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Is Technology really ruining Modern Romance?


Dating and modern romance is the sort of thing that is simple in theory, but once it is brought out of its tightly knit set of expectations, it becomes a lot more complicated. 

Nowadays, people say that the emergence of Digital Technology in the modern romance world is making it more difficult to find the correct partner.

After all, if we spend all of our lives glued to a phone screen whilst scrolling through potential partners, how will we ever be able to move away to actually meet these people in real life?

Of Course, this is a tad exaggerated, but with modern romance technology getting such a bad reputation from the older generation, it is becoming a bit of a farce in relation to its status.

Yes, the world of dating is changing due to 2000's Digital Revolution, but No, that does not mean that it is completely being destroyed by something that is as simple as a phone app.

The world naturally changes as humans improve their lives.

The world of dating is not in an apocalypse. Instead, it is just evolving to suit the needs of the latest generation of adults.

The List of Technological Concerns

Before we jump into why we should generally not be worried about love orientated technology, it is useful to delve into why people are so concerned that updated technology, according to The New York Time's Reporter Alex Williams, may mean the <em>"end of courtship."

These modern romance concerns include:

The Rise of Romantic Stalking on Social Media

Texting Destroying the Art of Conversation

Fast Response Unrealistic Expectations

The Rise of Cat fishing and False/Revenge Dating Profiles

The Rise of Hookups over Long-term Relationships

Whilst these concerns are worrying, honestly, with the rise of new technology comes new problems.

Think of change as a balancing act. With every positive attribute comes something negative that will either need to be tolerated or controlled.

These problems only become genuinely bad if the modern romance technology is used obsessively.

That is why it is up to the user to only use this sort of technology in moderation.

That way they know when to switch off or take privacy precautions when they encounter other users who may appear dangerous or overly obsessive.

Focusing on the Positives

Now that we have put a perspective on the idea of the negative aspects of romantic technology, it is time to focus on the positives.

As time changes, we need to be willing to accept advancement for what it is.

Nothing can be perfect, but we should be able to appreciate the benefits they truly bring to our lives:

The Bigger Dating Field

After university, you may find that your range of romantic interests actually start to decrease as you move into your chosen field of work.

Whilst before you may have met people on your course, through different hobbies and societies, as well as just by partaking in parties, if you leave university without meeting your significant other

You may find it extremely difficult to balance your working life alongside other commitments to be able to go out and meet new people.

Worse still, if you are naturally shy or introverted, going out to a party where you do not know anyone may sound like your worst nightmare.

You want to feel confident in your choice when you meet new people.

That is why the world of internet dating can truly a fantastic place for all different ranges of romance.

Whether you just want a quick rendezvous with some escorts in Liverpool or you are ready to settle down and meet your soul-mate.

You can either go on an internet dating website, like Plenty of Fish or Eharmony or you can use a mobile app, like Tinder or Grindr to start scrolling through different profiles to find your perfect soul mate or your next hook up.

These dating websites are fantastic for detailed profiling and allow users to contact each other via messaging if they are compatible.

Not only that but if a couple is ready to meet up in real life, some dating businesses organize group meetups.

That way you can always be sure that the person you are contacting is a real person, and you are not being catfished.

They are a great way to bring your online relationship into the real world.

Where professional commitments may have taken up all of your times to find a relationship, you can now fit your meeting around your timetable, and also pick someone who is able to properly suit your personality.

If they do not? Then just say goodbye and move onto someone else.

It is simple and makes it far easier to broaden the scope of your dating range.

Healthy Communication

Some people just simply do not enjoy talking on the phone.

Even if it is with their significant other, the anxiety associated with a phone call, due to being unable to read body language, can be extremely stressful.

In addition to this, some conversations just cannot be held over a phone.

For instance, if you want to have a private conversation then you cannot have it whilst on a train or if you are far away from your partner.

You do not want strangers overhearing personal details as this can be extremely embarrassing.

This is why texting is the godsend of the world of modern romance.

Everyone has heard of sexting, but outside of that lusty sphere, texting is a fantastic way of just being able to send that reassuring nudge to your partner to pep them up throughout their day.

No one likes being separated from their partners, and nowadays, most couples are satisfied with having a conversation over text, only to meet up and then discuss the conversation in real life, to then go back to the conversation over the phone.

It feels completely natural and allows couples to spread their conversation freely over the full day.

This can lead to the couple feeling closer as they have been allowed to connect and keep in contact throughout the day.

Even just an occasional message is enough to make your partner smile.

The fact that you are devoted enough to keep in contact with them, even if they're away from you for a little, shows that you are interested in them and want to make sure that you remain close.

Just try not to obsessively spam them with messages and expect a quick reply. They do have normal lives to lead alongside your relationship!

Reminders and Organisation

We use our phones for a lot more than just texting our partners.

After all, we have commitments that need to be adhered to alongside our relationships.

You may find that you have a schedule about your own commitments, but also, if your partner has a special event or deadline approaching, you will timetable it into your calendar.

That way you can offer more support to your partner if you know they are going to be facing a stressful period.

Technology can keep a couple on track even through the worst times of the week.

Long Distance Relationships

Before technology, if you had a high school romance or found love at a university.

You may have grown worried about how you were going to keep in contact once you moved away to pursue your separate career paths.

However, even if you both end up in separate cities or even separate countries, technology has now provided the means to remain connected outside of a telephone call.

Not only can you message each other over social media, but you can have date nights through video sharing, games and even use wifi controlled romantic products on each other.

That way you both can still feel like a couple, even if you are only physically together a few times during the month.

Your modern romance certainly does not have to die even if your partner is not near you! You will always have that connection together.

Stay Online, Stay Connected!

Technology is the sort of thing that when it is put into motion, it just won't stop developing.

After all, humanity will always have needs that need to be fulfilled.

 So technology fills the gap to make sure that we can feel happier about our lives.

Just like technology that enhances our daily schedules, romantic technology can truly benefit couples and really improve their time together.

Whilst some forms of technology can be abused by angry ex's or obsessed stalkers, just a simple text message can add a little happy spark back into a bad day.

This is why it is worth it and why romantic technology can truly enhance the quality of the time we spend with our partners.

I will stop here I hope you loved reading this guide on modern romance and dating.

Now before I stop I would love to share something special with you to enhance your over all relationship + love + personality + sex life.

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