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7 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Transition When Moving in Together


Taking your relationship to the next level is an exciting time for you and your partner, but you are likely to face some challenges along the way.

Moving in with your significant other is one of the biggest milestones in the whole of your relationship and is likely the first major commitment you will make to each other.

Moving in together can seem very appealing as it allows you to wake up next to your partner every morning and save money by splitting the cost of living.

However, every dream can soon turn into a nightmare if you aren’t prepared and organized for every eventuality.

Moving in together is often the make or break of many relationships, so it is important that you think carefully before going ahead with it.

Don’t forget that getting out of a relationship is much easier than it is to get out of a tenancy agreement!

To make the transition of living together that bit easier, we have put together this helpful guide outlining seven ways to ensure that moving in with your partner is as smooth a transition as possible.

#1. Have a Trial Period Before Moving in Together.

You may want to consider having a trial period of living together before you go ahead with any official rental agreements.

This is a great way to get to know each other’s habits before you take the plunge of sharing a home. 

You could consider having a two-week period where you live together with no breaks so that you get a genuine feel of what it would be like to live together full time.

You may already consider your relationship to be solid and think that you know everything that you could possibly know about your other half, but you will be surprised at the things you will find out about your partner once you start to live with them.

Spending a few nights together before returning to your own home is very different than living together, so make sure that you are prepared!

#2. Consider Storage When Moving in Together

You probably won’t realize just how much stuff you have that you will need to take with you when you move in with your partner.

Not only will you have to consider how you will find storage for all your belongings, but also all the belongings that your partner owns.

Therefore, you should both have a clear out before you move into your new place together.

Initially, this may not seem like a big deal, but research has found that around 30 percent of couples who share a home argue about clutter around the house.

You should both commit to getting rid of the belongings that you no longer need so that you have less items to store in your new home.

If you only plan to have a smaller living space,then you should consider discussing practical options with your partner.

You could invest in a storage locker or facility to store the items that you don’t need immediately.

This is particularly advisable if you don’t want your other half to see how much of a hoarder you are!

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#3. Create a Budget Moving in Together.

It is important that you think about the financial aspect of living together before you move in together so that you can ensure a smooth transition.

Most people find it uncomfortable talking about money, but it is important that you have an honest conversation with your partner before you move in together.

You should be honest about what debts you have and the personal outgoings that you must pay out on top of your living costs.

You may consider getting a joint bank account that both you and your partner can use to pay the bills that are associated with sharing a home.

Sharing a bank account is also a great way to spend money as a couple so that you can share some of your financial responsibilities, such as grocery shopping, while also having your own private bank account and monetary independence.

#4. Establish Ground Rules.

No matter how much you love someone, living with them isn’t always easy, so to make the big step of living together a smoother transition, then you should consider creating some ground rules that you both agree on.

While this may sound unnecessary,it could limit arguments at a later date.

If you like to live in a clean and tidy space, then you should voice this to your partner and perhaps create a cleaning schedule so that you don’t find yourself clearing up after your other half.

By creating and agreeing on a cleaning schedule, you can avoid additional arguments as you will know who is assigned the different chores that need doing.

Establishing ground rules is a great way to make sure you are both equally contributing to the upkeep of your home.

#5. Confess Your Bad Habits

While you may think that you know everything there is to know about your other half, they are likely to have bad habits that they have managed to keep hidden while you haven’t lived together.

You may even have a few bad habits yourself that you have tried to hide from your partner.

However, all of this will come out once you start living together, so you should take some time to confess some of your guilty habits.

For example, if you are a bad snorer, then you may want to let your other half know this before you start to live with them.

While they may already know you snore from the nights you have spent together in the past,sleeping next to someone every night who snores can make getting a good night’s sleep very difficult.

You may consider snoring aids to help improve your snoring problem, and mouth taping can alleviate embarrassing snoring.

#6. Have Your Own Space.

Even though you live together, it is important that you have some of your own space in your shared home with your partner.

It is important that you maintain your own life and interests even though you are living with your significant other as you may find that there is extra pressure and strain on your relationship.

You may want to have a corner of your shared home where you have just your possessions, and if there is enough space, then you may consider dedicating a whole room in your home as a private space that is just for you.

Just because you and your partner have decided to share where you live, it doesn’t mean you have to share every aspect of your life with them.

#7. Be Prepared for Relationship Changes.

Making the decision to move in together is one of the biggest steps you can take in a relationship, so it is bound to have an impact on your relationship.

While you may find that it strengthens the bond that exists between you, you may also find that you didn’t know your partner as well as you thought you did.

Sometimes the habits that you used to find endearing about your partner may end up being what bugs you most about them.

While this is completely normal, you should try not to let the small things cause arguments and learn to accept your partner for all their positives as well as their flaws.

While at first the step of living together may seem like the natural progression of your relationship, it isn’t as easy a transition as you may think.

It is important that you think carefully about moving in together before you go ahead with anything.

However, you shouldn’t let the challenges get in your way if you want to move in with your other half.

Instead, follow these helpful steps so you can be sure to make the transition of moving in together as smoothly as possible.

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