Staying Fit While Also Making Money as a Full-Time Student

Various things plague college students on a daily basis, these things are lack of money and possibly gaining the dreaded college weight that everyone warns of. The fact is that you will have to work extremely hard and have quite a bit of self-control if you want to have a great body during college. The extra time that many people have during college can be spent doing a variety of different things. Spending just one of those extra couple of hours a day in the gym not only will help your physical health but also mental health as we all know college can be stressful. The following are some ways you can keep your body as well as your bank account looking great!

Work At The Student Gym

There is no better place to earn money while getting in shape than working at the student gym. While this might not appeal to everyone it can be nice to have the gym all to yourself. The fact that you can earn money on Friday night at the gym instead of going out and spending money on shots for the entire bar makes this option quite appealing. Not all gyms in college have personal trainers available so this could be a niche to explore. Getting certified as a trainer can be a great way to earn income and even build up a client base during your undergrad years.

Nutritional Product Reviews

Protein: This is one food group where you might need to tread carefully, particularly in regard to the bad fat, which is known as saturated fat.  First off, processed meats are not the best choices; plus they pose many health risks anyway in regard to heart health and certain types of cancers.  So the best options are lean poultry, pork, and seafood (not breaded, of course).  Lean beef is ok to have once in a while, but you might look for grass-fed or something along those lines at your local market.  The beauty of protein is that it consists of valuable amino acids that rev up metabolism and thus, keep glucose levels at bay. And this is the most sold online health supplement. Most college students buy this product during college days.

Starting a website during college can be a great way to earn some residual income from ads as well as build a writing portfolio. New supplement companies look for people to review their newest product who has some sort of following in the health/fitness niche. They always want bloggers to write real reviews to gain reputation in the market. This is not only a great way to get great supplements for free but it can also establish your site as a thought leader on certain supplements. You could be doing a review on the newest preworkout or on a natural new weight loss remedy, regardless of what it is this can generate quite a bit of income. Few websites list real video reviews to buy supplements (example: real video testimonials from phen375 customers).One of the most beautiful conversion technique used by intelligent bloggers for higher conversions. Build a readership as well as interact with others on social media. Influencers in the fitness industry use social media on a daily basis to expand their reach as everyone has seen an Instagram fitness account with thousands of followers.

Bike Or Run and Rent Out Your Car

Most college campuses can be navigated without a car if you have a bike or carve out time in your schedule to accommodate for walking time. Student parking is a nightmare on many campuses with undergrads receiving parking tickets on a daily basis. Renting out your car will save you money on gas, parking, and will allow you to force yourself to get in your daily exercise. Most people have multiple roommates in college so you will have options to get rides from friends or the people that you live with. In climates that are extremely cold this might not be an option as staying healthy is the most important task when trying to get into shape. Nothing derails a health kick like the good old fashioned stomach flu.

As you can see you don’t have to be poor and chubby during your college years by any means. It will take you as a student to be proactive when looking for opportunities to make money and also stay fit. Take advantage of the free time you have during college as many of us know, there is a lot more free time than we let our parents know we have. Make the freshman 15 or sophomore slump a thing of the past and get into shape today!

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