8 Stunning Ways to Take Control of Your Life To Be Successful And Happy

Do you get a feeling sometimes that you're losing control of your life. Even after working with so much dedication and determination things appear as still as they were when you first started on your life's journey? if this is your situation here are some amazing ways to take control of your life and mind to stay happy.

You may wonder why the human mind is so restless and unstable that it constantly seeks inspiration to take important decisions of life.

Firstly, it's because the circumstances that exist in your life are not always friendly and things never happen in life as per your thinking and expectations.

This is the reason why most of us like me and you fail to take control of our lives. 

Secondly, me and you are normal humans with limited, strength, self-control and willpower.

And with this highly scarce resource, our mind gets drained very easily due to various activities that we do in our daily routine life.

I hope now you're getting through the bottom line what I am trying to convey and why you need to take control of your life and mind ( with mind I mean depression) to live peacefully.

#1. Train And Programme Your Mind To Understand That life Is Not Easy

Life can be overwhelming especially for common people like you and me.

We are not born with silver spoons, so ultimately if you want to get something of high value, it will definitely require some serious effort and determination at your end.

The point is you need to first realize and than understand a concept "life is not a cup of cake and it will not be as easy as you want it to be".

Once you realize and understand this, next you need to train and program your mind to understand this concept that anything that provides immense value requires effort, determination and conviction.

it will take lot of pain and the road to reach that "immensely valuable crown" will be full of distress and unfriendly obstacles.

Do you know why I am explaining all this to you? It's because our basic instincts is to avoid pain, our mind is created that way.

It quickly runs after something that gives us immense pleasure, but the moment you talk of pain, the energy level of your mind drops suddenly.

This is the reason why you must train and program your mind for the above tasks only than you can take control of your life and avoid your mind from getting into depression.

And eventually you'll be able to achieve your wildest dreams. At the same time you'll be able to attract abundance of wealth and prosperity into your life.

#2. Figure Out What You Exactly Want In Life To Take Control of Your Life

Before you try to understand what you exactly want from your life, you need to understand a few things. 

what you exactly want from your life is one concept and what you actually get from life is entirely different concept.

Meaning getting exactly what you want depends on firstly, how you plan your life goals and secondly how you execute these goals.

As I said above human mind is geared up to avoid pain and run after pleasure.

But it is your preparation and commitment that will get you what you want and to do this you have to train your lazy mind to focus on the most prime goals of your life.

To have better control on your life, you need to place your ultimate goal at the top, place your next important task or goal just below it.

You need to maintain a proper sequence and hierarchy. This way you'll not get overwhelmed and burdened of doing multiple tasks at the same time. 

Stipulate a time period to achieve your tasks or goals, it will not only help you to stay on track, but also help you to take control of your life by doing one thing at a time.

In the end being consistent is the key, because you lazy mind will always try to distract you, but you need to program it to stay tuned and focused and get exactly what you want from your life.

#3. Brainstorming To Allow Flow Of Energy Into Your life And Work To Take Control Of Your Life

Brainstorming is the best way to bring the flow of energy back into your life and take control of it.

This exercise will allow you to generate significant chances for experiencing the joyful, energized state of flow in your life. I will tell you how to do it.

Sit down in a quite place of your choice totally isolated from the surrounding. Get a pen and paper to jot down; ‘Imagine, How I Find My Flow’.

Now visualize your thoughts and imagine what are the things that bring energy into your life both past and present that gets you into a state of flow.

Pro Tip - Think only of the good and positive things and eradicate anything that's negative.

Remember, ‘flow’ is that sense of feeling you get when you are so engaged in a tasks that time simply flies by. You are energized, motivated, determined and full of life. A kind of feeling as if you've got rid of all the negative energy from your life.

Jot down a whole list of the task you have spotted, Now it’s time to make more room for these tasks. Now analyze your daily schedules and find place to add this important tasks in your routine schedules.

Identify which tasks are less-important or less-rewarding in order to curtail some time out of them and use it in other productive tasks that you have jotted down above, the tasks that bring you in tune with your higher self. 

Note that unrewarded tasks can be being on social media and constantly checking notifications and posts, playing games, hanging out with friends, and late night parties. These are unproductive tasks that will yield you no results.

Now hold on, I am not asking you to stop these activities, these are also important to freshen up and lift your mood, but not at the stake of your goals.

Spend time on this things, but just enough, or else it will only lead to frustration and resentment in the long run.

Trust me I have been through this phase in my life, you may not realize today, what I am saying but you'll regret 8 years later from now if you allow this precious time to slip out of your hands.

However, note that if you can command your mind to attain a positive state of flow in your routine life, you will be among the happiest people around – because they are filling their lives with tasks that are in tune with their destiny and more importantly they love doing what they do.

So the more flow of positive energy you can bring into your life, the more you will be able to take control of your life and happiness.

#4. Appreciate Yourself for whatever Good Things You're Doing

Appreciation is the key to taking control of your life and achieving the life of your dreams. Appreciation builds inspiration to perform bigger and better.

Make a list of all the positive changes you’ve made to yourself and your life in the past couple of days and months or whatever time frame you choose. Some examples of appreciation are as follows:

  • You wanted to lose 10 pounds in 3 months, maybe you could not lose 10 but you could lose 8.5 pounds, it's appreciating pat yourself on your back.
  • You have re-organized your home so it's less cluttered and more inviting.
  • You have become more aware of your thoughts and consciously choosing or switching them throughout the day.
  • You have stopped wasting your precious time on social media and now you're focusing on important tasks and goals.

Note that praising yourself will make you more alert to understand what is more significant in your life and what you can do better to achieve your dreams and goals.

Appreciation shows that you're now easily able to distinguish between your priorities and insignificant tasks, this way you're able to better deal with your current circumstances and take control of your life and happiness.

So Write down all the changes that you can think of, in all areas of your life. Re-visit and add to your list periodically to keep yourself motivated and energized.

#5. Be Thankful To Develop Feeling of Empathy

Giving thanks is an extension of being generous and soft, being thankful is the difference between success and ignorance.

Being thankful is the key to getting just about anything in your life.

Believe me or not with success comes ignorance which is obvious in most cases, but its entirely up to you how you handle your success.

Anyways I don't want to go further deep on the topic of success, as it will divert our topic, we will keep it for some other day or you can read my other articles by going here.

Can you imagine how powerful it is to be thankful to someone.

Say for instance, have you ever helped someone who was desperately in need of money even though you were not capable of helping, but you somehow arranged that money just to help him.

Do you know why you were able to help him?

It's because being thankful naturally develops a feeling of empathy (not sympathy). "Sympathy is I understand how you feel" and "Empathy is I feel what you feel".

With empathy you get attached to the feeling of the opposite person and this is possible only when you're thankful to whatever you've and whatever you're in your life.

Believe me or not, but being thankful is one of the crucial factor to take control of your life and mind.

It helps you to get completely in tune with your own self without being arrogant and that's what lands you in the heavenly peace.

#6. Try to Become The Right Person To Take Control Of Your Life

Being the right person holds the key to your success in life and to be honest, it's equally difficult to stay on the right track and be the right person.

The motivational speaker Les Brown said that "who we become in life is more important than what we accomplish".

You may argue on the above statement that accomplishing great results is what makes you successful. But trust me that's not always true. I will prove it right now.

Tell me how would you feel, if you're making money illegally, you reached on top by doing wrong things, by hurting people's sentiments you accomplished your goals.

Will it provide you with sense of satisfaction in your mind and heart? No absolutely not - Correct me if I am wrong?

This is the reason why it's more important to be the right kind of person, than reaching your goals and getting what you want.

Doing it in the right fashion provides you with satisfaction which you cannot get by being the wrong person in life.

It proves that being the right person is the most genuine way to taking control of your life and getting what you want.

Lots of books has been written on the toping of achieving success and dreams. But do you know that most of the people don't get success even after reading this books.

Do you know why?

It has everything to do with the integrity of the person reading the book. You see, character is the ultimate test as to whether or not a person will be able to take control of his life.

So guys start from today and walk on the right path, no doubt it will be a difficult task to achieve, but in the long run, you'll be more at peace and will be able to manifest your dreams in much better way by taking control of your life. Mark my words!

#7. Feed Your Mind With Good Thoughts To Take Back Control Of Your Life

Just like any other part of your body, your mind is a very significant part too. It plays a vital role in your overall development of your personality.

Note that your mind is always busy, it cannot be idle even for a fraction of second and it's busy even when you sleep, meaning whether you feed your mind or not, it’s always feeding on something.

The point is whether or not you’re actively involved in the feeding of your mind and if you’re deliberately choosing to fill it with things which will empower you to achieve your dreams.

For example, think about the music you listen to, the T.V. shows that you watch, the books you read and the blogs you visit.

You might have heard the saying: “Don’t dress for the job that you have, dress for the job that you want.” The same holds true in respect to taking control of your life.

 “Eat for the body that you want, not the body that you have.” and in the same manner “Feed your mind according to the life that you want, not according to the life you have

Note that whatever you're in your life, it's largely because of the thoughts that you feed into your mind.

You become what you think, now that doesn't mean if you think of getting rich over night, just by thinking about it you'll become rich. No it's not like that.

Try to understand the concept here:

If you start to feed your mind with good thoughts over time your good thoughts will start to reflect in your life

If you want to be rich, you have to train your mind to work in that direction in the right way, with the right mindset and right attitude.

This is called feeding the mind with good thoughts to take control of your life and get good in return, but this requires sheer patience and perseverance at your end and it's not an over night process.... Take note of that!

Can you do it? Just think about it and tell me in the comments section.

#8. Last But Not The Least, Take Proper Care of Your Body

Can you imagine how your life would be, if you're not healthy by your body. If you're not physically fit, it will also effect you negatively at mental level.

Do you want this to happen to you?

You need to understand that you have only one body and if you're not keeping it fit and healthy you won't go long in your life's journey.

Forget about achieving your wildest and the freakiest dreams! so better take proper care of it.

Your body is the vehicle to reach all yours goals in life. Feed it with quality fuel to take control of your life and destiny.

If you remember, I talked about your mind above, even your mind is a part of your body and it’s directly influenced by the condition of your body.

When was the last time you felt totally exhausted and tired and how you felt? Lack of energy in your body decreases your attention span and working capacity.

So better take care of your body by eating right kind of foods and you will automatically take control of your life and mind. I hope it's making sense to you. 

I believe now I have provided you with some serious ways to take control of your life and mind to lead to happy and successful life.

Just follow this tips and include them in your routine life. Of course it will be hard initially as our mind always tries to avoid pain, but with practice you will be able to achieve it.

"Professionalism is something that cannot be inherited by birth, but it can be acquired by sincere and continuous practice.... By Manish Yadav​

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