11 Things To Do When You Feel You’re Not Good Enough In Life.


"The world values you, only when you value yourself. So never ever think you're not good enough."......Manish Yadav

Do you constantly get a feeling of not being good enough when you start comparing yourself with others around you?

If this is your situation. I want to ask you one simple question?

Do you really need to compare yourself with others? OBVIOUSLY NOT.

One thing you need to remember when you think you're not good enough is no two people can be same and you cannot copy someone else's quality by doing what they love doing.

You're unique in your own sense, you've your own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Before you compare yourself with others, it's more significant and relevant to dig inside yourself and ask Why do I think I'm not good enough?

Believe me when you ask this question to yourself.

There will be lot of doubts, fear, anxiety and negative feeling but you need to fight it out. In other words "Face It" facing it is the only way to get through.

Slowly and steadily you'll make way for your own self by overcoming this fear of not feeling good enough about yourself.

But it's not easy, this is the reason why I'm here to help. It's time to get rid of this nagging negative feeling and fix it for forever.

So, if you're ready. Let's begin, at the end of this article you'll leave with a strong hope of belief and confidence. 

So, just continue reading.​

​#1. We All Think At Some Point That We're Not Good Enough

To be honest it's not a big deal when you think you're not good enough.

It's because we all think and compare ourselves with others and you're not the only one doing that.

So don't stress over it and drain your energy constantly thinking about the same thing again and again.

Remember when you think that way there are other people too who think the way you do.

In other words the world where we live in is a big loophole of comparison.

But what you need to realize is that you're not born to compare yourself with others and ​keep thinking why I can't do what he or she can do.

Instead you must look at people with compassion, love and kindness by trying to understand them rather than judging and comparing which only creates anger, resentment and jealousy.

What important is to be able to see them as good humans.

And believe me once you stop comparing and start looking at people differently, you'll stop finding yourself being guilty of constantly comparing with others and thinking I'm not good enough.

Because everyone is good at something but not everybody is good at everything. 

Remember this Mantra and repeat it like a affirmation and your life will be easy and simple.​

​#2. You Don't Need To Believe All Your Thoughts

As per research every one of us get around 60000 thoughts per day.

Does that mean you need to believe every thought you get?

​Remember your mind is very deceptive, it will always try to drag you towards negativity because that's what you attract when you constantly think negative.

In other words the "phrase feeling not good enough"​ is again a kind of negative thought.

Now it's up to you to believe it or not?​

Remember thoughts are just thoughts and you need to learn the art of differentiating between good thoughts and bad thoughts.

The worse thing is you get less good thoughts and more bad thoughts and that's the reason it gets even more tougher to differentiate.

But it's an art that you'll learn slowly by discouraging those unwanted and unhealthy negative thoughts that keep coming in your mind.

You need to cut the power cord to your negative thoughts. When a thought tries to push and make you think you’re not good enough, just witness it with a smile on your face and forget it.

And the moment you start ​ignoring those negative thoughts, you'll naturally empty new space to allow the flow of positive thoughts to come in.


​#3. Treat Yourself With Kindness And Compassion

Nothing is constant in life especially mistakes and failures.

Stop cursing and blaming yourself on the mistakes you do.

Remember even before you think that you're not good enough, you need to understand one critical concept - "success that comes with failure".

Nothing great has been achieved without failing and doing mistakes. Mistakes are temporary and not dead end.

Learn to forgive yourself and move on with a thought of not repeating the same mistake again and doing it better next time around.

​#4. Fight The Fear of Failure With Faith

The fear of failure in life is a big stumbling block that can influence your life negatively.

It constantly reminds you that you're not good enough to do anything in life.

Once again it's like a negative thought that is ingrained in your mind and if you want to overcome it.

You need to battle it out by ignoring it and having faith in your own abilities, by seeking inspiration from the fear that keep stopping you from discovering all the good things that can happen to you.

Faith without action is delusion. Faith does not wait for miracles but produces them. If you think you can or if you think you can't, you are right.... Henry Ford

Everyone in life walks through difficult phase, we all fall down and get hurt.

We all have phases and moments when we doubt ourselves and think.

Am I good enough?

But remember if you can fight this negative moments by overcoming them and restoring your faith.

You'll never ever have that feeling again of not being good ​enough.


​#5. Don't Focus On The Outcome, Focus On Doing Better

You need to constantly feed your mind for doing better every task you're associated with.

Many of us are dread with the thought ​of the outcome of certain task, even before starting it.

Remember unless you start, you won't reach. ​

Focus on the progress made in order to continue positively toward the path of reaching your goals gracefully.

YES, it's not an easy road to walk on, and it’s an area that many struggle with but certainly not impossible.

Remember we need to sow before we reap.

Sowing takes place before reaping and it is the law of nature, you need to provide value first before recieving value in return.

In simple terms you can't expect the fire to provide light before you put in the fuel.

The problem is most of us is we initially look to get before giving.

We want to jump to the conclusion first which in reality does not work and believe me this happens due to that nagging, negative feeling of not being good enough.

So, better try to focus on the growth.

Even if it's slow don't worry.

Something is happening for sure, so don't jump directly to the conclusion. 

Focus entirely on what you’re doing now. Don't worry about the outcome.

Life will take care of the fruits of your labor.

​#6. If Something is Not Working Change The Way You Look At It

There are many tedious tasks in life that cannot be completed in a simple way. 

But does that mean you should feel you're not good enough to do them?

Once​ again it is your stubborn negative thoughts you need to fight out by changing the way you look at the task.

​Sometimes changing the way you think of a difficult task is more than sufficient to complete the task successfully.

The point is you need to look for positive and the positive is I'm good enough and I can do it.

We are attracted to in life is not what we want but what we are. The old phrase, "Birds of a feather flock together," holds true.

Negative thinking is fatal. It attract other negative people, react negatively, expect the worst and create disappointment.

Have you seen at any social gathering positive people attract other positive people? Negatives attract other negatives, and together they all moan, groan and complain.

The conclusion is rather than constantly thinking I'm not good enough​, change the way you look at your life by thinking positive and see how this minor alterations will change your life.

​#7. Don't Try To Force a Change If It's Really Not Possible

It's important to take control of your emotions especially in things and situations that can't be changed.

Say for instance: You cannot change what happened in past, but does that mean you should keep regretting over the loses of past?

Absolutely Not. You need to learn to move forward in life by staying optimistic about the future and living ​positively in the present.

Only than, it is possible to overcome this negative feeling of not being good enough in life.​

​#8. Right Preparation is The Key to Achieving Anything in Life

When you say "I'll try to do", it shows you're little confident and somewhere you believe you're not good enough to do certain task.

And the moment you say "I can do it". The confidence reflects in your words do you know Why?

There's a big difference between the two words "Try" and "can"​.

And you've the power to use the word "Can" because you've done the right preparation and this right preparation gives you the confidence and mental edge to say "I can do it"​

Confidence and positivity comes from preparation, which is nothing but planning and practicing. But to get that confidence you need to put pressure on yourself.

That is the pressure of preparing and not worrying about the outcome.

Remember we discussed above don't worry about the outcome, focus on the growth by doing better.​

If you practice poorly, you play poorly; because you play as you practice.

The difference between success and failure is the difference between doing exactly right and almost right.

Preparation is the cutting edge to succeed in any field and with the right preparation you can certainly remove that feeling of being not good enough.


​#9. Stop Procrastinating And Culture a Habit of Doing It Now

Procrastination is a critical factor that makes you think you're not good enough to do certain tasks. 

Even though you know the task is significant, still you avoid doing it this is called procrastination.

It happens mostly with people having low self-esteem​. And it eventually leads to a negative attitude. The habit of procrastination drains your energy more than the effort it takes to do it.

He slept beneath the moon..

He basked beneath the sun..

He lived a life of going to do..

and died with nothing done... by James Albery

Remember life is a reality and not a dress rehearsal. We have got only one shot at this game called life.

And in this one life you have lot to achieve and if you keep thinking I'm not good enough you'll waste your life and that's not something that you're born to do....Right?

So, stop procrastinating and make a habit of doing things now it will help you to get to get rid of all the negativity in your life by creating positivity.


​#10. Read Inspiration Quotes About Life

Whenever you feel down and low on confidence, you should try reading inspirational quotes about life that will provide you with new hope, energy and enthusiasm.

As I said above when you'e feeling down, nothing will work better than reviewing an inspirational quote or two will make you feel better and help you pick yourself up again.

Reading motivational and inspirational Quotes is one of the significant factor behind the success of many people.

It helps to improves the motivation level of any person and assist him or her to take activity towards exactly what they want.

Inspirational Quotes help in curing procrastination. As we discussed earlier procrastination is one of the problems that most people find tough to beat.

In times of trouble and especially when you feel you're not good enough staying motivated and inspired becomes very tough.

But reading this inspiring Quotes is the simplest ways to beat procrastination almost instantly.

It is worth knowing that the root cause of most problems in our lives are our thoughts.

And this quotes instantly bring a change to our thoughts when you read them.

This then helps in transferring your energy to a positive path that help you to live the life you always wanted to.

​#11. Be Happy No Matter How Life Treats You

Remember being happy and at peace is an internal feeling which is totally in your hands.

If you believe there are problems in your life and you cannot live a happy life​

Just look at the world around you and ask yourself. Are you friends, colleagues and the other people in the world entirely happy with their lives?

They don't have problems, Are they totally free from all the problems. No

Believe me or not but you already have everything you need to be happy. You don’t have to run after happiness.

All you need to do is tap into your inner peace by being grateful to life and staying happy in already what you have.

Of course keep striving for more, but first develop the attitude of gratitude by staying happy and satisfied.

I believe these 11 points are good starting point to help you start thinking positive about your life and start believing that you're good enough to do anything in life.

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I will stop here, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you really did.

Please do not forget to share and comment your thoughts below. Bye for now see you another day in a brand new article.​

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