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Your Stay in Barcelona: Top Suggestions to Leave a Lasting Experience

Known for its amenable weather and eclectic nature, there is no doubt that Barcelona is one of the most appealing cities in the world.

This Mediterranean paradise is frequented by millions of visitors every year, and this is largely because there is something here for everyone.

Whether you plan on arriving for business or pleasure, it is always a good idea to take a glance at some of the main attractions as well as what you can do to enjoy a bit of much-needed relaxation.

# Stroll Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is the most famous tourist district within the entire city. This large open-air strip begins at Plaza Catalunya and continues east to Porto Olympico.

Flanked by trees and particularly known for its amazing street performers, Las Ramblas can literally be enjoyed during any time of the day or evening.

There are also countless shops to frequent; providing an excellent opportunity to pick up a few souvenirs during your stay.

If you enjoy the theatre, be sure to check the Teatro Liceu; arguably the most famous venue in Barcelona.

When perusing Las Ramblas, it is always a good idea to frequent the restaurants which can be found at almost every corner.

These establishments serve up a kaleidoscope of Catalan dishes while they are also able to cater to more international tastes.

You will find the people here quite friendly, and the laid-back services are quite different when compared to those associated with larger cities such as New York or Paris.

# Enjoy the Quaint Majesty of the Gracia District

A growing number of individuals will likewise choose to spend an afternoon in the high-class Gracia district.

Located directly inland from Plaza Catalunya, this urban area stretches between the city center and the nearby Collserola mountain range.

Not only is the Gracia neighborhood home to a handful of structures created by famed architect Antonio Gaudi, but it also houses numerous brand-name retail outlets.

This is why Gracia is known as the central upscale shopping district within Barcelona.

Whether you are looking to spend a bit of hard-earned cash or you wish to sit on a bench and let yourself soak up the sun, there is no doubt that you will be pleased with what the Gracia district has to provide.

Still, a bit of relaxation can go a long way.

This is why online search terms such as "tantric massage Barcelona" will provide you with numerous options.

The good news is that many reputable establishments are found directly within the Gracia district.

Boasting top-quality professionals, and cost-effective pricing packages, a massage could be just what you need before hitting the streets for an evening of dancing.

# Cheer for Soccer at Camp Nou

Located in the neighborhoods of Western Les Corts, this 99,000-seater stadium has remained the home ground of FC Barcelona since 1957.

Millions of football fans tour Barcelona every year to cheer on Futbol Club Barcelona which is one of the greatest teams in the world that brings immense glory to the city. 

Note that, you don’t have to be a football fan to visit the stadium, if anything, Camp Nou is a dazzling arena that anybody will find something attractive. So take a visit to admire the biggest stadium in Europe.

On the flip side, the stadium tours are closed around match days so watch out for the dates.

# Visit Park Güell and Walk up the Colorful Mosaic Lizard Stairway

Park Güell was initially designed to be a private residential area that boasts recreational spaces.

But just a couple of houses were built, so in 1922 the park was opened to the public.

Witness the magical experience in a beautiful green meadow and the panoramic views of Barcelona from one of the most exciting public parks in the world.

As many people visit this part of Gràcia for the beautiful panoramas over the city from the entrance of the park before finding their way into the little on-site Casa-Museu Gaudí.

Park Güell is one of Antoni Gaudí’s most ambitious works and is undoubtedly a top emblematic of Barcelona.

The salient features include 2 gingerbread houses, a soaring stairway, and a ceramic-based dragon fountain.

Still, the pink building where Gaudí once lives always takes the day.

Another notable aspect is the famous salamander sculpture and several other nearby buildings designed by Antoni. 

Within the park are mosaic benches meant to be seated on and are often featured in movies and postcards.

Nearby, you’ll find arcades, sculptures, and fountains all conforming to the architect’s unique style. 

So visitors can tour the park and take photos with beautiful pieces of architecture scattered all over—most of which are Gaudí creations.

Although the more significant part of the park is public, admission to the nearby Gaudí House Museum is ticketed. Still, the most famous Zona Monumental also charge an admission fee.

# Visit the Sea-Inspired Casa Batlló

Arguably the most postcard-friendly creation by Antoni Gaudí.

For this reason, you don’t need an introduction to the building when you visit Barcelona as the roof-tiles stand out.

Even so, the building’s inside is well crafted: from the mushroom fireplace to the dazzling walls.

What makes this remarkable apartment building unique is that it almost misses a straight line.

From room to room visitors are met with rippling walls, shell-like decorations on the ceilings and polished-wood banisters. The exterior is filled with balconies resembling toothy fish maws.

Plus, the whole structure is filled with natural light, and central stairwell giving the impression of being underwater.

The roof’s terrace twinkles with variegated patterns made of shattered glass and ceramic tiles that cover rippled chimneys positioned to represent the spine of the dragon that St. George killed.

Visit the Weird but Wonderful Casa Milà

Casa Milà is a typical building also known as La Pedrera since its front resembles the face of a quarry. And it was built by Gaudí when he was at the prime of his architectural career.

This UNESCO-listed building was completed in 1912 and was the 4th final structure on Passeig de Gràcia. Unlike the famous Casa Batlló, the entire La Pedrera was designed by Gaudí; from the Montserrat inspired rippling façade to the jumbled metals of the building’s balconies.

The voguish innovations on the building, the underground car park, and the self-supporting stone elevation are something that stuns present-day architects.

The Casa Milà’s furnishings on the building are something special to admire. Not to mention the structure’s 2 oval courtyards which lead to an elevator that zooms guests to the fantastic rooftop decorated with Gaudí’s oscillating chimneys that accentuate the city view.

# Attend a Sermon at the Sagrada Família

This working church is a masterpiece and is Barcelona’s most visited attraction.

Despite seeing the spectacular spires of the church from afar, the inside of the church will leave you in awe.

The unique interior presents the illusion of being in a forest, with towering columns sprouting with branches and leaves.

And stained glass windows sifting light in scores of different colors.

This dream-like work of Antoni Gaudí has been in construction since 1882 and is now about ¾ complete.

However, when completed it will be the tallest church building in the world. Still, this Gaudí’s masterpiece defies all types of structural definitions since it doesn’t look like any religious building you’ve ever seen.

The Sagrada Família is an icon of Barcelona in which has integrated various architectural designs like Spanish Late-Gothic Catalan Modernism, and Art Nouveau. Which makes it an eye-catching creation with incredible interiors.

On top of that, this incredible tower boasts a spectacular museum that you can visit for more entertainment.

# Come Face to Face with a Sea Monster at the Barcelona Aquarium

Think of 21 oversize aquariums, 11,000 mammals, an underwater tunnel and 6,000,000 liters of water!

There’s none of its kind. This sophisticated aquarium hosts various marine ecosystems from around the globe. The Barcelona L'Aquàrium is situated in the old harbor, Port Vell, and is the most significant aquarium for leisure and Mediterranean in-depth sea education.

The most outstanding features include the 80-meter-long shark tunnel and the octopus tank. Put your eyes to the test: see if you can locate a lethal stonefish in the poisonous fish aquarium.

Also, there are exhibits about marine ecosystems endemic to Spain. And that’s one of the reasons it's very popular with families.

Since there are many activities, your kids will enjoy, especially feeding the fish and penguins. Further to this, you can cage-dive with sharks or visit the nearby attraction—the Ramblas.

# Take a Ride on the Historic Barcelona’s Montjuïc Cable Car Ride

Montjuïc is a prominent hill that overlooks Barcelona and prides itself with unique city views.

Nevertheless, Montjuïc is more famous with tourists because of its cable car that carries guests from Barcelona to Montjuïc.

The cable car was part of the city’s 1929 World Expo and still provides a thrilling ride.

For a spectacular view of Barcelona’s harbor walk along the Barceloneta peninsula and take a ride on this cable car.

The cable car hovers above the yachts flocking the Barceloneta harbor before gliding to a stop about one-third of the way up to Montjuïc. From where you can easily walk to Montjuïc’s museum, among other sites.

# Take in a Concert at Palau De La Música Catalana

A UNESCO-listed heritage and pride of Barcelona. Lluís Domènech i Montaner built the Palau de la Música Catalana concert hall in 1908 for the Barcelona choral society Orfeó Català.

This turn-of-the-century concert hall was built around the time when the well-off Catalans were supporting designers and artists in creating a unique identity for Catalan.

Catalan music is famed in a sequence of playful Muse sculptures that encircle the main stage, and stained glass illustrations of music and nature.

This 2138-seat structure is veiled in mosaics and tiles and boasts an extensive façade. The shows, the centerpiece chandelier, and the magical colors are just out of this world.

And make Palau de la Música is the ideal place for music lovers. As a tourist, you can either attend a concert amid the September to June performance season or join the hour-long day tours.

# Eat Seafood in a Chiringuito at the City Beaches

La Barceloneta beach is Barcelona's most swarming sandy stretch. Prepare to be thrilled by the sea activities including water sports, kite-surfing and windsurfing.

To understand the city of Barcelona walk on foot from Barceloneta to Diagonal Mar—though it will take you about an hour.

You will notice, the western-influenced beaches such as Sant Sebastià are crowded with tourists, but have numerous bars and trendy shops with outdoor seating.

If swimming isn't your thing, there are several clubs in the vicinity with lovely swimming pools.

Besides, La Barceloneta is an awe-inspiring place to visit and devour some fresh seafood in a chiringuito (small hut/restaurant).

# Explore the Barcelona History Museum (Museu d’Història De Barcelona)

Now standing as ruins, the History Museum existed way before Barcelona.

City History Museum hosts several preserves of the Roman sites across the Gothic Quarter including the Funnel way on Plaça de la Vila de Madrid and the temple of Augustus.

The arched Gothic Saló de Tinell is where Christopher Columbus informed Ferdinand and Isabella of his New World uncovering and which later on became the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition. Once in the museum, begin with watching a brief video on the history of the city.

Then take a lift down to view the remnants of the ancient Barcino walls and dyeing shops. Since the site covers 4,000 m², you’ll tour it through elevated walkways.

Upstairs, the museum building, are the vaults of Palau for you to enter, and the seat of the gothic Dukes of Barcelona.

Furthermore, you can tour the 14th century Santa Agata chapel that hosts temporary exhibitions and peek at the model of 16th century Barcelona at ground zero.

Barcelona is incomparable, and a truly unforgettable city and there are limitless attractions to enjoy.

For the reason that there’s something to thrill everyone in this city. Whether you are food-lover or a darling of culture, you’ll find endless choices in Barcelona.

All you need is to plan your itinerary. And you will, therefore, be able to fully absorb the one-of-a-kind culture associated with such a fantastic Mediterranean destination.

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