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How-To: Writing Essays about Marriage


Marriage Essay Writing: Tips and Twists

How to complete one of the most popular topics in the most stress-free way? In this article you will learn how to do it in no time.

There are many fields of study where the topics of marriage, its specifics, types and traditions are discussed.

Professional writers of often meet this theme in their work because it is covered by Law, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Literature and many other subjects.

General tips for marriage essay writing

First and foremost, you have to define the discipline from which point of view you will cover the marriage topic. Here are some examples:

Marriage in literature. Do some research and collect examples of different marriages described in your favorite literary works.

For example, you can mention interracial marriage of Othello and Desdemona, plural marriages mentioned in Oriental fairy tales like Arabian Nights' Entertainments and so on.

  • Rights of spouses in different types of marriage from Law point of view.
  • Legalization of the same sex marriages from the point of view of Sociology, Psychology and Law.

As you can see, approaches to the topic can be as diversified as the notion itself, so all you have to do to cover it properly is to find the point of view that sounds the most interesting and promising to you.

Structuring papers dedicated to marriage

As any other academic essay, this paper calls for proper structuring and arrangement with clearly expressed introduction, body of the text and conclusion.

Thus, in the intro part you will give more generalized information about marriage and finish it with a thesis statement – a core sentence that has all essentials mentioned in your paper.

Body of the text should cover all ideas that are written in the thesis statement.

And conclusion of the text should wrap everything up, making the text self-contained.

In theory that sounds easy as ABC, however, in real terms, the structure of the paper should also take into consideration peculiarities of the chosen type of essay.

Example of a marriage definition essay outline

The main purpose of such papers is to give readers as much details as possible about certain event, notion, fact or product, so after reading it, the audience will know everything how something is done, operates and what meanings it has.

So the introduction section will declare that you are going to explore the definition of marriage through the prism of culture, societies and religions and the processes involved to get married.

Thus, the body of the text will be dedicated to the requirements that have to be met in case if the couple wants to get married in different countries; in different religions; in different societies – and each idea should be covered in separate paragraphs, linked with each other with help of transitions and linking words.

The conclusive part should highlight the common things between all requirements and highlight the changes of priorities in societies.

With help of this approach you will be able to cover all peculiarities of marriage and your essay will be focused and well-written.

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