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Why Slavic Women are so Eager to Marry Foreigners?


Is there any explanation of such an extreme popularity of Slavic women?

Some men are interested in Slavic women, because of their own ethnic background. A lot of people in Western world, specially in the US and Canada have Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus, or Polish roots. Some have experienced a natural draw to Slavic women before discovering that their ancestors came from Eastern Europe. For others knowledge of their ethnic background was the main purpose for dating a Slavic girl.

However, the vast majority of western men are on those dating sites because of their dissatisfaction with their domestic women.

It is clear that western women have been emancipated long time ago, and the career is often the top priority for them. Getting an education and building a successful career slowly overshadowed dating, marrying, and creating a family.

Some western men are even complaining that because their women are so career-oriented, they can't view them as women any longer.

Business is mainly sexless, which means that you're either a professional or not regardless to your sex or family conditions.

Slavic women are believed to be different. Their main goal is to settle down and create a family. It least it is a common myth among western people.

The main problem with that myth is that Slavic women differ from one another.

The origins of that myth comes from Russian women. From childhood Russian girls are brought up according to patriarchal traditions.

Man is considered to be the supplier of the family, while woman take the roles of a wife, a housekeeper, and a mother. Women are thought to respect men.

So, basically, when you marry a Russian girl, you're about to get a perfect wife. Just like Muslim women, Russians girls consider their main role to be a perfect housekeeper and a lover. Russian wife's main goal is to keep her husband pleased.

So, it is clear why western men are crazed on Russian women. What remains a mystery is why Russian women are so eager to marry foreigners?

This phenomena has a simple explanation too. Russian women are dissatisfied with their men as much as western men are dissatisfied with their women.

The origins of the dissatisfaction with Russian men dates back to World War II. The war claimed lives of more than 20 million of Russian men. So, men became kind of a sacred being in Russia.

After the war there could be from five to ten women targeting one men. Thus, men felt no need to fight over women.

The fresh horrors of war has forced mothers to become overprotective towards their sons. With every new generation the situation wasn't improving, but getting even worse. Thus, women spoiled their men.

Taught from the childhood to be the perfect housewife for her supplier, women had often to become family's suppliers themselves, especially in 1990s and onwards. While western women engaged into feminism and emancipation by their own desire, Russian women were forced to do that.

Marrying in tender age is still popular in Russia. It is no surprise that two teenagers with no exact goals in life, will split as soon as they understand that marrying wasn't a good idea at all. By that time, they will already have kids. Left without husband's support, woman has to work to supply herself and her child or children.

The patriarchal bringing up often occurs in perverted forms. In Russia you can often see a couple that consists of an unemployed husband, who spends his days laying on a sofa and watching TV, and a wife who works and supplies a family.

And it is not love, but a result of patriarchal upbringing, according to which a woman must respect and please her men, no matter how good he is.

Young girls are forced into emancipation, because no woman would consider examples mentioned above too suggestive. That's why they try to get the best education and get the job with a big salary.

They often see western men, as their salvation. Someone, who will help them to materialize their patriarchal ideals with a man, whom they can respect.

So, if you're looking for a perfect housekeeper and a loving wife, you are right on money with a Russian girl.

In the same time, a lot of men are interested in Ukrainian women. They differ greatly from their Russian counterparts. If Russia is patriarchal, Ukraine is matriarchal. The lead role in the Ukrainian culture belongs to the woman.

Dating a Ukrainian girl with plans to marry her can be a much harder task than with a Russian woman. First of all, Ukrainian women are not that dissatisfied with their men.

So, if your target is a Russian girls you have no rivals. When it comes to Ukraine, you'll have to win the girl's heart. In the same time, relationships with a Ukrainian girl are more pure and honest.

If she's with, it means that she really loves you and not using you as a way to escape from her gloomy homeland.

Another important point, Ukrainian girls are not that eager to marry a foreigner and leave their own country. Just like Polish girls, Ukrainians are patriots. So, if you're planning to marry a Ukrainian girl you need to consider the possibility to stay with her in Ukraine. Same goes with Polish women.

Although all of them are great with assimilating with the new environment, Russian girls rarely become homesick, unlike their Polish and Ukrainian sisters.

It turns out that Russian girls often become much happier, when they emigrate, while the vast majority of Polish migrants soon start to suffer from homesickness. Ukrainians are sandwiched in between. And you never know if your Ukrainian girlfriend will turn homesick or not.

Regardless of their differences, Slavic women remain popular among western men, and until the interest fades dating sites are here to stay.

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