12 Actionable Steps To Starting a New Life From Scratch – Read My Amazing Guide


Starting a new life and reinventing again can be really intimidating because somewhere you are in a false myth of being trapped by the circumstances in your life.

But that's not always true believe me because we all have the power to start a new life again irrespective of our life situations.

Whatever we are doing can be changed, and we can start over again for a better life.

Of course it's not easy, but definitely not impossible if you are ready to have courage, faith and belief combined with crystal clear vision.

You need to be confident enough to see yourself in the new circumstances of your own creation.

The source to starting a new life from scratch exist naturally in each of us, but we kill or trap it behind our limiting beliefs.

But if you're really serious about starting a new life?

I want you to read this step-by-step guide carefully to help you come out from those limiting beliefs and regain the power to play, to imagine, and to reclaim your life.

So if you're ready let's begin.

#1. Essence

Essence is the feeling of connecting with your own spirit and your true self.

Your essence and belief has unlimited potentials to change your life. To genuinely understand your essence takes a lifetime and can only be understood through a process which goes beyond the thinking of your mind.

Most of the work of knowing your essence fits not into the bracket of learning but into the bracket of un-learning.

Without understanding your essence with honesty and conviction, no real growth can be made on your journey of self-improvement.

But you need not worry, I will walk you through some incredible techniques to help you connect with your essence, and clearly find out what it takes to live the life of your dreams by starting everything new alone from scratch.


#2. Belief

Belief is a powerful place just outside the layer of your essence. It truly has the power and potential to walk you through the ladder of accomplishing anything that you desire.

Your beliefs must be empowering enough for you to start a new life. The significant thing is you must possess right values that help those beliefs to lay the basics upon which your new life can be built.

The only obstacles to overcome here is bringing your subconscious beliefs into your conscious awareness and choosing to keep those beliefs which empower you and refuse those which limit you.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”- Lao Tzu

But if you lack the belief no matter how many steps you take you'll never succeed.

In other words to bring success in your life with every step you take you must believe in your mind that you'll succeed in your new life no matter what problems come.

#3. Goals

Most people confuse themselves with dreams and goals. Let me give you a simple example.

Everyone wants to build a beautiful and successful life but if you really dream to have one. You need to understand, that your dream to start a new life is only the beginning point.

​And to accomplish that dream you need to set realistic goals. Remember dreams cannot be achieved but goals can be achieved.

Suppose you want to buy a Mercedes Benz car, then car is your dream but the money required to buy that car will be your goal.

In this case car is your dream and money is your goal.

In the same way starting a new life is your dream but the steps to achieve it will be your goal....I hope its clear.

#4. Don't Build Your New Life On Vagueness

Most people fail to live the life of their dreams because of vagueness in their thought process, goals and ideas of what they want.

Some of you fool yourself by pretending to know what you want but the truth is you're actually operating out of hypnotically programmed desires, rather than being led toward the true desires of your deeper selves.

To clearly reach your goals and fulfill your dream life, you need to find your purpose, only than you'll be able to get in touch with your true desires.

This will help you to head in the right direction by setting right goals with right values and beliefs.

And when you're clear in your mind with what you want, you automatically remain focused on it until your goals come into being.


#5. Take Courageous Actions Don't Procrastinate

The universe has the power to give anything you desire. But this is possible only when you're ready to take courageous action.

I'm telling this because many people have habit of procrastinating a decision out of fear of failure and the fear of change and many other stupid reasons and then finally taking the leap, only to have a series of unforeseen events unfold to help their actions and help them along the way​.

I want you to read this lines carefully if you're truly serious to learn how to start a new life.​

Until you're seriously committed, there is hesitancy, the probability to draw back, always ineffectiveness. In relations to all acts of initiative and creation there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which ruins endless ideas and incredible plans; that the moment one definitely commits oneself, Providence moves too. All kinds of things happen to help one that would otherwise never have happened. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

#6. Embrace The Change It is The Starting Point of Your New Life

Your determination to the road of change is likely to provide you amazing results than you might imagine.

Embark on your journey toward your new life. Be confident about the surprises and the gifts that you'll recieve when you reach your goals.

Believe me it will help to remind you why you’re taking the action you’re taking.

Have faith in the power of universe and believe that it will present you with the most amazing gifts of your life and that will confirm to you that you’re on the right path.

Never ever doubt your abilities once you’ve established a firm foothold on your determination to change, you’ll get support in ways unimagined.

Remember true success requires having control over your emotions and self.

The idea should be to manifest success at all levels of consciousness, so it will be deeply rooted and amazingly satisfying.

Once you perform incredibly at all levels, you’ll be one of those people whom we call “congruent​"

#7. Manifest Your New Life

To manifest is to create. What you manifest is a direct outcome of how you think about your dreams and goals at the deeper levels.

Once you've experienced your essence, clarified your values and beliefs, and established your goals, you can begin to manifest the fruits of your labor.

You can learn much about our consciousness by looking at what you’ve manifested thus far in your life.

In the below section we will talk about mindfulness meditation for exercising your consciousness so that your ability to manifest your dreams is amplified beyond your wildest dreams.


#8. Practice Meditation

Starting a new life can be intimidating, confusing and vague but if you can add the tinge of meditation in your life it can help you go a long way.

You may think It's hard to meditate, I’ve tried it in past, and I just didn’t have the patience to focus.

”If this is your situation, you’re probably expecting meditation to be something other than what it really is.

Many of us have a false myth that the aim of meditation is to enter an altered state. If they somehow fail to enter that state, they believe that they don't have the patience to do meditation.

But the truth is you get bored and discouraged waiting for it to show up.​

​If you're serious enough try to close your eyes and try to quieten your mind. Do that now, for just a moment. Then return to this guide.

If you tried it I know you got anxious and worried as you felt its difficult to practice it.

But do not worry read this and try again.

Close your eyes once again, and focus your entire attention not on your thoughts but on the sensations you feel in your body.

Perhaps you can rest your attention on the temperature of your hands or on the weight of your legs or on the tension in your face. Be careful not to observe emotions, but rather sensations.​

Follow this 12 powerful steps for meditation and see how wonderful it makes you feel​.

1. Sit comfortably in an upright position with your back straight, arms comfortably in your lap.

2. Keep your mouth and eyes closed.

3. Take three to five "Deep breaths,”

4. Promise to utilizing this time for self-inquiry, not thought.

5. Concentrate on your breath as you inhale and exhale through your nose.

6. Don’t try to change anything you notice. Accept it as it is.

7.Give yourself a brief reminder to maintain perfect awareness and perfect equanimity or acceptance throughout this process.

8. Begin to become aware of the sensations over your body. Move your attention up and down your body, uncritically noticing whatever feelings arise.

9. If you become bored, distracted, frustrated, or overwhelmed, realize that these, too, are just sensations. Feel them as you do all other sensations or thoughts.

10. Practice for at least fifteen minutes. Do as much as thirty minutes in one go. It’s best to practice in the morning.

11. Use this same practice any time something upsetting or stressful happens during your day. Bring your attention, as quickly as possible, into your body and away from your thoughts.

12. Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts; you are not your mind.

I hope this helps

#9. Be Prepared To Face The Obstacles 

​In the process of beginning a new life you'll be faced with many obstacles but if you stay firm on your decision nothing can stop you from starting your new life with a bang.

Try to stay with positive people who love and support you. There will some group of people who will try their best to pull you down but you try your best to ignore them and focus only on what you want from your life.​

Whenever you feel that you're getting low on self-esteem try to read inspirational books and stories to raise your confidence and motivation level...........Here is a beautiful article by me on inspirational short stories you'll love it.

The whole idea here is to make you understand that you must not give up no matter how difficult your life circumstances are.

Remember if you stop now you've to start again somewhere and there's no point in doing that so just keep walking you never know you may be very close toward the making of your new life​..so don't quit.

#10. Disconnect

When you're planning to start a new life from scratch it's good to disconnect from the external world for a while especially from social media and internet world.

I'm telling this because all this things distract your mind from reaching your goals and destinations.

It's good to spend some time alone, recollect your thoughts, actions and plans to work around them and this is possible only when your mind is calm, composed and free from other unnecessary junks of life.

Remember I'm not asking you to leave everything just for time being focus on your new life and build that primary strong foundation.

#11. Focus Only On The Brighter Side of Life

As I said above many times when you're starting a new life you'll be faced with number of problems but you must look at them as opportunities and not as problems.

Don't live your life with a limited self-belief. Rather move through the situations of life with positivity.

You’re bound to come up against situations which shine a light on your limits. Welcome them.​

Accept in your mind that every bad situation you face is being given to you as an opportunity to shine light on your limitations so you can learn from it. It’s the grist for your mill.​

#12. Practice Forgiveness And Be Loveable

To prove my point I want to demonstrate a beautiful example that will help you not only to stay happy in life by forgiving others on their mistakes but also stay loveable in others eye.

Believe me this is a must do task if you're planning to start a new life. If you fail in this exercise you'll end up making fewer friends and more enemies.

Suppose your girlfriend/boyfriend somehow forgot to wish you on your birthday. You would certainly feel hurt, angry, sad, and insecure..Right?

This feeling prove to you that you don’t believe that he or she really loves you or cares about you.

Since you’ve felt this sort of insecurity in your past relationships before him or her, I believe that there’s a part of you that doesn’t really believe you're loveable.​

Now, in spite of arguing or fighting with your girlfriend/boyfriend for not wishing you what you must do is adopt the belief that you're loveable and that your girlfriend’s/boyfriend's behavior is nothing more than an honest mistake on their part.

So the good thing here is to forgive them

In fact, since you're loveable, even if he or she doesn’t love you, you should not get upset because there’s plenty of love to be had out there.

If he's/she’s not the one to give it to you, you must release him/her to find true love, and you can get love elsewhere​.

I hope its clear now​ it's important to practice forgiveness and at the same time love yourself to stay loveable in other people's eye.

I believe this 12 points are good enough for you to understand the concept of starting a new life.

Trust me if you can follow each one of this with clear thoughts you'll automatically attract abundance and prosperity into your new life​.

Last but not the least - “Don't waste life in doubts and fears; spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour's duties will be the best preparation for the hours and ages that will follow it.”- Ralph Waldo.

You have far more potential than you realize. Your life has the chance to be infinitely bigger than it is, and you can touch the lives of millions of people.

You have a gift. It’s unique and beautiful. You have all the components necessary for beginning your new life's journey. Every one of us has within us an indomitable spirit, an essence, a core of truth.

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I will stop here I hope you enjoyed reading this guide on starting a new life. if you really did please do not forget to comment your thoughts by adding some more beautiful points.

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