It costs nothing, takes very little time, and could make someone’s entire day. Don’t just think Do It.


54. Help others find positive in every bad situation of life.

55. Put a surprise note every once in a while in your spouse’s or kid’s lunch box with a small note saying "I love You"

56. When people are gossiping about someone, be the person to chime in with something nice.

57. Invite someone to dinner – especially at the holidays, when it is tough for some people to stay alone.

58. Follow a list of positive affirmations as they're designed to cement your conscious thoughts. You can find a list of amazing positive affirmations written by me HERE.

59. Last but not the least, Make note of this philosophy, "You live once, if you can do it right.....Once is enough".

To be honest I can keep writing all day long. But that's not the idea behind this post.

I believe this 59 self care ideas and activities are more than sufficient to improve the over all health of your mind, body and soul.

And I understand totally that it is also not possible to implement all the above mentioned self care activities and ideas in one day.

All you need to do is go through them one by one and make note of the one's that you found most useful and apply them in respect to the circumstances and problems that occur in your life.

Guys I believe manifestation of happiness and wellness is a possibility that naturally exist in all of us so deeply that when harnessed correctly, it has the power to literally change our lives.

The only thing is you need to take action and apply this self care ideas in your routine life whenever you get chance.

I believe most of the stress and anxiety we experience in our lives is because of lack of self control and self awareness of our own needs and want.

And I know we're pulled along through life by a string to deal with problems after problems for which we don’t have the answers.

But for many of us, the answers are there.

You just need to ask for them and take on the right mindset to manifest them in your life.

All you need is just add this emotional self care activities and ideas into your routine life with the right perspective and you'll certainly reduce the tension and stress that you're feeling now.


Human body is just like a machine. It will work properly only when its every component will function properly.

And to help it function properly it must stay happy and healthy. And for this to happen the examples of self care activities that I've shared above will help you.

The self care ideas that I’ve shared with you in this post are the core components for living an amazing life.

They have been used in one form or another by great thinkers and spiritual leaders too.

More importantly, this emotional self care ideas will remove the stressors that are constantly forcing your body into a state of ceaseless tension.

By relaxing the body, nourishing the heart and freeing your spirit, which give you the inner strength needed to combat disease, increase happiness and generally be healthier.

I will stop here, but before I conclude I want to show you something that has the power to change your life immensely by giving you the happiness, love and success in all forms of your life.

If you're serious about living a life that is stress free, tension free, full of happiness and inner peace especially if you're a YOUTH as I believe you've a long journey to WALK in this stressful life.


Are you on the path you should be on towards a life of great prosperity, love, health and happiness?

Or is something getting in your way? 

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post on self care ideas and activities for youth and others.

If you found it worth reading, please do not forget to comment your thoughts and share it with others.

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